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Why Parents Monitor Child’s Text Messages

Our children are very dear and their demands are much dearest to us. Off recently, you’ve fulfilled their wish of giving them the world of phone. If we dig in deeper into this digital space, it has some own share of dark spaces. As a responsible parent, it is vital for you to safeguard your kids from online cybercrime, cyber-bullies and indulgence to dirty habits. You may wonder “how can I monitor my child’s iPhone”. Well, we’ll enlighten you with the science of monitoring your child’s text messages for free. Here is how you can still stay stress-free and monitor at your own pace and convenience.

The advantages of monitor child’s text messages on phone

You might be wondering whether you’re invading your kid’s privacy. However, there are some additional benefits attached with it. If you’re yet in dilemma, look forward to the points mentioned right below.

  1. Tracking location and maintaining geo-fencing: Without a good monitoring app, there would be very less chances of you ascertaining their accurate, minute-to-minute location. By using a good application, monitor child’s location in iPhone. Also, safeguard them by setting geofences and fetch updates when they’re out of the set periphery laid by you.
  2. See activities surfacing in the phone: Keep a firm check on the activities circulating in your kid’s iPhone. As you never know whether somebody is trying to send him/her hard-hatred messages, monitoring child’s text messages, calendars, mails and several activities can keep you alerted and ready for action. Moreover, you can get alerter from any cyberbullying or other risky activity beforehand.
  3. Keep a Check on their Social handles: World of social networking sites can fascinate your kid. For them it can be all fun and happy means of passing time. But, it can make them vulnerable to uncertainties. That’s where you can keep a check on your kid and see they don’t get in any sort of troubles.

3 Monitoring Apps

In this section, we have collated some of the useful applications to monitor child’s iPhone or Android phones.

1. mSpy


One of the well acknowledged iPhone parental controlling apps is mSpy. This application is helpful in monitoring child’s text messages as well as gain full status of the activities. It can manage to work in iOS and Android operating systems. It allows you to manage the dashboard to check what all is surfacing in your child’s phone.

3 best ways to monitor child’s text messages for free

2. Highster


One of the good applications for monitoring child’s iPhone is Highster. Just like any other application, Highster gives parents the authority of exercising liberty to its users. From tracking the GPS locations to call tracking to message tracking, it can do it all.

3 best ways to monitor child’s text messages for free



The best parental controlling application crucial in giving a bird-eye’s view of the contents available in the target device’s phone is SpyMyFone. Unlike other apps, SpyMyFone has advanced level of features. You can derive accurate location, sneak into all activities of the phone and fetch a mirror view of all the applications, folders, and media files etc.

Main Features of SpyMyFone:

  • Provides instant notification whenever a message is exchanged and stores every sent and received message.
  • Various social network apps are compatible including WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat and more
  • Remotely captivate live screenshots of any device to keep any suspicious matter.
  • Use Keylogger for recording keystroke, SMS, text or any other messaging apps.
  • Maintain Geofence and receive alerts, if the boundaries are digressed.
  • See the browsing history and check which all websites have been visited for how many times.

How to monitor child's text messages with Spymyfone?

A. For Android

Here is how you can monitor your child’s text messages using the amazing service of Spymyfone on your kid’s Android device. Be it Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or any other. Make sure you perform the steps in the said order:

Step 1: Sign up for SpyMyFone Service

The primary step is to visit the official website of and tap on ‘sign up’ or ‘try it now’ for creating SpyMyFone. Make sure you key-in your genuine email address to get all the emails including passwords for confirmation for your account.

3 best ways to monitor child’s text messages for free

Step 2: Head to Installation and Setup process

Once you’ve successfully signed up for the SpyMyFone account, the next step is to select the ‘Android icon’ and key in necessary information of your kid. Sneak into your child’s phone now. Quickly download the application. Make a subscription as per you need. Then perform the said steps.

1. Duly adjust settings and enable the ‘installing apps from unknown sources’ on the target Android phone.

3 best ways to monitor child’s text messages for free

2. Download and install the app on it. You can decide if you want to hide the app icon from the target Android device.

3. Log into your SpyMyFone account and activate the spy service.

Step 3: Opt for the means of tracking

Now, login into your account panel and get into the dashboard. Alternatively, use the web browser and visit to use dashboard. You can even get the application to exercise control and manage the dashboard.

B. For IOS

Step 1: Sign up for SpyMyFone

The first step is to download SpyMyFone account in your phone. Just, tap on ‘Sign up’ or use ‘try it now’ for signing up for the SpyMyFone account. Use genuine email address for fetching emails and other important stuff.

3 best ways to monitor child’s text messages for free

Step 2: Install and Setup the process

Fill in the necessary details of your kid’s phone. Click on the Apple icon and subscribe a plan as per your need. Enter the Apple credentials so as to get started.

3 best ways to monitor child’s text messages for free

Step 3: Select the desired way tracking

Now, log onto dashboard, as per your convenience and browse the panel at Or you can install the SpyMyfone control panel app on your phone to remotely keep a check.

3 best ways to monitor child’s text messages for free


All in all, users have glanced upon several ways on “how can I monitoring child’s iPhone”. By now, we hope you know how crucial it is to track your child’s messages, call logs, activities. For an absolutely amazing experience, SpyMyFone is the ultimate deal you could ask for. Its commendable streak of features allows you to firmly track down locations, browsing history and several other parameters.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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