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Many of us use our smartphones for work, education and leisure as well. These devices provide us with the capability to communicate, surf the Internet, play games, enjoy multimedia, take photos and even record video. As such, they are very important and we carry them along everywhere. If you want to discover someone's location, you can simply track their smartphone. There are various ways on how to track someone’s phone. Some methods are guided by specialized software while others are facilitated by the smartphone manufacturer for how to track my phone. Each method is easy and you can perform it yourself.

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Here are 5 ways on how to track a phone today

1. How to Track a Phone (Android & iPhone) via SpyMyFone

The top software that you can use today on how to track a phone is known as SpyMyFone. This digital tool is currently available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. It makes use of GPS monitoring to track the location of a target smartphone. By relying on real-time updates, you can keep track of someone's location by monitoring their device. The information is delivered in form of alerts in your smartphone. Furthermore, SpyMyFone is able to accomplish this task covertly without the target knowing.



In addition to facilitating how to track someone’s phone, SpyMyFone is capable of performing a wide range of monitoring activities. It can help you to view the call history on a target smartphone. It can also enable you to see the messages that have been sent and received. This software also delivers details on application activity. This means that you can view conversations in applications such as Whatsapp and Messenger. This software can inform you how many times the application has been used, how to track my phone, the material which is sent and the contacts that are involved.

An interesting feature of SpyMyFone on how to track someone’s phone is that it can be used to view and record all the web activity that is performed on a target device. You can view the browser history, downloaded multimedia and bookmarks. Furthermore, you can use this software to discover any music or videos in the target's phone. To use majority of the capabilities in SpyMyFone, you can make a payment for a Premium account at a cost of $29.99 every month. All its features for how to track a phone are availed through the Ultimate account at a cost of $39.99 per month.

Steps to track an Android phone

  • Pick up the target Android phone and install SpyMyFone. This is necessary so as to set it up for monitoring.
  • Once you complete the process of installation, a specific Setup Wizard will emerge. In its first page, proceed to enter the official name of the device's owner. Furthermore, make sure to indicate that it runs on the Android operating system.
  • Back off from the process of setup and navigate to the device's Settings. Find an option labeled “Security” and tap on it. Go ahead to “Unknown Sources” and activate this option. A specific prompt will emerge. Proceed to click “OK” in it.
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  • Go back to the application's Setup Wizard. Click on a specific download link so as to install a second section of the app. Once this process is complete, visit the “Downloads” folder and identify the APK file that has been downloaded.
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  • Start up this specific file and sign into your SpyMyFone account. Make sure that you accept the “User Agreement” options.
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  • Select the “Start” option. Once you do this, the application will activate a device administrator. Proceed through the steps and make sure to accept any permission prompts that emerge.
  • After that, the SpyMyFone application will be implemented fully in the Android smartphone that you desire to track. Furthermore, this tracking application's icon will disappear. As a result, the tool will work in a stealth mode such that the target will never find out they are under surveillance.
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  • Pick up your smartphone and head to the application's control panel. Once there, you can see some information about the Android device which is being tracked. This information will be synchronized to your dashboard automatically. Moreover, tapping on a refresh button will reveal the most recent tracking information to you.

Steps to track an iPhone

  • Proceed to enter your SpyMyFone account. After registration, a Setup Wizard will emerge and help you to complete a setup that will make it possible to track the target iPhone.
  • Enter some details about the target iPhone owner such as their name and age. Also, indicate that the concerned operating system is iOS. A new page will emerge.
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  • Start by registering an iCloud account in the target iPhone. During this process, make sure that the login ID and password are genuine.
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  • Ensure that the synchronizing service and iCloud backup settings are all activated in the target smartphone.
  • Go to your own smartphone and activate the control panel. As soon as it is running, tracking data from the target iOS smartphone will begin to be delivered towards you automatically. This will allow you to view the location and operational details of the iPhone. This information will be delivered on a regular basis.
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  • If the target smartphone is not connected to the Internet or it is switched off, it will not produce any monitoring data. Thus, you will not be able to track it.

2. How to Track a Phone (Android & iPhone) via FamiSafe

This is a very effective software tool which you can use on how to track a phone. Famisafe Parental Control is geared towards assisting parents to keep track of their children and other loved ones. The software is available for Android and iOS platforms. In addition to that, it was developed by Wondershare. This digital tool can perform surveillance and education on how to track someone’s phone. It can also warn the target against going against customized, protective settings.


For the purposes of how to track a phone, this application packs a collection of impressive features. It can track the physical location of a phone using GPS technology. The software can also perform geographical fencing. When it comes to surveillance, Famisafe Parental Control can block specific applications, record all activity performed in a smartphone and even track how long the smartphone is used. By using this software, you can control the material viewed in the smartphone's browser. Furthermore, this software enables you to control the target phone remotely as you discover how to track someone’s phone. You can download this software from the App Store or Google Play Store. It needs to be installed on both the surveillance and target smartphones. This digital tracking tool is available for use at no cost through a 30-day trial. Further use requires payment.

