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Millions of people use smartphones every day. We use them so as to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. We also utilize them for surfing the Internet, storing our files, playing games and learning. As such, they are very important to us. If you lose a smartphone, it can be traumatizing because we store so much of our lives inside these devices. Thankfully, there are methods through which we can get back our smartphones at no cost at all Here are some reliable strategies on how to track a lost phone for free today!

how to track a lost phone

How to track lost iPhone for free

If you lose an iPhone, there are methods which you can use to get it back for free. This can be accomplished with a feature that is known as Find my Phone. It is a facility that is provided by the brand's manufacturer to assist with how to track your lost phone. It can find your lost device as well as any other accessories which you could have misplaced such as your AirPods or your Mac computer.

Steps involved in finding your lost iPhone at no cost

  • To find out how to track a lost phone, the first step is to sign into your iCloud account. This process can be accomplished from any tablet, computer or smartphone.
  • After you sign in, the exact location of your lost iPhone will be visible on a map. This service can also find your lost smartphone if it goes off. It accomplishes this by checking the last known location where the device's battery indicated a critically low power level.
  • An interesting feature of Find My iPhone is that you can use this service to lock down the smartphone before you actually locate it.
  • To accomplish this, log into your iCloud account and activate this facility. After that, turn on the Lost Mode on your device. This will secure it and also give you the device's location.
  • The Find My iPhone service can deliver location details from the last 24 hours. Furthermore, you can initiate a special message on its screen. For example, you can display your contact number. As a result, anyone who finds your device can call you.

track a cell phone without install software

How to track lost Samsung location for free

An effective online tool which you can use for how to track your lost phone is known as Phone Number Tracker. It can be utilized to find the location of a lost Samsung phone. This tool only requires that you enter the phone number of the lost device. After doing so, it will provide you with exact location of the device on a map. Furthermore, it can give you the personal details of the individual who owns it.

This online, web-based tool can perform this task since its developers were able to make a strategic deal with the biggest providers of public records throughout the USA. Hence, this web-based software can find a lost device anywhere in the world and deliver information about the person who owns it. It uses a technique which is known as the reverse phone number search. Here is how to use this online tool.

Steps which you need to perform so as to use it

  • To use the Phone Number Tracker for how to track your lost phone, simply visit its website.
  • Once you are there, look through the header menu and tap on a tab labeled PHONE NUMBER TRACKER.
  • Doing so will deliver you to a specific official page where you can find this effective web software. Proceed to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Having done so, proceed to click on a large, orange button which is labeled SEARCH A NUMBER.
  • Once you perform this action, a new page with a title U.S. Phone Number Search will emerge.
  • Proceed to scroll towards its mid-section and enter a phone number within 3 separately located boxes. Once you do this, click on Search.
  • The Phone Number Tracker will process the contact details which you have entered. After doing so, it will provide you with details such as the official address, full name, current location, web history and route background as well. Furthermore, the photos, email addresses and profile of the Samsung's owner will be displayed.

How to track your other lost Android mobile location

If you lose an Android smartphone, there is a way to find it without spending any money. This can be done using a specialized feature that is known as Find My Device. It operates using GPS technology which is embedded in your smartphone. This technology is further implemented in Google Maps. For you to use this free method of how to track a lost phone, you should enable this feature before the device gets lost. Here is how to accomplish this task.

Steps that you need to perform so as to trace a misplaced Android phone

  • Start up the Settings facility in your Android smartphone. Having done so, proceed to tap on the option labeled Security & lock screen.
  • Select and click on Device administrators.
  • Proceed to click on Find My Device. Ensure that a specific check mark is displayed in the adjacent check box.
  • In the top left corner of your smartphone's screen, tap on the back button and keep at it until you reach the Settings main menu.
  • track a android phone without install software

  • Tap on the choice that is labeled Location.
  • After you do so, search for a switch that is located adjacent to this option and turn it on.
  • Click on Mode.
  • Select High accuracy and make sure that the circle is fully filled in
  • Once again, tap on a back button that is located at the top left corner of your screen.
  • Click on Google Location History.
  • Locate a switch situated underneath the Location History and turn it on.
  • Furthermore, there is another switch that is situated beside the option of Your Device. Turn it on
  • If you lose your Android smartphone, it is now possible to find it easily through Google Maps.
  • To achieve this, you can simply launch a web browser session on a computer or some other smart device.
  • After that, navigate to the official Android website and tap on a tab labeled Find.
  • If the process requires it, proceed to enter the email address and password of your account.

