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One of the greatest fears that all iPhone users have is the fact that it might get lost or get stolen. After all, it's an extremely easy thing for anyone to steal, and even though it's like a part of us it still isn't attached to us so we may very easily leave it at some restaurant, or it might slip out of our pockets, or anything at all might happen! On top of that, it is expensive as all hell, and no other device ever works with other Apple products so you have no option but to buy yet another iPhone, even if it leaves you broke!

You might have heard of a few apps with which to track iPhones, however if you don't want to be bothered with the complexities of downloading and installing an app, read on to find out how to track iPhone without app. This article describes 5 different methods by which you can track iPhone without app.

track iPhone without app

How to secretly track someone else's iPhone via SpyMyFone

There are some free methods about how to track someone else's iPhone. However, you might have noticed that the method doesn't guarantee that you won't be found. If you're spying on someone's iPhone without them knowing then you should make sure that you are not found out, because that could have devastating consequences. Which is why you should use a professional spy app, like SpyMyFone.

There are a lot of spy apps for iPhone, however we've found that none of them can match SpyMyFone's level of security, reliability, and features. If you're spying on someone, you want an app that is 100% safe and non-traceable.

secretly track someone else's iPhone

Features of SpyMyFone that help you spy on someone else's phone secretly:

  • It has the ability to track WhatsApp chat messages of target iPhone.
  • Additional features: You can even track phone calls, messages, social media footprint, etc.
  • If you are looking for an app to secretly spy on android phones, SpyMyFone is also a great solution since it can be used to track GPS location, messages, all social apps, etc. without rooting the target device.
  • The iPhone doesn't have to be jailbroken, so the targeted person won't suspect anything is wrong. This feature is unique to SpyMyFone. You also don't need to install any app on the target iPhone.

How to Secretly Track an iPhone Using SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is easily one of the best iPhone tracking applications that can provide you with GPS location history information directly to your mobile device or desktop computer, no matter where you are in the world. Not sure whether this is the solution for you? Below is how to get started.

  1. Register for a free SpyMyFone account using the Sign-Up button.
  2. Track an iPhone

  3. Create an account by filling out your personal information, such as the email address you want your account to be linked with, as well as creating a password.
  4. Fill out the information on your target phone, making sure that you click the iOS option since this part differs to Android devices.
  5. On the next page, enter the iCloud account information (email and password) that is linked to the device you’re trying to hack.
  6. Secretly Track an iPhone

  7. This will connect your SpyMyFone account to the target device, so you can gain all the location information you’re looking for.
  8. Sign into your SpyMyFone account from your own mobile device or desktop computer. This will take you to your dashboard.
  9. Secretly Track an iPhone

  10. You can now click the location tab in the left-hand menu to select the location option to find the map with all the location and geographical history
  11. How to Secretly Track an iPhone

Monthly Subscription: $29.99

If you have any other questions about how to use SpyMyFone or its legality, etc, you can get them answered here.

You can also find out how to install and activate SpyMyFone from this instruction guide.

Track iPhone without app using iCloud

Another free method to track iPhone without app is to access your iCloud dashboard. You can perform several features with this, you can locate your iPhone on a map, you can set off an alarm, lock it, or even erase all its contents if you're afraid it has been stolen.

How to track iPhone without app using iCloud:

  1. Enter your iCloud ID and Password to gain access to your dashboard.
  2. start to track iPhone without app

  3. On your dashboard, choose the 'Find iPhone' icon.
  4. how to track iPhone without app

  5. You'll find an "All devices" drop down menu. Select that, and then choose the lost or stolen iPhone.
  6. tracking iPhone without app

  7. You'll find an interactive map with the exact location of your device. You can toggle navigation to be led to it immediately. You can also activate the following features:

Play Sound: With this the iPhone would start giving off an alarm at full volume for 2 whole minutes so that someone can detect it and keep it safe.

Lost Mode: This will put your phone on lockdown mode, and flash a custom message on the screen.

