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Gone are those days when knowing a person’s location remotely, was a tedious task. Thanks to technology, it is an affordable and convenient technique now. You can track cell phone location in a jiffy! Download a good spy app or parental control app and know the location of your loved ones using the mobile location tracker feature. Some of you might feel it be unethical but for it’s for sure that you wouldn’t be compromising on anything for the safety of your family, mostly your kids.

There are many useful apps which you can install with the consent of your child or the person on whose phone you are installing it. But, if you are planning to install it without the knowledge of the concerned person, then you must follow proper discretion to ensure that no federal law is breached. Let’s look at some of the GPS location trackers:

1. FamiSafe

One of the best parental monitoring app from Wondershare is sure to add some peace in your life. Its features will not only track cell phone location but will ensure your child’s safety.

  • GPS location tracker will keep you informed about the real-time location.
  • Location history will let you know all the places the child has visited.
  • Geo-fencing to set alerts for a specific zone. Whenever your child enters any of the forbidden areas, you will be notified.
  • Tack the apps installed on his phone and block them if required.
  • Monitor and control mobile screen remotely.
  • Keep track of the calls and messages from this handset.
  • Monitor web pages viewed and block any site.
  • Scan your child’s contact list and block any contact if you feel your child endangered.
  • Set screen time to ensure controlled usage.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Con: unavailability in a desktop version.
  • Costs: $9.99/month.

Top 10 Best Mobile Location Tracker

2. SpyMyFone

One of the best spying apps which entrust with the power to probe into the mobile connected with this software.

Top 10 Best Mobile Location Tracker

  • Without any complicated bug, you can use the phone location tracker detects the location.
  • In case of theft, you can lock your phone remotely by logging into the SpyMyFone account.
  • Read the text communications from the mobile.
  • Monitor the contact list and get access to the call logs of the phone.
  • Get a detail view of the media files, calendars, memos and task and apps on the phone.
  • Though it uses the phone number to track cell phone location, you will get to know whenever the Sim card is changed.
  • Use this app to know the various online activities of your kid or employee.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Con: to enjoy all the features, jailbreaking is required.
  • Cost: $29.99/month.

3. MobileTracker

You can install this free app in your loved one's phone and now the various places they have been.

  • Use this cell phone location tracker to know the real-time location of the person.
  • With the mobile tracker, you can see the activity on the phone and happenings around it.
  • Track social networking activities including photo upload and chats.
  • Get details of call log and messages of the phone.
  • Control the complete functionality of the phone remotely. You can modify data, take a picture and make calls using the phone physically.
  • View all the files and photos of the phone.
  • Monitor all the applications and block the one that you feel necessary.
  • Con: Compatible with Android 8 only.

Top 10 Best Mobile Location Tracker

4. TheTruthSpy

A hidden GPS location tracker app, to know about your phone.

  • You can record the incoming and outgoing calls from the tracked mobile.
  • The GPS location tracker will provide you with the real-time location of the mobile. Also get the location history time-wise to know the all the places the person has been.
  • Get access to the passwords used on the phone, so now your family members cannot hide anything from you.
  • Keep tab of all the apps and internet activities.
  • You will have access to minute details of each WhatsApp conversation.
  • View the contact list and the messages and know with whom your family member communicates and how often.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS,
  • Starts at $21.99/month.

Top 10 Best Mobile Location Tracker

5. mSpy

Install it on your child’s phone and know all his activities, indiscreet.

  • See his live location with or without GPS.
  • Know the route taken by the target and get detail history of all areas.
  • Know all the texts, instant messaging chats and set alert for specific words, so when he types any of those words, you will receive notification.
  • Have access to the call log and calendar.
  • Review the browsing history and ensure his safety.
  • Let’s you block calls, apps and websites which disrupts family harmony.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac & Windows.
  • Con: Needs rooting.
  • Starts at $20/month.

Top 10 Best Mobile Location Tracker

6. Flexispy

A costly app to track a phone by number but comes with a plethora of benefits.

  • Get details of the location and the surroundings of the target phone.
  • Record all calls including the messaging app’s calls.
  • Access any form of incoming and outgoing message.
  • Know all the activities related to the internet.
  • Get notified for Sim change.
  • Know the contact list and block incoming calls.
  • Whether you want to be visible or not is your choice.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Mac & Nokia Symbian.
  • Con: Expensive app as compared to its competitors.
  • Starts at $68/month.

Top 10 Best Mobile Location Tracker

7. Mobile Number Locator

This free and easy to use app will help you to track location by phone number.

  • One of the best maps to inform you about the location of the mobile.
  • The automatic caller identification will give you prior intimation about the caller.
  • Gives you a detail of call logs and the location of the caller.
  • Doesn’t require an internet connection for tracking.
  • Cons: needs a lot of disc space and not available in all countries.

Top 10 Best Mobile Location Tracker

8. Spy Bubble

It is not only a good cell phone location tracker but also an excellent parental control app.

  • The location tracker will keep you posted on your child’s location without talking to him.
  • You can have information about all the areas your child has visited.
  • Get access to contact list, call logs & messages of the phone.
  • Know the social media involvement and the web browsing history of your child.
  • Costs $49.97 and comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.
  • Cons: Customer support is not functional and issues with refund process.

Top 10 Best Mobile Location Tracker

9. Family Locator

Create a circle of your family members and track the cell phone location of each without making individual calls.

  • View the real-time location of all the circle members.
  • GPS location tracker to keep each other updated about the movements of each person.
  • Works with non-smartphones also.
  • Get a private map for your family that is visible only by this app.
  • Con: Needs to be installed in all the phones of the circle and doesn’t have other features of parental control app.

Top 10 Best Mobile Location Tracker

10. Highest Mobile Spy

A good spying app to know your teen’s or lover’s activities.

  • Stealth camera to give you live view of the mobile’s location.
  • Know about your employee’s activities by monitoring his system and surrounding.
  • Using the phone location tracker, ensure your child’s safety.
  • Get access to all logs: contacts, calendars, messages, web, notes alerts etc.
  • Have access to social networking activities of the target.
  • Cons: takes time in installation and works best after rooting.
  • Costs: $ 69.99.

Top 10 Best Mobile Location Tracker

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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