If your lost Android device is actively connected to the Internet, it will emerge on Google Maps and show you its current location. If it is offline, you should keep logging into the main site and try to find it. Eventually, it will pop up and you can locate it for free.

How to track someone's phone via SpyMyFone

There is a powerful, capable software tool which you can use to track someone's cell phone. This software is known as SpyMyFone. There are versions for both the 105 and Android device platforms. This software utilizes GPS technology to identify the exact location of someone's phone. If the individual is carrying the device with them, you can get real-time updates of their movements. This information is provided to you in form of alerts. In addition to that, this software performs this process in a stealthy way so that the target does not know.

Steps which you need to perform so as to trace an Android phone

  • Take the target's Android smartphone and install the SpyMyFone software. A Setup Wizard will pop up. In the wizard's first page, enter the name of the target device's holder. After that, indicate that the smartphone runs on the Android operating system.
  • Having done so, move backward from the setup process and navigate to the Settings of your device. There, you will find a tab which is labeled Security. Proceed to tap on it. Move forward to Unknown Sources. Ensure that you activate this option. When you do this, a prompt will pop up. When it does, click OK.
  • cell phone tracking

  • Circle back to the Setup Wizard. You need to download a second section of the application and the wizard contains a link which you can use to this effect. After this process has been completed, you can browse through the folder which contains Downloads. There, you can identify the downloaded APE file.
  • tracking phone for free

  • Activate this specific file. Once it is up and running, proceed to sign into your SpyMyFone account. Ensure that you accept all options concerning the User Agreement.
  • iphone tracking

  • In the running application, select an option labeled Start. Once you do this, the app will bring up a device administrator. A series of steps will follow and you should make sure to proceed through all of them. Ensure that you accept any permissions along the way.
  • After you perform this step, the SpyMyFone application will be fully implemented in the phone which you want to track. The Android device will be yours to monitor. To protect your activities, the app's icon in the target phone will disappear. As a result, it will operate covertly. Hence, the target individual will never know that they are being tracked.
  • how to track a phone

  • Go back to your own smartphone and launch the SpyMyFone control panel. After you get it up and running, data about the tracked phone will be delivered to you. This data will be synchronized automatically. A refresh button will keep the information accurate.

Steps needed so as to track an iPhone

  • Register a iCloud account in the target 'Phone device. Throughout this process, ensure that the password and login ID are both original.
  • Log into your own SpyMyFone account. After completing the registration process, a special Setup Wizard will pop up and assist with the tracking endeavor.
  • In some dedicated dialog boxes, you can enter specific details about the Phone owner Examples of these are their age and names. Also, indicate that their operating system is iOS. After doing so, another page will come up. Within, there will be queries about the iCloud account details of the target individual. Enter them and make sure that their password and iCloud ID are both genuine. After completion, tap on Verify.
  • how to track a phone

  • Take a second look and ensure that the synchronizing services as well as iCloud backup are activated in the target phone.
  • Proceed to your smartphone and call up the control panel. Once it is up and running, data about the tracked device will begin to flow into your smartphone automatically. It will provide information about the operations and location of the target device. Moreover, you will receive this information regularly.
  • how to track a phone

  • It is crucial for you to note that if the target smartphone does not have an active Internet connection or it is switched off, you will not receive any monitoring information from it. As a result, it will be impossible to track.

If you lose your phone, there are various methods which you can use to track it at no cost. Some of these are indicated above. You can rely on the processes and the SpyMyFone application to find your lost smartphone rapidly.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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