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Friendship is one of the best relationship, but it’s always good to be precautionary while making new friends. To know about a person before befriending him, you cannot be too probing. Then suppose, you already have a friend you are concerned about, but he is mostly busy to answer your calls. Or maybe you want to reconfirm that your partner is not cheating on you. Or you might be merely curious about your friend’s whereabouts and the places he visits without you. In all these cases you can track your friends without their knowledge using some very conveniently available apps.

Let us look at the two effective means to track your friends without their knowing:

How to Track My Friend Phone via SpyMyFone (Android & iPhone)

SpyMyFone is one of the best apps to track my phone friend’s phone and know more about him, including the facts he is hiding from me.

  • With access to his phone calls, messages, social media sites I can be assured that my friend is loyal to me.
  • From the photo gallery, contacts list and the media files, I can know about the person I am hoping to befriend.
  • The location tracker will keep me posted on his location. I will be able to track my friend’s phone and ensure his safety.
  • From the location history, I will get to know all the places he has visited.

I can track my friend’s phone, without being a tech wizard and you can do the same. Follow the simple steps to track your friend’s phone:

1. Go to

2. Register with an account or log in if you already have an existing account.

2 Ways to Track My Friend Phone without Him Knowing

3. Purchase the minimum package of $29.99 per month. This subscription will give you limited permission so check the features before buying.

4. Get your login credentials and the app download link in the mail id provided while registering.

5. Get physical access to the target phone.

6. Install the app on the phone.

2 Ways to Track My Friend Phone without Him Knowing

7. The installation might take some time.

2 Ways to Track My Friend Phone without Him Knowing

8. Once the installation is complete, the app will get deleted from the phone, so you can track your friends without revealing.

2 Ways to Track My Friend Phone without Him Knowing<

9. Log into your dashboard and track your friend.

spy on someone's cell phone

Does SpyMyFone offer complete incognito?

As already mentioned earlier, SpyMyFone allows me to track my friend’s phone without his knowledge. It comes well equipped with all the requisite features to enable to maximise invisibility and stealth, which at times become the prime necessity. Once the app is installed, the icon is deleted. In spite of jailbreaking or rooting of the device, it is impossible to find out that the phone is being tracked. Even with technical wizards will find it challenging to realise the presence of SpyMyFone in his mobile.

How to track my friend's iPhone without Him Knowing?

Another method that I have found out to track my friends using iPhone is the ‘Find My Friends’ app from Apple. Some of the benefits of this app:

  • Being an official app of Apple, it is easy to download from the App Store.
  • Even if my friends log in and use this app on his phone, he will not know that I am following him. He will only see me as a follower. It functions in absolute stealth and discreet.
  • The complete access to the phone makes it convenient to track my friends.
  • You can use it for your kid or your spouse; set alters to know when he enters and departs from any area.

Steps to track my friend’s phone:

1. Download and install the app. If your friend is an iOS 9 user, this app will be there on the phone, and thus you need not install it separately.

2. Open the Find My Friends App and click on the contact picture at the bottom-right.

2 Ways to Track My Friend Phone without Him Knowing

3. Toggle the ‘Share my Location’ to on mode.

2 Ways to Track My Friend Phone without Him Knowing

4. Open the app on your phone and make yourself visible to everyone.

5. Take the iPhone of your friend and tap on the ‘add’ button.

6. Click on the self’s contact image.

2 Ways to Track My Friend Phone without Him Knowing

7. Go to the option ‘Share Indefinitely’. This option will give access for an indefinite period. However, if you want temporary access, you can click on of the other two options, depending on your requirement.

2 Ways to Track My Friend Phone without Him Knowing

8. You will now get an alert on your iPhone requesting for your permission. Accept and track your friend’s phone with ease.

2 Ways to Track My Friend Phone without Him Knowing

9. You will also get a prompt requesting whether you also want to share your location with your friend or not. Opt for ‘Don’t share’ to make sure that your friend doesn’t get access to your phone.

2 Ways to Track My Friend Phone without Him Knowing

10. If your friend uses iPhone before Apple 9, hide the icon of Find My Friend app. For iPhone 9, you need not do anything as it is an inbuilt app.

2 Ways to Track My Friend Phone without Him Knowing

11. Now, to track your friend, you need to click on the contact’s icon.

Know the real-time location of your friend using this simple technique.

Spying: The Need or not

Though at times you might feel the need of tracking your friend’s phone for the benefit of both of you, I believe it to be unsafe. To some extent I understand and agree that it is important to track my friends for their safety, but the stealth mode is something which I think can be avoided if there is clarity between two persons.

So, if you take my advice, talk to your friends and explain to them the need for such an app. If you are making a new friendship, explain to him that it’s not your distrust, but it’s your eagerness to know him more that’s making you install tracking app in his phone. If he understands, you will see that he is a genuine person. Moreover, if he’s an old friend, then I am sure he will respect your concerns and know that it’s not to spy on him, but it’s to give you peace of mind.

However, during certain times in a relationship, it becomes necessary to probe into the privacy and that too in incognito mode to re-install faith.

The SpyMyFone app is an excellent parental control app also. If you have a young kid, you must try using it. With the never-ending curiosity, adolescent kids are highly prone to dangers. Easy access to the internet and social networking sites have further increased this danger. SpyMyFone will enable you with comprehensive remote control access to your kid’s mobile. You will know not only his location but also his mobile and internet usage habit. Thus, you can educate him on proper internet etiquettes, control his screen time and buy yourself some peace of mind.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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