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Manufactured by Apple Company, the iPhone is a beautiful, powerful smartphone. It allows us to communicate with family, friends and loved ones quite easily. It also captures photos and video footage with ease. In addition to that, it is also known to have some powerful processors. The iPhone can be tracked using specialized methods that do not require the use of an application. Here are 5 ways to track iphone without app.

5 Ways to Track iPhone without App

5 Ways to Track Your Lost iPhone without App

1. Track Your iPhone Using iCloud

  1. Use a browser to navigate directly to icloud. Upon arrival, log in using your Apple ID details.
  2. Having done so, you may arrive at a screen that indicates a two-step authentication screen. This security feature normally asks you to enter a code that was sent to your Apple device. Seeing as you do not have your device at hand, you can simply ignore that prompt. Scroll down the screen until you find a quick access link that is labeled “Find My iPhone”. Click on it. The link will activate a new screen containing the Find My iPhone map interface.
  3. 5 Ways to Track iPhone without App

  4. If you did not get to view a two-step authentication screen after logging in, the iCloud dashboard should emerge.
  5. In the dashboard, tap on the icon that is labeled “Find iPhone”. This will immediately activate the Find My iPhone map interface.
  6. 5 Ways to Track iPhone without App

  7. After the interface is up and running, proceed to identify the specific device which you are searching for.
  8. Tap on a menu option that is labeled “All Devices”. This will activate a drop-down menu. Here, pick out your missing iPhone. After you do so, the iCloud tracking service will immediately begin to search for your device.
  9. After the search process is successful, your lost device will emerge on a map. The coordinates of the device will be visible and you can proceed to retrieve it.
  10. Alternatively, you can perform some remote actions on your device. They include triggering an acoustic signal, erasing all the data within or activating the Lost Mode.
  11. 5 Ways to Track iPhone without App

It is important to note that Find My iPhone needs to have been activated in your iPhone prior to its loss for the above method to track iPhone without app can work.

2. Discover How Google Maps Can Help You Track Your Lost iPhone

  1. You can track your lost iPhone by using Google Maps.
  2. Begin by logging into the Google Maps service. After you have logged in, proceed to search for a location tracking interface. This is an interactive map which shows the location history of any device that has Google Maps installed in it.
  3. 5 Ways to Track iPhone without App

  4. After finding the interface, you will see the location history of your lost iPhone. By following the digital route, you will be able to identify where its current location is.
  5. You should note that Google Maps needs to have been installed in your iPhone before it got lost for this strategy to track iPhone without app.

3. If You Lose Your iPhone, Use Find My iPhone to Track it Without Installing an App

  1. Begin by gaining access to another iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device.
  2. After you do, activate the Find My iPhone application.
  3. Use your Apple ID credentials to log in.
  4. 5 Ways to Track iPhone without App

  5. Having done so, scroll through the tabs and tap on the designated button so as to search for your device. This will immediately search for your lost iPhone and present its location on an interactive map.
  6. After you have identified its position, you can proceed to activate a number of features. One of these is to turn on Lost Mode. In this facility, you can lock your iPhone remotely using a passcode. You can also display a specific message on its lock screen. Furthermore, you can set Find My iPhone to track your device's position over time.

4. Discover How to Covertly Track Someones iPhone Using “Find My Friends” in Your Own iPhone

You can secretly track someone's location using your iPhone by using an application that is known as “Find My Friends”. For this strategy to work, this application needs to have been installed on both devices. If you or your target is using an iPhone running iOS 8, then make sure to download this application into the device. On the other hand, if you are both using devices running iOS 9, then no extra downloads are necessary because Find My Friends is already a stock application installed in the device.

