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Part 1: Introduction

How to Monitor Kids' Phone and App Usage

No wonder kids are getting more and more involved in the colorful world of mini digital media and sources through their mobile devices. Well, that up to a certain extent is ok. However, when there is a sign of over-usage, then you need to look around for a way to curb their direct access to phone usage and monitor it.

A few years back, no one could imagine an app that could monitor mobile devices. Thanks to technology, applications like SpyMyFone today bring fascinating solutions.

In this article today, we have listed the process to monitor phone usage through some best techniques.

So, proceed to learn in detail.

Part 2: What can kids benefit from the phone usage monitor?

How to Monitor Kids' Phone and App Usage

If you ask this question directly from kids, then there might be the chances that they negate the phone usage monitor process and its requirement.

But, honestly, there are many benefits if your kid goes through a phone usage monitoring process.

Wondering what they are?

Well, then scroll down to know more about the possible benefits and outcomes of phone usage monitoring if applied to a kid:

  • Phone usage monitoring will assist them to stay away from online prey or unethical access of some unknown applications that steal device information.
  • It is helpful to provide them a safe and secure browsing experience.
  • Such phone usage monitors introduce smart scheduling to manage the time of using their phone in a better way. Thus, it allows kids to better focus on their study in a timely and well-organized manner.
  • It also acts as an app usage monitor that can directly block those applications that are not intended for kids and might causes harm to their innocent mind.
  • Kids do not get diverted by potentially harmful contacts who always try to cause damage through different sources such as social media platform or instant messaging.

Thus, you can imply that kids must start thinking about applying some phone usage monitor to control their online and mobile involvement. So they better focus on their study and career advancement prospects.

Part 3: What can parents benefit from the phone usage monitor?

How to Monitor Kids' Phone and App Usage

It is of prime importance to know what benefits parents can get by going with phone usage monitor or app usage monitoring process. Why it is of so important, as parents are the first person who directly gets affected by kids activities on their devices. So, let’s learn more about the uses of phone usage monitoring:

  • Parents can keep a constant check over their kid’s mobile device, and if an app is behaving unusually, then they get an instant notification.
  • It becomes quite easy to check the browsing data of the mobile, to track kid’s online behavior and what traffic sources they are accessing.
  • If kids are using the phone more than often, then using effective scheduling will help to curb the issue.
  • What kind of media files stored in the kid’s device is now easily trackable with phone usage monitor technique.
  • The remote restriction is a powerful way to check phone usage and monitor activities from far wide.
  • Parents can block any inappropriate application as well as act as app usage monitor for their kid’s phone.
  • Complete application monitoring can be done by parents, with the lists of all the installed apps on the device, time of usage, and duration as well.
  • If kids are trying to hide something, then by using live screenshots you can verify the current activity of your kid.

So all in all, an app usage monitor acts as a reliable source for parents to keep their kids safe from threats that usually enter through the online world.

Part 4: A possible way to monitor app usage without a third-party app

If you want to track app usage without using a third-party application, then you can take the help of some inbuilt features in a mobile device. They can help you check:

  • How much an application is used on a particular device or
  • Battery consumption by every application.

With this facility, you can check the amount of time given by kids on an application.

Now, to understand it in detail, let’s explore more about the phone’s feature to monitor the app usage. So, follow the guide below on the phone usage monitor process:

For Android Device Users

Open the Settings menu> Select the Battery option to check the amount of battery used by any app> or go to Data Usage option for each application data usage details.

How to Monitor Kids' Phone and App Usage

For iPhone Device Users

Visit the Settings Menu> Go to Battery> Check for Screen On/Off timings, Battery Usage, and the Percentage of activity by each application. For a particular application, select the one to check usage time.

How to Monitor Kids' Phone and App Usage

Further, you can take advantage of the Screentime facility for iOS device users. Here you can not only set the time limit of a device but also check detailed usage data.

How to Monitor Kids' Phone and App Usage

Part 5: How to monitor kids' app usage with SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is one of the most trusted parental control solutions to carry out phone usage monitoring or going with app usage monitor. The usability of SpyMyFone is not limited to a single phase, but it extends to cover how to take care of kids effectively and their digital world in an optimized manner. So, the best result can be observed by the parents with SpyMyFone solution. Let’s gets enroll with more features of SpyMyFone that matter you a lot while dealing with your kids in the present generation of the digitalized world.

a. Features of SpyMyFone

  • Detailed mobile phone activity tracking
  • App alert can be applied and get an instant alert once accessed
  • Can check all app listing and block any of the application remotely
  • Scheduled restriction brings time-based phone access to the target device.
  • Live Screenshot taking capability to bring instant information about current device usage.
  • Browsing history data and information about Wi-Fi access.
  • One can ease of access to any of the notes, events, messages, or media files.
  • Keylogger facility for mobile devices is available.
  • Has fast GPS and geo-fencing technology acquired.

b. How to install SpyMyFone

The process to install the above app is quite simple. Please read the following mentioned guidelines for mobile devices:

For Android Device

Step 1: Signing up for SpyMyFone account

From the official page of select the sign up option to create your account. There fill your genuine email id to receive future correspondence correctly.

How to Monitor Kids' Phone and App Usage

Step 2: Activation on the target device

On the next screen, feed the target person details covering the name, age, and then choose Android icon at the bottom of the screen.

How to Monitor Kids' Phone and App Usage

Follow the on screen instruction to do necessary settings.

Note: On target device, you need to allow installation from unknown sources.

How to Monitor Kids' Phone and App Usage

Hold the target device, to download and install the SpyMyFone setup on it. Once done with that, you can opt with the hidden mode on the target device.

Now, login to the Account of SpyMyFone to activate the monitoring services.

Step 3: Start Monitoring

The process of monitoring will take hardly a few seconds by browsing the dashboard using the following path -

Or, you can download SpyMyFone application to access its features and facilities.

Note: If you are an iPhone user, then there is a slight change in the step guide. For that, you have to select the iOS device sign, then, verify the iCloud details of the target device.

Part 6: Conclusion

Childcare is a worrisome and exciting role for a parent. Thus, to handle all the issues that arises with kid's phone device usage, use a monitoring app as good as SpyMyFone. It will not only help you to monitor phone or app usage but also maintain schedule time table and a better routine for you and your kids.

All this, without hampering your relationship with your children.

Lastly, we hope now you understand the complete process of phone usage monitoring with SpyMyPhone. Trust me; this app will make your life much easier with its easy to follow guided steps as is mentioned in the article above.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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