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Millions of people around the world regularly use cell phones. We use these devices to communicate, surf the Internet, enjoy some multimedia entertainment and play games too. There are various brands of cell phones. A prime example is the iPhone. Seeing as almost everyone has one, it is possible to track someone's cell phone without their knowledge. There are software tools that are designed for this purpose. An example of such is SpyMyFone. It has a number of features that can give you information about someone's cell phone without than knowing. Here is more about its capability and the practice of covert tracking.

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How to track a cell phone without them knowing

There is a special software which is known as SpyMyFone. It can track a cell phone without them knowing. It has been developed for both the Android and iOS mobile platforms. You can install this software into your smartphone or tablet without rooting. After doing so, you can hack and spy on someone's smartphone without their knowledge. Discover more about how to track a cell phone without than knowing below.

Location tracking ability and call monitoring

This software can identify a person's physical position in real-time anywhere in the world using the Global Positioning System (GPS). It can also identify the owner's location history. This tracking software can also monitor all the calls made by the target cell phone.

Through a dedicated control panel, you can view their call history through chronological logs. These reports provide you with information about all the phone numbers that were called, their duration, the contacts in the phone as well as the time when these calls were placed. In addition to that, SpyMyFone can indicate the people who were contacted most through the target cell phone.

How To Track A Cell Phone Location

Monitoring browsing behavior and recording installed applications

This software can also provide you with information about a person's browser history without them knowing. It can monitor the sites that they visit, their bookmarks as well as the material that is downloaded. SpyMyFone can also provide you with records about the applications which the target individual has downloaded into their phone. They are presented to you according to name and data of download.

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Any multimedia material downloaded or saved into the phone such as videos or photos can be discovered and presented to you The software can also monitor and track text messages. You can try out the features of SpyMyFone through a limited, free demo version. If you would like to use the full feature set of this software, you can pay for a Premium account at $29.99 per month or an Ultimate account at $39.99 per month.

If you want to monitor someone's cell phone through this software tool, there are a number of fundamental steps which need to be performed. The first of these is to register a Premium account. This is so as to gain access to its control panel with all the features activated.

As you register into SpyMyFone, make sure that you utilize an email address that is original. This will enable you to receive regular alerts about the monitoring process. If you would like maximized features, you can register an Ultimate account.

You also need to get uninhibited access to the target smartphone as you proceed with how to track a cell phone without them knowing. This means that you should be able to use it legally. In addition to that, you should have the application's control panel activated within your smartphone. This is so that you can get direct alerts when you track a cell phone without them knowing.

Steps involved in tracking an Android phone

  • Pick up the target Android device and install this software in it.
  • After installing it, a Setup Wizard will activate. In its first page, enter the name of the cell phone's owner. Also, indicate that it runs on Android.
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  • Move back from the setup and head to the device's Settings. Find an option labeled Security and click on it. Proceed to Unknown Sources and check the box. A prompt will immediately appear. After it does, you can click OK within it.
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  • Go back to the Setup Wizard and click on a special download link. This one will install a second part of the tracking application. Once the download is complete, navigate through your file directory to the Downloads folder. There, you can find the software's APK file.
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  • Activate this file and use it to sign into your personal SpyMyFone account. A User Agreement will emerge. Make sure that you accept it
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  • Once the application has launched, click on Start. This will activate a device administrator Complete the procedure and accept all permission prompts so as to learn more about how to track a cell phone without them knowing.
  • After this, the application will be implemented in the target Android cell phone. Also, its icon will disappear and enable the software to operate in a stealth mode so as to track a cell phone without them knowing.
  • Pick up your own smartphone and login to the SpyMyFone application. In the control panel, you will observe some information about the cell phone which you are tracking. This information will be tracked automatically. You can tap on a dedicated refresh icon so as to get the latest tracking details.

Steps involved in tracking an iPhone

  • Activate an iCloud account in the target cell phone. Make sure to enter the original, correct login ID and password.
  • Enter your own SpyMyFone account. Use the emergent Setup Wizard to perform a process which will initiate the capability to track the target iPhone.
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  • Insert the name and age of the target device's owner. Also, indicate that the device runs on an iOS operating system. This will activate a new page which will require you to enter the target's iCloud account details. Provide their ID and password. After completing this process, ensure that the iCloud backup settings and synchronizing service are activated. Once this is done, click on Verify.
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  • Within your personal smartphone, open up the control panel. You will begin to receive the latest tracking information from the target iOS cell phone. This will enable you to track it without the owner knowing.
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  • You should note that if the target's cell phone is switched off or is not connected to the Internet, it will not provide you with any tracking information. This will make it impossible to track them.

How to secretly track someone's iPhone without them knowing

There is another way to track a person's iPhone without their knowledge. This can be done using an application that is known as Find My Friends. Developed in the year 2012, it was initially created to track the movements of family or friends. The application also allows you to share your current location with other people so that they can know exactly where you are. Unknown to many, you can use this software to spy on someone's location secretly.

Steps to track someone's iPhone using this application

  • Download Find My Friends into your smartphone and the target cell phone. It is available in the App Store. This application is provided as a stock software in iOS 9. Hence, there is no need for download in devices running this operating system.
  • Pick up the target 'Phone and launch the Find My Friends application.
  • After that, scroll to the bottom of the home interface and click on their contact picture.
  • In the ensuing settings, enable an option named Share My Location.
  • Ensure that the location is being actively shared from This Device.
  • Proceed to your own iPhone and swipe upwards from the bottom of your screen. Doing so will enable a feature known as "AirDrop from the phone's Control Center.
  • Make your device discoverable to everyone. However, if the target iPhone has your contact saved within it, you do not have to open your device to be discovered by everyone.
  • Move back to the target iPhone device and tap on Add.
  • When your contact picture emerges, tap on Add.
  • After this happens, tap on Share Indefinitely. This will enable the target iPhone to share its location with you for an unlimited period of time.
  • Upon the sharing of their location in your iPhone, proceed to tap on Accept. A few seconds later, a specific pop up window will emerge and query if you would like to share location details of your phone with them. Tap on Don't Share. This way, the target cannot track your 'Phone's position.
  • Go back to your device and resume the Find My Friends application. Proceed to tap on the target's contact icon. Doing this will reveal their exact location in real-time.

Questions and Answers

Question: Does the Find My Friends application provide notifications?

Answer: Yes. It can notify you if the target device enters or leaves a specific, programmable location.

Question: Do these applications work without an Internet connection?

Answer: Unfortunately, no the target device and your own smartphone need to have an active internet connection for tracking to occur. They must also be switched on

Question: Can the iOS tracking application be hidden?

Answer: Yes, you can easily hide it using the Dock.

You can now track a cell phone's position anywhere in the world. The applications indicated above specialize in this process. They can give you the location of a person without them knowing.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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