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Many parents worry about the whereabouts of their teenage children. If they are outside after school many parents wonder with whom they are and where they go with their friends. Others might want to know how to track mobile location of their spouses. If a loved one is late in coming back from work one might worry and would want to know their whereabouts. In such cases it might be difficult to reach out to anyone to know such information; hiring an investigator might be too elaborate and expensive a process. With a tracking app you have the power to get to know the location of your kids or your loved ones at any point in time.

Here we explore the features that the popular tracking software SpyMyFone offers as well as the tracking features of the parental control app FamiSafe.


How to track mobile location via SpyMyFone?

This is a software that is easy to use and reliable; it can help to know how to track mobile location which can be a done in a remote manner and discreetly without the other person realizing that they are being tracked. SpyMyFone is a leading software in this segment and it helps to track the locations through any cell phone in a non traceable way which is reasonable and safe.

spy on someone's cell phone

The steps to follow how to track mobile location through this app are three:

  • You need to first download the app. This can be done through the Google Play or iTunes; once the download has occurred install the app and then sign up for a free account. This will enable use of the GPS location tracking option provided in the app.
  • The next step how to track a cell phone location comprises of gaining physical access to the phone you wish to track or trace. The login details that you are provided when you sign up for an account on SpyMyFone will include details that need to be input in the Control Panel. Once the setup Wizard completes the process of installation, you have successfully gotten SpyMyFone tracking software on the phone you wish to trace.
  • GPS location of the target device can be tracked with this software by accessing the online Control Panel that is provided with your account on SpyMyFone. By using the GPS tracking feature location of a cell phone can be found. You can get to know the location of the smart phone being tracked as well as the route history of the same. This also helps to track cell phones when they are lost or stolen.

There are several reasons why SpyMyFone works better than other tracking software. There is no requirement of rooting the device or jail breaking the device you wish to monitor. Most software in this category requires jail breaking of phone OS. SpyMyFone provides an access ID as well as a password that is for the target phone; this allows access to the phone location without the user knowing that something is wrong.

GPS tracking or how to track a cell phone location is not the only feature that this software offers. There are other useful monitoring features such as tracking messages and calls, browser history, viewing multimedia content and so forth.

How To Track A Cell Phone Location

How to track mobile location online?

There are several online services that offer how to track a phone location. For instance, you could log on to Mobile Number Tracker which is a free service that provides details of the service provider along with location as well as approximate location on map. However the free services online usually cannot provide more details like real time movement details.

The steps to follow in order to track mobile location on a website are:

  • Visit site.
  • Enter mobile number in the space given.
  • Receive details of the mobile number as well as its location on Google Map.

3 Ways To Track Mobile Location

How to track mobile location via Mobile Location Tracker app?

There are several other monitoring apps that one can use how to track a cell phone location of smart phones of their choice. FamiSafe is one such app. This is a parental control app that provides several monitoring features, among which the mobile location tracking feature is also present.

The steps to follow in order to use FamiSafe on a mobile device are:

  • The app is available for free on Google Play as well as App Store for iPhones. Hence it can be downloaded on the phone you wish to track as well as on your phone.
  • Open the app on the phone you wish to track; here you need to create an account for free and log in. For the kid’s phone you need to use Kid identity. Different permissions need to be given to complete the setup process.
  • Open FamiSafe on your phone and choose the Parent identity; the app will connect to your kid’s phone automatically and provide you interface or dashboard with the different activities displayed.

3 Ways To Track Mobile Location

There are several other mobile tracker apps available on how to track a phone location. These can be downloaded as per your need and preferences. For instance, FamiSafe has several parental control features that it offers besides location tracking. These include monitoring apps and their usage, shutting down a device after certain hours of usage, getting alerts as and when certain locations or perimeters are breached and so forth.

SpyMyFone on the other hand, is an app developed for how to track a phone location in real time. It also offers other features such as checking messages, multimedia content, web browsing activities and so forth on the target device.

When you wish to download an app on how to track a phone location, decide on the kind of features you wish to use. It is best to review the different apps available out there with the kind of features on offer, functionalities as well as the ease of use of these apps. It also depends on whether you wish to be transparent about monitoring another phone or simply wish to track another phone discretely. These aspects will help you shortlist among the different apps available out there as well as choosing between paid or premium and free versions of the apps.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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