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Kids are the most innocent ones in the entire human civilization. As a parent, it comes as a duty to protect these innocent lives against the evils of society. Unfortunately, your kids are surrounded by both real-world threats and digital-world threats while growing up. Most of the parents know how to stop the real-world threats around the kids. But, what they don't know is how to manage the digital-world risk.

Top 3 System Health SMS Trackers for Parents to Know About

Either we take our smartphones and laptops casually or don’t know what threats it possesses to us. Well, to be clear it’s not these devices that directly cause your arm, it's the masterminds behind these devices, who can target you and your kids.

Evils on social media try to influence the kids in the wrong way, or your kid might be in the wrong connection outside the phone. In both cases, it becomes necessary to understand what's going in your kid's life and which path they are following. You can keep track of their device's system.

Thankfully, some apps and programs that will help you follow the SMS, Social media, Watsapp, Tinder, Instagram Messages of your kids. We call these apps as system health SMS tracker. While there are many parental control apps online, not all of them can guarantee the complete safety of your kid. To beat the hacking masterminds out there, you want one of these three system health trackers:

1. SpyMyFon

With 2 million users, SpyMyFon has become a single powerful phone system health SMS tracker that is known worldwide. Parents don't need to worry about their kid’s safety anymore as this app is doing the job 24*7. It enables parents to track SMS, Call log, Social App, as well as GPS. You will know with whom your kids are talking, what are they replying to or sharing in the message, and where they are going.

The app is 100% invisible, so if you have teenagers, you don't have to worry about them revolting as they won't realize, they have a safety net around them. The app is available for both iOS and Android phones and can be legally used.

Some of the features of SpyMYFon are:

  • Track SMS, texts, iMessage, and attached media

The app includes an extensive message spy that records all the SMS exchanged in a conversation. Even the deleted texts will be there for you to read. You will be notified when a conversation starts; you can either track them instantly or go through the database later.

  • Easy Search Option

In case you don't have the time to read the full message, you can use the search option to find a specific topic. Enter the relevant keyword or phrase, and the result will be displayed.

  • Call Tracking

The apps also track call logs, giving a complete detail of whom your kid is talking and for how much time. Knowing these details, you can motivate them towards something recreational.

  • Geofencing and GPS Location

The app sets a geographical parameter for your kids, allowing them to stay in the safe territory. It enables you to distinguish between safe and danger zones. You can also track where they spend most of their time.

Top 3 System Health SMS Trackers for Parents to Know About

2. SpyZie

The increased working hours have made parenting the most challenging task ever. But, SpyZie tries to minimize your work with its all-in-one system health SMS tracker solution. The app has acted miraculously for worrying parents. Those having access to this app, claim to enjoy more time with their kid rather than worrying about their security.

This phone spy solution will enable you to know your kid's whereabout without letting them know. Parents can track the messages, MMS, and multimedia files exchanged on most of the devices and apps.

It stays in invisible mode, so the revolting teens don’t have to know about it. Just make sure you install the app on their phone, before gifting it to them. The app is compatible with both iOS and Androis phones. Enjoy the fantastic interface of the app with the features given below:

Features of SpyZie

  • Monitor text messages

With the access of a Spyzie account, you can instantly view the complete record of sent and received messages. Even the multimedia files are stored in it, letting you have clear access to every data shared. Once you know the internal problems of your kid's life, you can solve it creatively.

  • Track the app activities

Parents whose kids are addicted to smartphones can now track where they are spending so much time. Whether they are chatting to friends, playing games, or busy reading, you can have a bright look at the on-going scenario.

  • Block unwanted content

You know the good and bad of your tiny ones, and so you should be able to decide what they should do. Spyzie's blocking features will let you schedule the app using time as well as blocking the unwanted data.

  • GPS Locator

With the app's in-built GPS locator, you can know their exact location. You can also set safe zones fences using the app so that your kid remains near to you.

Top 3 System Health SMS Trackers for Parents to Know About

3. MSpy

Every parent out there who is in search of that one system health SMS tracker that can take care of their kids everywhere, here is your perfect pick. We are talking about Mspy’s ultimate monitoring software for parental control. The app will thoroughly take care of your kid’s device with its text monitoring feature.

When it comes to protecting your kids from digital world danger, this is one of the, most reliable apps. The app is also doing great as a one-to-one parental controlling solution. You can know your kid’s daily activities, real-time location, and much more using this app.

The app offers a great interface both on Android and iOS. For any query, the website has a help page as well as 24*7 multi-language customer support.

  • Track Calls

If your child is spending too much time calling someone, it’s essential to know who they are talking with. The Mspy apps allow parents to track the kid's call log. You can know with whom they are talking to and how much time they are spending with a particular call.

  • Track Apps

Parents can now track what their kids are doing on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and more. Every message they are exchanging will be stored in a folder, in the form of a conversation. You can also track the media files being shared on these apps.

  • Scan multimedia content

Mspy allows you to see the thumbnail of every photo and video sent. Whether it's being sent via SMS, apps, email, or social media websites, you will have the complete data for it all.

  • Monitor web browsing

You get to keep an eye on your kid's internet activities. Parents are even equipped to block any bad content on their kid's device. For instance, you can set a schedule for using the apps, like how much time they can spend playing mobile games or browing social media sites.

Top 3 System Health SMS Trackers for Parents to Know About

How can SpyMyFone Help Parents?

We understand how tough parenting can be requiring 24*7 attention to your kids well being. Not entirely but the task can be made a little comfortable with the right tools. The above-mentioned apps are the best for simplifying your parenting job. These apps will not just keep you aware of your kid's activity, but will also tell their real time geographical location.

Top 3 System Health SMS Trackers for Parents to Know About

SpyMyFone is the best of these three as it is incorporated with the entire spy and parenting features. It has been a boon for parents with its high-end features:

  • Tracking social app

The SpyMyFon app allows you to track your kid's social media activities in real time. As someone starts messaging, you will be notified of it. You can either check instantly or use the database after words.

  • Invisible mode

Teenagers can be resistant towards spy apps, so SpyMyFon offers its invisible mode for them. You install the app on it and during the installation, select “hide” mode. Kids won't be able to know if they are being tacked.

  • Geofencing

Geofencing feature of the app let’s you differentiate between safe and prohibited areas. You can decide where your kids are allowed to go and where not. Whenever they cross that boundary, you will be alerted with messages or calls.

Thus, tracking your kids' activities online is your responsibility. You have to be attentive to their better future. There is nothing wrong with going with system health SMS tracker for kid's safety.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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