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Sometimes you may suspect your wife of cheating on you. This can be observed by a change of behavior, lack of intimacy or due to warnings received from friends. In today's highly technological world, it is easy for your wife to cheat on you. They can use social media applications to accomplish this and hide the conversations so that you never know about it. Thankfully, you can also use software to track her movements and digital behavior. There are special software tools that can hack into your wife's phone without her knowledge such as SpyMyFone. There are even others that can monitor your children's smart devices. An example is FamiSafe. Here is more about these softwares and track my wife’s phone for free.

how to track my wife's phone

Why should you use spying software?

Spying software can deliver clear evidence to show that your wife is cheating on you. You can use it to discreetly spy on her phone. The software can deliver information about her whereabouts, messages, call logs, social media posts, pictures, videos and any other digital activity which she may perform.

You should use spying software because it can provide you with all this information without alerting your wife. By delivering this data, the software can help you to catch her cheating and provide evidence for a separation or divorce. Spying software provides you with real evidence of infidelity. Therefore, it can be used to track my wife’s phone for free.

How can it help to catch a cheating partner?

The best cell phone spy software today is known as SpyMyFone. It is developed for both iOS and Android platforms. This digital hacking tool can help you to view various activities in your wife's phone. It can help you to see her call history and peruse through her call logs. It can also track messages and let you see their contents.

By using SpyMyFone, you can track your wife's movements through GPS monitoring. Moreover, you can view their activity in social media applications. A prime example of such is Whatsapp. The spying software can tell you how often this application is used, the content that is sent and who your wife is communicating with Furthermore, you can use this spying software to view the multimedia content in your wife's phone. Examples of these are videos, pictures, music and audio recordings.

  • If your wife operates an Android phone, SpyMyFone implements the following features

This spying software has a version for the Android platform. If your wife uses this type of phone, you can view all her social application interactions. The software can monitor social media apps and send you logs of all the activity conducted within them. It can also check the browser history and send you details of her web activity. By using SpyMyFone, you can see all the applications that your wife has installed. You can also read all the reminders and notes in her smartphone. These details are sent to you without your wife's knowledge. Therefore, this application and its capabilities are covert.

  • If she is using an iPhone, you can SpyMyFone implements the following features

One of the most popular types of smart devices is the iPhone. If your wife is using this brand, you can spy on her using SpyMyFone for iOS. This version can browse through her contacts and inform you which ones she calls most. It can also browse through her photos. By doing so, you can get to see the pictures of her other partners. The software also lets you browse through her calendar. This allows you to see the dates that she has planned with other people without your knowledge. All web activity can be monitored and calls logged for you as well

  • How to track your wife's phone using SpyMyFone

If you want to track your wife's phone using this software, there are some fundamental steps which you need to perform first. You need to register a Premium account. This gives you access to the SpyMyFone control panel and its features. As you register, ensure that you use an email address which is authentic. This enables you to receive regular alerts from the spying software. For maximum features, you can register an Ultimate account.

You also need to have direct access to her smartphone. This means that you can legally use it. Lastly, you need to have the control panel activated in your own phone. This is so as to directly receive the spying data alerts.

Procedure for an Android phone

  • Take your partner's Android phone and install this application in it so as to start setting it up for monitoring.
  • After you complete the installation process, a Setup Wizard will pop up. On the first page of this wizard, enter the official name of the target device's owner. Moreover, specify that the operating system is Android.
  • tracking your wife's phone

  • Step back from the setup process and navigate to the device Settings. Proceed to find the "Security" option and click on it. Head to "Unknown Sources" and activate it. A prompt will appear and you should click MK" in it.
  • cell phone tracking

  • Navigate back to the Setup Wizard and install a second section of the SpyMyFone application by clicking on a dedicated download link. After this process has been completed, navigate to the "Downloads" folder and find the downloaded APE file.
  • tracking phone for free

  • Proceed to activate this file and sign directly into your SpyMyFone account. Ensure that you accept the "User Agreement" that emerges.
  • iphone tracking

  • Tap on "Starr. Doing so will immediately activate a device administrator. Throughout this process, ensure that you accept all the permission prompts that pop up.
  • The spying application will be fully implemented in your wife's Android smartphone or tablet. Consequently, the icon of this tracker application will disappear. This enables the tool to work in a stealthy way such that she will never find out.
  • Take your own smartphone and proceed to the control panel. There, you will be able to see information about the Android device that is being tracked. This data will be synced to your dashboard in an automatic way. In addition to that, you can simply tap on a refresh icon in the panel. This will reveal the latest tracking details to you

