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You might have to track an iPhone in various different situations. You might be traveling somewhere and you lose your phone, or someone might have stolen your phone, or you wish to keep a track of your beloved person. Whatever might be the situation there are quite a few ways to track an iPhone and none of them are that costly to pick a hole in your pocket.

How to track an iPhone via SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is a hacking tool to track any device including iOs devices. Apart from tracking devices it can hack into any device to provide with call logs, browser history, and lot more. This is how to track an iphone using SpyMyFone:

Spy iPhone

Step 1: Create an Account on SpyMyFone website and download the app on your mobile phone . You can also sign up from the downloaded app as well.

Spy iPhone

Step 2: Login with the proper credential and enter a few information that are required to get going with the hacking. This step will help you set up the app for the tracking.

Step 3: in this step you will have to provide with iCloud login information of the iPhone that you can track. Unless you have these you can’t track any iPhone.

5 Solutions to Track an iPhone

Once you are done with this, you can go to your dashboard and find the iPhone that you wish to track. Now go to the control panel on the left hand side to find all the necessary apps that you wish to track.

iPhone Hacking without installing software

How to track an iphone without an app?

If you have your location “On“ in your iPhone, it will store the location using Google Timeline. This will be done provided you have internet access to your iPhone. You can access that information to get the last location update in your iPhone. And tracing that map you can reach your iPhone.

Here are the steps:

  • Open Google Timeline
  • Select the Current Date from the panel on left hand side.
  • You will have all the updated location and its history for the current date. If you scroll down, you will have the last updated location which might be your iPhone location.
  • You can find the location on Google map. Follow it to its current location or if you think that you need help of authorities, contact them to help you get back the phone. This is how to track lost iphone using the iCloud.

5 Solutions to Track an iPhone

How to track an iphone via

To track your iPhone using iCloud, you will have to visit to your icloud dashboard and then follow the following steps to make sure you track your lost iPhone.

Step 1: Type in your iCloud user-id and corresponding password to access your dashboard.

5 Solutions to Track an iPhone

Step 2: On your dashboard, you will see an icon that says “Find iPhone”. Click on it!

5 Solutions to Track an iPhone

Step 3: You will have a drop down list that will include all the devices connected to your account. Choose the device that you lost recently or the one you are looking to track.

5 Solutions to Track an iPhone

Step 4: You will have a map with the pin pointed location of your iPhone. Or in case it’s moving you will have that tracking as well. Now you have to follow it and trace it back to your lost iPhone.

How to track a stolen iPhone via Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a in-built app on any iPhone. If you are looking for answer to the question how to track someones iphone, then this app can be used to track any iPhone that uses this app. Unless you have this app ON your iPhone, you cannot use this app to find it. That being said, there are few steps to remember before you can find your lost iPhone.

How to track lost iphone Using another iPhone

  1. Open Find My iPhone app.
  2. Login using proper iCloud credentials
  3. Tap the device that you wish to track and you will have the map to track it down.

5 Solutions to Track an iPhone

How to track someones iphone using Web Portal

You can visit to find your iPhone using the web portal. Once you login with your iCloud credential on web, make sure to find out the icon that says “Find My iPhone”. Once you are there, you can select the device that you wish to find. Tap on it and it will show you the current location on the Google map and this is pretty much how to track iphone using web portal.

What If I still can’t track my lost iPhone?

In case you are unable to find your lost iPhone on Find My iPhone app or the web portal, then you can follow how to track iphone steps given below: Make sure to sign in to iCloud. If you are using iOs 10.3 or higher, tap on settings, and sign in with proper id/password to sign in on your device. For OS version of lower than 10.3, make sure you logon to iCloud.

Tap on Settings. Click on “UserName”. Click on iCloud. Click Find My iPhone. Turn it on and allow the app to be active.

Check the Apple ID that you used to sign in on your device. Unless they match, you won’t be able to view your device from the cloud or from the app. In case they do not watch, login with the proper credential to find your iPhone.

Check that your device, location, and internet is turned on. Unless you have proper internet access, it won’t show you’re the device that you are looking for. In case you have an internet connection active and still the app isn’t working, try restarting your device.

Tap on Settings. Go to General. Find “Date & Time”. Set your Time Zone to Automatic.

So, whether you have lost your iPhone, or someone stole it, and you are wondering how to track a stolen iphone, you can find plenty of apps available online. You can choose to use any of the third party apps or you can choose to use or Find My iPhone app. All these are pretty much safe to use and you can try them out to good effect.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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