Steps to track a phone using FamiSafe

  • The first step requires you to download this application. It is available on the App Store and Google Play Store too. Download the appropriate versions for your smartphone and the target device.
  • After download, install the application in your smartphone and the target device as well.
  • Activate the application and register membership accounts in both smartphones.
  • You will be requested for some personal information. Ensure that you provide accurate names, addresses and contact details. These are stored securely in FamiSafe databases.
  • After registration is complete, you can navigate to the application's home page and begin to track the target phone.

3. How to Track a Phone by Hacking

There are some online software tools that you can use for how to track a cell phone anywhere in the world. Phone Number Tracker can provide you with anyone's name and address by simply analyzing a phone number. Traditionally, this activity could only be performed by phone company operators and law enforcement. Today, this digital tool enables you to find the location of somebody by simply using their phone number. The software is justified by the Freedom of Information Act and can show you how to track my phone. As such, it can provide data about the geographical position of anyone by simply searching using a phone number.

The developers of this web-based software made a strategic partnership with the biggest providers of public records in the USA so as to inform you on how to track a cell phone. As such, Phone Number Tracker can find anyone, anywhere. This software makes use of a strategy that is known as the reverse phone number lookup. By simply entering a phone number in the software's website, you can get all the online and offline records of an individual.

Steps required

  • To use this phone number tracker, simply visit its official website by navigating to
  • After that, browse the header menu and click on the tab labeled PHONE NUMBER TRACKER
  • It will direct you to the official page where you can find the web tool. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on a big, orange button labeled SEARCH A NUMBER.
  • Doing so will activate a new page titles U.S. Phone Number Search.
  • Scroll to the middle section of this page and enter a phone number in 3 separate boxes. Having done so, click on a red button labeled Search.
  • After processing the phone number, this web-based software will provide data such as the current location, official address, full name, location history and web history of the number's owner. It will also provide you with information such as their photos, emails, professions and profiles as well.

The Phone Number Tracker is versatile and provides a lot of information on how to track a cell phone.

4. How to Track My Lost iPhone for Free

If you lose your iPhone, you can find it for free using the Find my iPhone facility. It is provided by the manufacturer for all iPhone owners so as to indicate how to track a cell phone. This facility can find your smartphone as well as other accessories. Examples of these are your AirPods, Mac, iPad and iPod Touch.

Steps required

  • To use this facility, simply sign into your personal iCloud account. This can be done from any computer, tablet or smartphone device for how to track a mobile phone.
  • After signing in, you can view the location of your device on a map. The facility can even find your device if it goes off by checking its last known position when the battery was critically low.
  • If you suspect that you have lost your device, you can use the Find My iPhone facility to lock and locate it. Simply log into your iCloud account and activate this ability.
  • Having done so, activate the Lost Mode on your misplaced device. This locks the device up and provides you with its location.
  • Find My iPhone can provide you with location details from the last 24 hours. You can also program a message to be displayed on the lost device's screen as you learn how to track a cell phone. This can be your contact number so that whoever finds it can contact you directly.

5. How to Track Lost Android Phone

Many people today use of Android smartphones. If you lose yours, it is possible to track and locate it by learning how to track a mobile phone. This can be accomplished using a built-in tool that is known as Find My Device. It combines GPS technology in your phone with Google Maps. Here is how to perform this process.

Steps required

  • Launch the Settings in your Android smartphone and tap on the Security & lock screen option.
  • Proceed to tap on Device administrators.
  • Click on Find my Device and confirm that a check mark has appeared in the checkbox.
  • Tap the back button on the top left corner of the smartphone's screen and keep doing so until you arrive at the Settings main menu.
  • Proceed to tap on an option labeled Location.
  • Having done so, click on the switch that is situated beside this option and turn it on.
  • Go on to tap on Mode.
  • Click on High accuracy and ensure that the circle gets filled in.
  • Proceed to tap on the back button that is situated at the top left corner.
  • Tap on Google Location History.
  • Turn on the switch that is situated underneath Location History.
  • Also, tap on the switch that is located beside your device so as to turn it on.
  • If you should lose your Android smartphone, you can now easily find it using Google Maps.
  • Simply start up a web browser on a computer or another smart device.
  • Having done so, navigate to the find tab of the official android website.
  • If you are required to, enter your account's email address and password.

If your lost device is connected to the Internet, it will pop up on Google Maps and you can identify its location. If it is not connected, you can keep trying until it pops up on the map hence enabling you to find it.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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