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There are times when you simply need to know the content of someone else's text messages. This could be your child, your roommate or your spouse. You may want to achieve this without having to physically ask for their phone. In such a case, you can use specialized software to achieve this objective. Here is a software product that can help you to accomplish this objective.

Secretly Keep Track Text Messages Using This Strategy

How to track text messages via SpyMyFone

An effective type of software which you can use to track text messages is SpyMyFone. This software helps you to track the contents of text messages on a target's smartphone. In addition to this, it also provides you with details such as the contacts who receive the messages, the most contacted individuals, entire conversations and the timeline of messages that are sent. SpyMyFone operates covertly without the knowledge of your target. It also enables you to get all this information delivered to a central account. Therefore, it guarantees convenience and discretion.

For you to use SpyMyFone succesfully, you do not even have to download any software into your iOS laptop computer or smartphone. This is because the tracker operates directly through Cloud infrastructure. You can use SpyMyFone to track text messages from another phone without having to root or jailbreak the target smartphone. Therefore, it is a highly effective application which makes it easy for you to track text messages on an iPhone or an Android device.

Track Text Messages Using spymyfone

Steps required to track text messages via SpyMyFone

How to track an iPhone

  1. Begin by creating a Premium account with SpyMyFone. This can be accomplished in their official website. While registering this account, make sure that you utilize an email address which is original, authentic and active. This is so that you can easily receive tracking data and alerts from the software.
  2. Track Text Messages on iPhone 1

  3. A Setup Wizard will emerge after you have completed registration. In a specified form, enter the name and age of the owner of the smartphone that you desire to track. After that, enter the details about the specific operating system which is operating in the device. For iPhones, indicate that it is iOS. Once you have specified that, enter the iCloud ID and the password of the smartphone user that you are targeting. Throughout this process, make sure that the iCloud synchronization service and backup system are running on their phone.
  4. Track Text Messages on iPhone 2

  5. After setup is complete, SpyMyFone will verify the iCloud ID on the target device. After successful verification, you can go ahead and log into your SpyMyFone account. Have a look at the control panel. Here, you will get information about the text messages that your target is sending. This data includes the content of the messages, the recipients' details, entire conversations and also the timeline of the messages that have been sent. This software also provides you with details about the messages that are sent using social media applications.
  6. Track Text Messages on iPhone 3

  7. If the target iPhone is powered off or is not connected to the Internet, it will not transmit any tracking data. Hence, you will not be able to view its SMS details remotely.

How to track an Android Phone

  1. For you to track text messages from another phone, the first step that you should complete is to create an account with SpyMyFone. As you perform this process, ensure that you utilize a valid email address. This enables you to receive the login credentials and active link that is required to download the app once registration has been completed. For you to gain access to all the features of this application and track text messages from another phone, ensure that you pay for a Premium or an Ultimate subscription to SpyMyFone.
  2. After you complete the process of registration, it is time to install SpyMyFone in the target Android smartphone. Simply pick it up and proceed to make the necessary settings. Start by activating the installation of applications from “Unknown Sources”. You can accomplish this by simply navigating to the Settings menu and tapping on “Security”. Proceed to the “Unknown Sources” option and click on “OK”.
  3. Track Text Messages on android 2

  4. Once you have completed that step, proceed to disable “Google Play Protect”. You can effectively accomplish this by going to the Settings application and then choosing the “Security” option. After you accomplish this, proceed to choose “Google Play Protect” and disable the option labeled “Scan device for security threats”.
  5. Track Text Messages on android 3

  6. After you complete these settings, proceed to install the SpyMyFone application. Utilize the browser application the target smartphone and navigate to After that, proceed to download the apk file that is contained in the page that emerges.
  7. Track Text Messages on android 4

  8. Once the installation process is complete, activate the SpyMyFone application and proceed to sign into your account. Make sure that you accept any and all permission requests that emerge. After you have achieved this, tap on the option that is labeled “Proceed to Setting”. Furthermore, ensure that you set the application's visibility to stealth. This will make its icon disappear.
  9. Track Text Messages on android 6

  10. In your own laptop or smartphone, sign into your personal account and navigate to the dashboard. In a few seconds, it will synchronize with the target smartphone and the tracked messages will begin to appear in your control panel. You can view and scroll through them using a facility on the left side of the dashboard. In addition to that, there is a refresh icon. This one assists you to get the latest data as you track text messages from another phone.
  11. Track Text Messages on android 7

If the smartphone that you are tracking is powered off or is offline, it will not deliver any message tracking data.

Legal disclaimer before using SpyMyFone

Before you begin to track text messages from another phone, it is important to check if it is legally allowed in your state. This is because smartphones are considered private property. Hacking into them is digital trespassing. In addition to that, text messages contain highly personal information. As a result, tracking them makes you aware of someone's private matters and can be regarded as digital stalking. However, parents and spouses have legitimate motive for scanning or track text messages from another phone. They do this to protect their children or loved ones. Therefore, make sure that you understand the law in your jurisdiction before you use SpyMyFone to track text messages.

You can use special software to track text messages from another phone. An effective type of software which you can use for this purpose is SpyMyFone. It is highly effective and provides comprehensive details about the text messages of your target. Simply visit to sign up for an account and track text messages today.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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