  1. Begin by picking up the target's iPhone and tap on their contact picture at the bottom of the page. This will activate a settings window. In the settings, activate the option labeled “Share My Location”. Scan the details that are located under this option and make sure that the location details are being shared “From This Device”. Confirming this option is important because the target individual could have other Apple devices in their account.
  2. 5 Ways to Track iPhone without App

  3. Go back to your own iPhone and open up the “Find My Friends” application.
  4. Navigate through the application to the Control Center. After arriving there, proceed to swipe upwards. This will immediately enable “AirDrop”.
  5. Having activated that setting, make your iPhone discoverable to “Everyone”. However, if your target individual has your contact saved in their iPhone, you can simply make yourself discoverable to “Contacts Only”.
  6. Head back to the target's iPhone and activate the “Find My Friends” application once again. Proceed to tap on “Add”
  7. 5 Ways to Track iPhone without App

  8. When your Contact Picture emerges, tap on it. Go ahead to specify, "Share Indefinitely".
  9. 5 Ways to Track iPhone without App

  10. This will share the location of your target's iPhone with you for an unlimited period of time.
  11. Go back to your own iPhone. There will be a prompt asking if you would like to keep track of the target's device. Hit "Accept." A few seconds later, a prompt will emerge asking if you would like to share your location in return. Specify "Don't Share". By doing so, the target cannot track your location.
  12. 5 Ways to Track iPhone without App

  13. With the settings all done, you can now track the target's iPhone without their knowledge. Simply open up the “Find My Friends” application and tap on their contact icon. This will reveal their location in real time.
  14. You can also set some options so that the application notifies you whenever the target enters or leaves specific locations. Examples of these are their home, office or school. To keep your activities secret, you can use the Dock to hide their “Find My Friends” application icon. This will help you to track iPhone without app covertly.

5. Discover How to Use SpyMyFone to Track Someone's iPhone

What is SpyMyFone?

This is one of the most effective softwares that you can use to track an iPhone. The aplication can monitor the location of an iPhone anywhere in the world. SpyMyFone is an account-based software. This is because it is built on Cloud infrastructure. Therefore, you can monitor a single device or multiple smartphones from one account. To track an iOS device, SpyMyFone only requires that you utilize the owner's iCloud ID. In addition to that, you do not have to jailbreak the target iPhone. As such, this software can be used to track the target device without the owner knowing.

After you activate the process of monitoring an iPhone using SpyMyFone, you can get to discover different types of information. Examples of these include SMS messages, call logs, application activity history as well as multimedia content. In addition to that, you can also view the browsing history of the target device. All this information is delivered to you covertly.

Reasons why SpyMyFone is good for tracking an iPhone

SpyMyFone can track an iPhone without the necessity of having to install an application. By using an online mechanism, it can discover the location of any iPhone through GPS technology. SpyMyFone can be used for free over a short period of time using a demonstration account. Should you want to use it over a longer period of time, a paid Premium account is necessary to track iphone without app.

5 Ways to Track iPhone without App

How to track iPhone location via SpyMyFone

  1. If you want to track an iPhone using SpyMyFone, the first step is to create a Premium account with this software. This will provide you access to the more powerful features. While doing so, make sure that you utilize an authentic email address. This is so as to receive the desired tracking alerts and any other information that is contained in the target iPhone.
  2. 5 Ways to Track iPhone without App

  3. After registering an account, a Setup Wizard will pop up. Once it does, you will be required to enter the name and the age of the target owner. Once these details have been entered, proceed to enter the specific operating system. In this case, it is iOS. After that, enter the iCloud ID and password of the iPhone's owner. As you submit these details, ensure that the iCloud backup system is on and the smartphone's synchronization services are active.
  4. 5 Ways to Track iPhone without App

  5. After you have completed the setup process, go ahead to log into your SpyMyFone account. After you do so, have a look in the control panel. It will contain the tracking and monitoring information from the SpyMyFone application. This data will be delivered after the setup process is over and the target iPhone's iCloud ID is fully verified. In every log in session that you have with your account, data from the target smartphone will be provided.

If the target iPhone is offline or powered off, the tracking information will not be delivered. It is possible to track iPhone without app. The methods above are effective for this purpose. As a matter of fact, SpyMyFone can track an iPhone with accurate results. Simply head over to and sign up for the service so as to track an iPhone today.

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