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What is hidden monitoring app?

Digital atrocities know no bounds. The inventions have been for good and bad. There are several security threats present in phone’s space. Some of them have been emerging and expanding rapidly on one’s device. Off-lately, there are hidden administrator apps or some spying applications intervening between the security patch and data present in one’s device. If you are in the dilemma of “Is my phone being monitored” or feel phone being tampered by some hidden monitoring apps, don’t worry. We’ll pull you out from this situation. We will take an extensive discussion on some important measures for finding the problem! So stay tuned.

What are the most popular hidden apps for Android?

1. FamiGuard


iMyFone’s Famiguard is a monitoring app that lets users creep into the activities of other’s phone remotely. Whether, you wish to fetch details of the phone’s social handles, media files or see the call logs, FamiGuard does it all.

Effective Methods to Find Hidden Monitoring App on Android

2. Spyzie


One of the renowned names of hidden monitoring applications is Spyzie. It regulates to derive out important details of one’s device. Accessing GPS locations, messages and several activities are quite possible using this application.

Effective Methods to Find Hidden Monitoring App on Android

3. mSpy


mSpy is also a popular names in hidden monitoring app. Users can surpass the details of any user via this application. It gives mirror-view of the applications, data files, social handles or several data types of the device being spied on.

Effective Methods to Find Hidden Monitoring App on Android

How to find hidden monitoring app

Doubting without any substantial proof is sheer wastage of energy. Being anxious about something won’t be of much help. Not until, you dug deep and see how you are being monitored. So to answer “Is my phone being monitored”, there are several points of focus that you must look out for. Here are these 5 effective ways. If sounds resonating, then you know what’s cooking fishy.

How to analyze if your phone is being monitored

1. Data Usage soaring enormously

Have you suddenly started noticing surging levels of data usage while using the cellular network? Despite little use of internet, you see the MBs of your internet are just shrinking. This is one sign of device being monitored by another phone.

2. Rapid Battery Sinking

After charging your phone, is the battery still draining? Even when no such critical applications are working? Then, your doubt whether “my phone is being monitored” is crystal clear as the spying/monitoring applications work in a stealth nature.

3. Unusual applications in phone

Out of sudden, witnessing the applications you didn’t even download or hook to can evoke the presence of hidden monitoring apps. Worse of all, it can be the disguise of none other than a spy application. For example in your non-jailbroken iPhone, the existence of Cydia app can be indicative of a different thing.

4. Intermittent Browser History

Tampered devices are prone to unauthorized access of your phone. Observe the browser history and check if the spy app has opened up some links to download any potentially dangerous elements in your device.

5. Noise during call sessions

Some clever apps are flared to record the calls made in the phone. To be assured of you not being trapped to is to listen carefully if there is any creaking or slight sound during your calls. If they are, there is good chance of your phone’s safety is endangered.

SpyMyFone – The Ultimate Way to Find Hidden Monitoring App

Having world-class features and SpyMyFone is the unrivaled software one could ask for. If you feel being a recipient of monitored phone, you can determine that app and flush it out from your phone via SpyMyFone. Moreover, it allows you to check upon the hidden items available in your device. In the future, use it as a monitoring app to fetch details about the activities circulating in one’s device.

How to find hidden monitoring app with SpyMyFone

A. For Android

Follow this method to understand how to monitor the hidden apps on your Android phone using SpyMyFone.

Step 1: Sign up SpyMyFone

Visit and click on ‘sign up’ or ‘try it now’ options to get SpyMyFone account. Key-in email carefully to get the download link.

Effective Methods to Find Hidden Monitoring App on Android

Step 2: Execute Installation and Setup process

Now, download the application in your device. Go to its interface, tap on Android icon for Android device. Purchase the desired subscription pack and then follow the said steps.

Effective Methods to Find Hidden Monitoring App on Android

1. Enter the information of your phone.

2. Adjust settings and enable ‘installing apps from unknown sources’ on the device.

Effective Methods to Find Hidden Monitoring App on Android

3. Sign in with SpyMyFone to activate the spy service.

Step 3: Select the preferred option for tracking

From PC, sign to your account via the web browser at Scrutinize the dashboard to ascertain all hidden apps are present in your device.

B. For iOS

Step 1: Load SpyMyFone

Go to SpyMyFone’s official site. Select the ‘Sign up’ or ‘try it now’ to get the SpyMyFone account. Provide genuine mail for receiving the download link for the application.

Effective Methods to Find Hidden Monitoring App on Android

Step 2: Setup the application

Click on Apple icon and subscribe the plan as needed. Key-in the details and enter your Apple credentials as required. Download and install the application on your device.

Effective Methods to Find Hidden Monitoring App on Android

Step 3: Select the desired way tracking

From PC, go to your dashboard and browse the panel at Then, check all the unknown applications running on your device.

Effective Methods to Find Hidden Monitoring App on Android


There are many ways of breaching the privacy of a user, monitoring apps plays those kinds of dirty tactics. To save you from these activities, we’ve touched upon the apps used for monitored for phone us and figure out the hidden monitoring apps. Without any speck of doubt, SpyMyFone is the ultimate way to see how you are being monitored by the applications working in stealth mode.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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