Erase Data: If you fear your iPhone has been stolen and compromised, you can use this function to delete all data.

track iPhone

Part 3: Track iPhone without app using Google

Both Apple and Google are awfully fond of storing users' information in case of emergencies. As long as you've kept the Location On in your iPhone and the iPhone has access to the internet, Google would keep updating its location on its Google Timeline. You can then access that information about its last updated location online and follow the map to your iPhone!

How to track iPhone without app using Google's Timeline:

  1. Go to Google Timeline.
  2. Click on 'Today', or simply select the present date from the left hand panel.
  3. You'll find a list of updated location history for the entire day. Scroll down and select the latest location update.
  4. If you find that your phone is stationary, i.e., if the location has been the same for the previous updates, then you can go and get it. However, if you find that the location is moving, then you should contact authorities and get a few friends to help you track it down. It's likely your phone has been stolen.

track iPhone with no app

Part 4: Protect Lost iPhone Data

If your location wasn't turned on in your iPhone, and if it didn't have the Find My iPhone app either, then it might be extremely difficult to track your iPhone, either with or without app. In this case, you can protect the data on your device using the following methods:

  1. Change your Apple ID and passwords immediately to prevent people from accessing your iCloud.
  2. Change the passwords on all the internet accounts that were logged into your account, all your email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  3. Report a stolen or lost device to law enforcement. You need to also provide them with the serial number. This might help them find the iPhone, but it's mostly done to protect you in case your iPhone is used for illegal activities.
  4. Finally, report your iPhone as lost or stolen to the the Carrier so that they can quickly terminate the account so that it can't be used to place calls, or send texts, or access the internet.

Part 4: How to secretly track someone else's iPhone with your own iPhone

If you're a parent who wants to keep a secret but watchful eye on your child or teenager, or if you're a spouse who wants to keep tabs on where your husband/wife is going late at nights, you can actually secretly track their location via your own iPhone.

You can do this using the Find My Friends app. This isn't exactly a spy app, more of an app meant to keep up with friends and family, however it can also be used as a spy app, if you're clever. All you have to do is get some moments of physical access to the other person's iPhone. You have to install the app to their iPhone and your own as well. Then you share their location with your own iPhone, and that's it! You won't even get caught because they won't receive any updates about your movements, not unless you share your own location as well.

Read on to find out how to secretly track someone else's iPhone.

How to secretly track someone else's iPhone using Find My Friends:

Step 1: Share location.

At the bottom of the interface of the app, you'll find the contact icon. Tap that. Then toggle on "Share my location."

track iPhone without app tracking iPhone without app

Step 2: Send Location to your iPhone.

Make sure your own iPhone is available to "everyone." Then use their iPhone account, tap 'add', then tap on their contact image, and then tap on "Share Indefinitely." Now you have total unrestricted access to their phone for as long as you like.

tracking iPhone with no app track iPhone without app

Step 3: Accept the Location.

On your iPhone you'll receive a message that they're sharing a Location with you, "Accept" it. When asked if you'd like to share your own location as well, select "Don't Share." This is important if you don't wanna' get caught.

track iPhone photos without app track iPhone messages without app

Step 4: Get your Spy on!

Finally, you just have to access your own Find My Friends app and you'll receive all their movements on your Map!

track iPhone email without app track iPhone location without app

Step 5: Hide the Icon.

This step is entirely optional, if you want to further ensure that you aren't detected. There is a slight possibility that the person might access their app and try and find out who they're sharing their locations with. If you remove the icon from the dock, the chances of that may be lowered.

track iPhone number without app

Although this is a pretty cool means of tracking someone without them knowing, it isn't a 100% fool-proof. You might get caught if the person you are tracking is very tech savvy, or if he/she is vigilant with apps. If you want to make sure you are not detected, you can read the next method.

So now you know the different ways to track iPhone without app. You also know what to do if you fail at tracking your iPhone, and you also know how to secretly track someone else's iPhone. If you have any other questions about tracking iPhones, do leave a comment down below and we'll get back to you with an answer. We're here to help any way we can.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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