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Have you begun to feel distances with your partner since quite a time? Do you always witness your partner being glued to WhatsApp? Then, it is the right time to maintain a regular check on your partner in crime’s phone. Before you head to become a physical detective, we’ve come up with a much more reliable solution, i.e., hacking! Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a pro to hack your partner’s phone, all you need is a good tool that flawlessly works on the device you are targeting. We will enlighten users on how to hack someone’s Whatsapp easily.

5 Tools to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp

5 Tools to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp

In this section, we will acquaint you with a list of 5 most effective tools or softwares that can be considered for giving a try. Read below, to know how to hack into someone’s WhatsApp with these applications.

1. SpyMyFone Hacking Application

The most suitable application for hacking down someone’s WhatsApp is SpyMyFone- an all-rounder app, useful in monitoring the essential data of your partner’s crime. This monitoring software effectively works on both the Android/iOS operating systems. SpyMyFone allows users to view of WhatsApp and gain a clear view of other social media like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. With this tool, the users can also monitor call logs, messages, files, audios etc.

Hack Someone’s WhatsApp via SpyMyFone


  • Maintain Geofence and get regular updates when the person crosses a certain boundary.
  • Allows users to have an insight of the browsing history used in the target device and effortlessly hack into someone’s whatsapp.
  • View status of applications and its activity being used over your partner’s phone.

2. Spyzie WhatsApp Hacking Tool

Yet another application on our list is Spyzie- an Android/iOsfriendly monitoring tool that allows users to hack into someone’s WhatsApp easily. Thus, you can easily monitor the conversations of your better half with Spyzie. With this tool, you can even maintain the dashboard of several other data types such as calls, messages, audios, files.

Hack Someone’s WhatsApp via Spyzie


  • Spyzie can be easily installed in any model or device without worrying about jailbreaks in the iOS devices.
  • One can easily hack someone’s WhatsApp by capturing screenshots of the data they want and accordingly maintain the screen records of the monitoring device.


  • Comparing to the other range of softwares, this tool may be slightly higher on the price range.

3. Hacking Someone's WhatsApp with mSpy

Looking for a better way of hacking someone’s WhatsApp? Consider using mSpy, a simple to use tool that gives you a clear view of WhatsApp’s pictures and conversations, hear the calls sessions and see several other components of data files of your partner’s device. Not only that, you can even track the locations of your better half.

Hack Someone’s WhatsApp via mspy


  • Allows users to exercise control on the target device by blocking the apps you no longer want your partner in crime to use.
  • mSpy supports multi-language assistance to its customers.


  • Some users have complained about its nature of working which failed to work.
  • iOS users may not be able to install the application due to two-factor verification on the iPhones
  • If factory reset is performed on the target device, this software won’t be able to hack someone’s WhatsApp.   

4. FoneMonitor WhatsApp Monitoring App

One can make use of FoneMonitor to hack into someone’s WhatsApp. This Android/iOS friendly tool is useful in hacking the essential types of data files such as WhatsApp conversations, media files such as audios, videos and images etc. Not only that, with FoneMonitor, you can even get a detailed summary of documents, audio files, call logs, messages etc.

Hack Someone’s WhatsApp via fonemonitor


  • FoneMonitor allows users to record the key pattern/PIN/password etc using the keylogger feature which will be helpful in hacking into someone’s WhatsApp password.
  • Maintain Geofences of your partner’s locations and get up-to-date detailing of the locations being in use.


  • The price font is too high for the services being rendered.
  • Does not support web filtering, which means the user may not be look upon the series of browsing history surfacing on the phone.

5. Hack Your Partners WhatsApp using OneSpy

The last application in our list is OneSpy, monitoring software useful in tracking phone data like call logs, messages, popular social media app (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram) on your partner’s device. Thus, with this tool, you can easily hack your partner’sWhatsApp without much hassle.

Hack Someone’s WhatsApp via onespy


  • Supervise the locations in use and the past history easily.
  • Allows users to bypass a full-fledged WhatsApp call conversation.


  • Fails to maintain the dashboard of the activities surfacing on the target device.

Why Choose SpyMyFone?

After studying a variety of hacking applications, our vote is reserved for SpyMyFone-the perfect software that allows users to get a rich insight of almost all the data available on the device. With its Keylogger feature, you can easily bypass pins/password of your partner’s phone and maintain geofencing of your partner’s phone.One can simply place their faith on this reliable application for hacking down someone’s WhatsApp.

This article threw light upon the various tools that can be considered for hacking the WhatsApp of your partner effortlessly. While, all the applications are directed to fulfill the purpose of monitoring the target device but not all of these applications are able to do it effortlessly. We saw how some tools fails to render the service they claim while others are too high on the price range. But SpyMyFone cuts out the loopholes of other applications and stand in the pedestal of excellence. This application is worth its price, does the work rightly and gives its customers a satisfactory experience. The user can view the data components of the target device and gives you the minutest details you want on your fingertips. Install SpyMyFone now!

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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