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Part 1: Introduction

How to Track Phone Usage for Parental Control

Giving a phone to a kid or someone in the family is pretty standard. You never think for a second that they might later get so addicted to the phone that they stop listening to you. They stay glued to their phone all the time, either playing some games, using some activities, going through social media apps, or looking around. Although primarily, it does not sound awkward, for parents who are facing this issue, it is a tough time. They are unable to bring their kids back on track and make them aware of their study and push them towards building their career.

Now, let’s roll back to the main question, is there a way to deal with the more than usual time spent on a mobile device by kids or young generation? Or is it possible to modify the way kids can access their phone so they can move to a better schedule? Well, there are some usage tracker techniques that you can use.

This article will discuss iPhone usage trackers in the following subparts:

Scroll down to get detailed information below and later get to know about the best iPhone usage tracker technique.

Part 2: Why parents want to use phone usage tracker

How to Track Phone Usage for Parental Control

Two of the most critical questions to be understood by parents is:

  • What is the requirement of a phone usage tracker?
  • Why they want to use some usage tracker for their loved ones.

But, indeed, they deserve to know how important it is to apply some iPhone usage tracker. Do you want to know, here are some points to you should see:

  • A phone usage tracker keeps a regular check over phone usage.
  • If kids are accessing some illegal content, then it sends an immediate notification.
  • Check over screen time usage.
  • Some usage tracker can monitor online access, web media, browser, or other data that might not be suitable for kids.
  • Minimizes or optimizes phone usage.
  • Smartly organizes the mobile usage timings with the Smart Time Schedulers of phone usage tracker.
  • If kids get engaged with some unethical activities, then taking the help of iPhone usage tracker will guide them on how to bring kids in the right track.
  • Sometimes, kids do not share their mobile media files with parents. A phone usage tracker can assist them to know about what kind of data kids have (remotely).
  • Not all friends in the contact list are right to trust. Some usage tracker can help parents to get call logs, file, or data.
  • Social Media security is possible with the help of phone usage tracker.

Well, the list of reasons to use a phone usage tracker is quite long and the above few points cannot describe it adequately. A usage tracker nonetheless is going to assist you as a parent promptly to get your kids back on track at the right time with proper guidance. Also, such trackers bring so many useful tools with which you can put advanced security on your as well as your kid’s device with ease.

All this will help you a lot while upbringing the kids.

Part 3: Introduce an iPhone usage tracker

Under this section, you will get to know about an iPhone usage tracker. What is a phone usage tracker?

  • A phone usage tracker is an application that is specialized to monitor a mobile device. Check its usage, and alarm you if you deviate from your scheduled task.
  • Besides, the phone usage tracker can also help you in time-based scheduling. If applied, it will keep a regular check over device usage and take prompt action if the time limit reaches.

Thus, it gives you and your kids a safe mobile usage platform.

A usage tracker will benefit you to a great extent when you want to track a phone usage for parental purpose. It is quite helpful since the current generation is not willing to share the mobile details with their parents all the time. Thus it becomes quite imperative to go for such phone usage tracker application.

Here we have taken the example of Moment (The Screen Time Control Application), an automated iPhone usage tracker.

You must be curious to know how it works, right?

Well, it is a specially designed phone usage tracker that starts monitoring the iPhone usage as soon as you install the application on your device. By keeping track of your daily limit (that you can set or modify), it gives you an instant notification.

How to Track Phone Usage for Parental Control

Here is the step you need to follow:

Step 1: Access the Moment browser

You can get access to Moment website from or directly get the download link from

From there download the application on the target device

Step 2: Complete Installation

After downloading, follow the on-screen setup process to complete the installation.

Step 3: Set up the limit

Now, post-installation, visit the Moment application home page to set up a daily limit of the device. You can track phone usage, and get notification from Moment if you or your kid diverts from a scheduled task.

Note: There is no doubt that Moment is an excellent phone usage tracker, but it comes up with particular limitation. It is more likely to be a mere usage tracker, does not provide some advanced mechanism required by parents. Also, besides parents, even kids have access to some power to modify the settings.

Part 4: Use SpyMyFone to tracking phone usage

If you are looking for some good and exceptionally advanced iPhone usage tracker, then try SpyMyFone. It will answer all your queries and concern. It will empower you with all the monitoring and tracking facilities, which otherwise was not so possible. SpyMyFone has evolved out to be the most aspiring and usable usage tracker, especially among phone device users. It not only tracks the device usage but supplemented with various useful features.

Some of the listed features are:

  • Keeps you informed with active alarm and instant notification technology.
  • Brings you safe mobile access with remote app block facility.
  • Parents can observe browsing history and data.
  • Ease of access to multimedia files, notes, calendars, or other information.
  • Advanced app monitoring mechanism.
  • Live screenshots feature along with keylogger on the target device.
  • Scheduled restriction brings various options to optimize mobile usage.

After going with some of the feature criteria of SpyMyFone, it’s time to understand how this phone usage tracker can be used to track mobile activities. Here are the required steps:

Step 1: Sign Up Process

Carrying your phone in hand, visit the official web page. On the page, enter the details such as verified email id, password to sign up the page. To be noted must use valid email id to get future correspondence right to you.

How to Track Phone Usage for Parental Control

Step 2: Target Device Verification

On the next page, complete the details of the target person such as his/her name, age and select Apple icon for an iPhone device.

How to Track Phone Usage for Parental Control

Now, what you need to do is to verify the iCloud credentials such as id/Passwords of the target device (No need to have the physical presence of the target device).

Step 3: Start Monitoring and Usage tracking

That’s up for an iPhone device setup process. Now download the SpyMyFone control application to have ease of access to its dashboard, or from your browser login to SpyMyFone to start monitoring the target device from remotely without getting known in hidden mode.

How to Track Phone Usage for Parental Control

Isn’t it is quite an easy way to get complete usage information with this phone usage tracker? Well, it made you capable of monitoring your kid’s device usage and have a safe parental control.

Part 5: Conclusion

Getting detailed information of your kid’s device usage with a phone usage tracker will be a great relief. After all, your primary motive is to curb excessive device usage. Hence, when the concern is about your family members, especially kids, then a proper iPhone usage tracker like SpyMyFone comes a long way to help you.

So, make yourself aware of how to use and apply a phone usage tracker with this guide.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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