Procedure for an iOS phone

  • Begin by activating a iCloud account in your wife's iPhone. As you do so, ensure that the login ID and password are genuine.
  • how to track a phone

  • Enter your SpyMyFone account. While here, you can begin to complete a setup procedure that will activate the ability to track your wife's iPhone. This is facilitated through a Setup Wizard that emerges after you have completed the registration process.
  • Provide some details about your wife by entering her name and age. Moreover, indicate that the operating system which she is using in her smartphone is i0S. Having done so, a brand new page will be activated. It will prompt you to indicate her specific iCloud account details. Go ahead to enter the iCloud ID and password. Once you complete this process, click on "Verify". As you do this, ensure that the syncing service and iCloud backup settings are activated in her phone.
  • how to track a phone

  • In your own smartphone, activate the control panel. After doing so, tracking data from her iOS smartphone will be delivered to you automatically. This will enable you to view and track her iPhone device. Every time that you log into your control panel, the latest data about her will be delivered to you.
  • how to track a phone

It is important to note that if your wife's smartphone does not have an active Internet connection or is switched off, it will not transmit any monitoring data. As such, you will be unable to track it.

Stealthy operation

This phone spying application is hidden in the smartphone's system. Therefore, the user cannot view it or even know that it is running. Being highly stealthy, SpyMyFone does not even emerge in the app list of your target phone. As such, your wife will never know that she is being tracked. This is a highly necessary feature of the software. It boosts effectiveness in catching your wife cheating.

Alternative cell phone spy tool to help you catch a cheating partner

  • FamiSafe

This a special software tool that you can use to monitor your wife's smartphone. The FamiSafe Control application is fully legal. It can be used to covertly discover details about her smartphone use Developed by Wondershare, it is available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. It has a collection of features that make it possible for you to perform surveillance on your wife's smartphone.


This application contains a collection of helpful features. It can monitor applications in her smartphone and also record all other digital activity. The application can also keep records of websites that are visited and identify your wife's location as well. You also have the option to control her smartphone remotely.

  • mSpy

This is a surveillance software that you can use to spy on another smartphone remotely. mSpy is also compatible with tablets. The software is able to track all digital activity performed in the device. In addition to that, there is a special hidden mode that makes the software operate stealthily. To utilize this software, you do not have to root or jailbreak the device. Moreover, you can enjoy customer support 24/7.


By using this software, you can perform remote surveillance of all the activities which are conducted in a smartphone. For example, you can see all the calls and messages. Even if they are deleted, mSpy can still display them. The software can perform location tracking of the smartphone through GPS. Furthermore, it can deliver the details of activities performed within social networking applications. Last but not least, this software can transmit all the web activity that has been performed on the target phone to you. You can use a limited, demo version of this software to track my wife’s phone for free. Moreover, you can also get the Premium version for $16.66 per month.

  • Mobile Spy

Another software tool that you can use to spy on your wife is Mobile Spy. This digital surveillance software enables you to monitor her usage of the smartphone or tablet. You can monitor her text messages, call logs, multimedia and even track her location through GPS. Mobile Spy is easy to install and can operate in a covert manner so as to avoid detection by the owner of the target smart device.


An awesome feature of this software is that it can monitor a smart device and display a live screen during operation. It is also tamper-proof. As such, it cannot be removed from the smart device without your permission. You can program notifications into the Mobile Spy for warning purposes. Moreover, all the tracking data is sent to your online account. Therefore, you can use any web browser so as to gain access to the data and view the logs. You can use this software tool to track my wife’s phone for free through a limited-time demo account. For full capabilities, you can pay $139.97 to use it for 12 months.

You may suspect that your wife is cheating on you but you do not have any proof. You can get some evidence by using the SpyMyFone spy software. It can remotely monitor your wife's smartphone and provide you with details about her movement, communications and much more. This surveillance software can also be used to monitor your children's smartphones. This is necessary for the purpose of protecting them from cyber-bullies, malware and predators on social media. You can sign up and get a SpyMyFone account to track my wife’s phone for free!

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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