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Our young generation idolizes social media. In this fellow age, they easily fell in prey with the world of Internet. While, it is a bane and boon for the kid, parents may come in role of responsibility to guard them. For that, you can’t just force the installation of spy cameras or follow them. But, you can place your faith on an efficient mobile tracker that will give you up-to-date information of your young adult’s phone and the locations visited by them. This article is committed to present various cell phone trackers, a working parent can make great use of.

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1. SpyMyFone Tracking App

Turn into a full time detective with SpyMyFone, a spectacular monitoring software that allows users to maintain a variety of data components with ease. SpMyFone will act as a guard to your child and keep you well versed with his/her accurate GPS location. Also, you will get the regular updates of your children going beyond a certain territory using its real-time Geo-fencing feature.

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  • Allows users to effortlessly monitor several data components available on your kid’s phone.
  • Let’s you maintain geo-fencing feature to stay updated about their locations.
  • The parents may not worry about getting their kid’s phone rooted.

2. FamiSafe Cell Phone Tracker

FamiSafe is a considerable option for tracking cell phone easily. This application supports in eyeing various contents present on your child’s phone and keep a track on them. With FamiSafe, you can remain updated about the whereabouts of your children.

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  • Parents can set the screen time for their children remotely.


  • Cannot monitor text messages or social networking sites.
  • Parents may not be able to bypass contents being used up in an application.

3. Spyzie Mobile Tracker

Spyzie is a useful mobile tracker that allows users to monitor activities of the target device. You can maintain the dashboard to keep a regular check on the activities. Spyzie is compatible with the Android/iOs devices and allows users to analyze data files such as web browsing, call logs and other files.

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  • Spyzie easily sets up in the iOS devices without any jailbreaks issue.
  • Take screenshots and maintains screen records of the target device.


  • This software is quite high in the price range.

4. Nut Find3 Smart Tracker

Nut Find3 Smart Tracker is styled as a symbol of a zen and is a small peaceful cell phone tracker updates the parents if their children leaves behind the device unknowingly. It can be useful in providing the current location of the child and alarm you if they transgress any safe boundary set by you.

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  • Wirelessly connect to your phone by pairing with Bluetooth.
  • One can easily change the battery of the


  • Sometimes fails to give the precise detailing of the locations.
  • The NUT application failed to work efficiently.

5. Find My Device

The production of Google-Find My Device is a free cell phone tracker, useful in keeping you updated about the current status of location of your phone, in case your cellphone goes missing. Find My Device gives you a brief account of locations of where your phone was.

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  • Simple and user-convenient GUI that allows users to track locations easily.
  • Locate phone by the loud-shout out sound, applicable only when you are near to your device.


  • A pop up notification occurs on the locked phone which gives the hint to the user that someone is tracking the device.
  • Unable to work in case, the device gets formatted.

6. Find My Phone

Find My Phone is a free cell phone tracker, compatible with both the Android/iOS systems. The user can make a great use of this application, in case they lose out on their devices. This application supports the working in tablets, iOS devices, iPad etc.

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  • Records real time location of the stolen device.
  • Regularly updates the positioning of the phone showcases it on the application.


  • Sometimes fails to give accurate location of the cell phone.
  • Does not support the tracking of the essential data types present in your kid’s phone.

7. Location Tracker

Location tracker is another useful mobile tracker giving free services to the parents for supervising children’s activities. This application allows users to gain insight of GPS and locations used in the monitored device. Location Tracker also facilitates in monitoring the locations via Google Maps and Api and GPS.

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  • Maintain a record of the locations visited by your kids or family members.
  • Set the time of intervals for maintaining the record of sites and save them for later use.


  • The customer service does not assist the users with the customer care.
  • Fails to give the accurate locations of the monitored devices.

8. Mobile Tracker for Android

The mobile tracker for Android is a free cell phone tracker application, allowing users to monitor data if the phone is misplaces. Mobile Tracker ensures you don’t lose out on your or your children’s data. Remotely, one can delete files with this mobile tracker to successfully run this application, ensure that your Android is working on 4.0 or above.

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  • Quickly alerts users, when a new SIM is added over your previous SIM to track it down.
  • Protect your data by deleting it from the source device.


  • Fails to give real-time update of the location, if the phone goes missing.
  • Some bugs may hamper smooth flow of the application.

9. mSpy

mSpy is one of the paid cell phone trackers that swiftly work on both the Android/iOS systems. mSpy allows users to bypass essential information available on the target children’s device. Parents can look into the messages, call logs, media files etc of their child’s device.

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  • Mspy assist its users with 24*7 customer care assistance in multi-language.
  • Parents can ear into a full-fledged conversation surfacing on the target device.


  • iOS users may face issues in installing the app because of two factor verification on iPhone.
  • If the target phone is formatted, it may not be able to perform on the device.

10. OneSpy Phone Tracker

OneSpy is another considerable option for monitoring the device of your child. OneSpy phone tracker lets users to record both side call conversations in various models and supervise several data elements present in the target Android device.

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  • Allows users to view a range of social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.


  • One may need to get the device rooted in order to reap the best of the features.
  • The OneSpy support may not offer an in-depth solution to customer queries.

Why SpyMyFone is the Ultimate mobile tracking app?

SpyMyFone wonderfully performs as a responsible virtual guard for kids. This software is a package of useful features that can lessen the burden of your kid’s burden. It is suitable with all the Android/iOS operating systems and allows parents to fully keep a check on children’s activities by monitoring an array of data variants such as call logs, messages, famous social media profiles like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. SpyMyFone allows parents to remotely view their kids search history of they of their device. Also, guardians can remain updated with the whereabouts of the current location of their children with the Geofencing feature.

In this article, we have scrutinized several free as well as paid applications that badged as phone trackers for the company. Most of the applications carters the purpose of monitoring other devices while some proves helpful in the case of urgency. But, not all the applications works as effectively as SpyMyFone- a secured toolbox

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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