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Have you ever wanted to peep into someone’s message? Have you ever felt like knowing the reason behind the smile or the wrinkle on the face that one has while looking at his mobile phone?

I am sure at some point or the other all of you must have thought of hacking a phone without touching it. It might be because of various reasons:

  • You might want to know what your kid is engaged into, which all social media sites he accesses and who all his friends are.
  • What your employees are discussing about your organisation and how effectively are they using their time during office hours.
  • Is your partner being loyal to you?

It can be for any reason, but the good news is you can now track text messages from another phone with some easy to access apps.

But, why did message replace calls?

  1. No introduction required and we can come straight to the point.
  2. We can save a lot of time and do multitasking while in a text conversation.
  3. A text message is more private as there is no fear of being overheard.
  4. Give time to organise thoughts and come up with a more comprehensive response.
  5. Can communicate with a group of people at the same time and start discussions conveniently.
  6. With the introduction of emoticons, texting has not only become more fun but also more appropriate. Many times when we do not find a proper response; emoticons are a significant relief.

How to track text messages via SpyMyFone

Since you have read this far, you must have a reason why you want to track text messages from another phone. Without much ado, I will introduce you to one of the best apps, SpyMyFone that can help you track text messages quickly. It will give you complete access to the content of the text messages and the information related to it.

  • View the incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Download the media files attached to a message.
  • Get an analysis of the most contacted person.

SpyMyFone is compatible with Android and iOS, so even if you are iPhone user, you will be able to track text messages from another phone.

Steps to track text messages:

  1. Sign up for a free SpyMyFone account.
  2. Spy Android

  3. After you sign up, you will need to add the required details in the setup page.
  4. Spy Android

  5. In the welcome mail, SpyMyFone will send you your log-in credentials and the app download link.
  6. Spy Android

  7. At this point, you will need to have the target’s phone with you for some time. Download the app on his phone and complete the installation process. You must give a name and select the OS (Android/iOS).
  8. After installation is complete, the app will not show in the target’s phone. It has an auto-delete feature enabled.
  9. Log into your dashboard.
  10. Start monitoring.

    start monitoring Android

  11. On the left side of the screen, you will get all the options that you want to track. Click on Messages.
  12. spy someone's messages

  • From the dashboard, you will know if the concerned person is involved into any real time texting. You will be able to view the live messages also.
  • You will have access to message history. So, in case you miss any conversation, you can always refer to your dashboard and get a detail of the past chats.

SpyMyFone is a multitasking app that will help you to have the complete control of your target phone remotely. In an absolute incognito mode, you will know what your child, employee or partner is hiding from you. With technological advancement, many such apps are now available in the market, but SpyMyFone stands out for its cutting-edge features made available at a reasonable price.

Let us take a peep at some other useful features that SpyMyFone has to offer you for a subscription of USD 29.99 per month:

  • Contacts: Access to contact list, details of call logs and a report of the top 5 most frequently contacted person.
  • Emails: Content of each incoming and outgoing email.
  • Screen Usage: The apps in the mobile, time spent on each app and distant screen lock option.
  • Location: The real-time location of the target phones and alerts for specific areas.
  • Internet: Access to the browser history and social networking activities.

spy on someone's cell phone

SpyMyFone comes with all the features of a parental control app, and as it works in invisible mode, you can use it for multiple purposes. To know more about the features, please visit:

Spying is good or bad

To track text messages and to control someone else’s phone without his knowledge might seem to be considered as unscrupulous by some. But, it is perfectly fine if you have a good motive and not intending to harm anyone.

It is true that if the app can be installed on the target’s phone with his consent, then that is the best scenario. But, is it always possible to convince the person to install such a monitoring app and will the purpose of the app be solved if its presence is revealed?

Suppose, if the employee gets to know that the phone handed over to him from his company, has a monitoring app installed in it, will he use the same for all his communications? He will never share his right impression of the company with his friends, and he will never fidget with the phone in office hours. He will use it only for the official purpose and thus dissolve the entire object. So, it is perfectly acceptable, if you as an employer want to track text messages of your employee without informing him, to know if he is leaking out any trade secrets or spreading any rumours.

When it comes to the kid, we all know that they are impulsive and vulnerable. So it is imperative to protect them, and it is entirely legal. However, installing a spy monitoring in their mobile will not suffice the entire purpose. You need to protect them from the internet, and it is accessible from multiple other places like schools, cafes, personal desktops and mac books. So, the best solution is to discuss with them and to convince them about the need for a parental monitoring app. Teenagers many a time repent over their own acts in adulthood. So, as parents, it’s your moral duty to ensure that your child has safe adolescence.

If your friend or spouse cheats on you, you have the complete authority to know the details. You would for obvious reasons want to identify with whom he is cheating on you and if there is any specific reason behind it. It’s your life, and you have no right to be in the dark. In a marriage, recordings and snippets from the spouse’s phone can be used as a proof to reach a mutual consent.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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