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The selection of free home network monitoring software is a bit sneaky with hundreds of software suppliers. The word network monitoring is widely used in the IT sector today. Network surveillance systems nowadays are essential because many businesses depend on their inner networks for their job to be efficient. The loss of a network, server downtime, system or application crash may severely jeopardize the survival of a company, with thousands of dollars of revenues and productivity, if not millions of bucks. You can, therefore, offer a stronger product and reduce expenses by solving problems by using network monitoring alternatives before any user notices an issue. To monitor the accessibility of web servers, a particular sort of network control system is intended. These schemes are used to rapidly identify issues for big companies using a range of web servers spread globally. It also includes network and application monitoring and website monitoring program. In this article, we are going to talk about the top network monitors of 2019.

What is Network Monitoring and Why Need Network Monitoring?

Network Monitoring is a critical IT method, in which all networking elements, such as routers, buttons, firewalls, computers, and VMs are tracked for failures and efficiency. It should be vigilant, one significant element of network surveillance. The proactive detection of quality problems and bottlenecks enables to identify problems at the start point. Efficient proactive surveillance can prevent downtimes or failures in the network. Normally it estimates CPU usage of servers, the use of connections and other elements of the procedure by network bandwidth.

Network monitoring is needed for various reasons. They are below:

  1. In case of error or irregularity, you can be immediately notified by means of real-time surveillance by means of procedures such as SMS, pager, email or network notification.
  2. Network monitoring alternatives enable you to explore with a deeper eye a permanent issue. For instance, if the hardware is constantly tearing, it may be a moment for that hardware to substitute it.
  3. It also does network and application monitoring altogether. You may not be prepared to say without network monitoring whether the problems are with the internet, the internet server or the apps on which the system operates.
  4. Many facilities offered to your users and clients by your business are really only web applications on a server. Network monitoring alternatives enable you to keep up with internet problems, to identify issues before your clients and to remedy problems promptly.

List of 5 Network Monitoring Software

The following is an updated catalogue of the most up-to-date tools and software to keep track and monitor your network at all moments every day in order to guarantee maximum up-times. Most of them have open downloads or tests to guarantee that they meet your needs for 15 to 30 days.

1. The SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

The SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is a highly advanced network monitoring system that enables the use of an SNMP and integrated dashboard in order to monitor your network components. You can use the Network Performance Monitor to monitor for indications of bad quality, regardless of whether you are operating a mobile or connected network.



  • Customizable device alarms with alarms throughout a network.
  • Displays functions such as graphs, pie charts, and maps.
  • Smart network technology charts
  • Visualization of NetPath Critical Path
  • Create network environment heat charts

Price: Monitoring of network performance is accessible at upwards of $2.895. A 30-day free test is also available

2. Zabbix

Open source technology often receives struck and misses as far as network surveillance is concerned, but Zabbix is a commodity that comes correct from implementation. The smooth layout of the program is obvious from the time you start the GUI. On most significant internet browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, you can download the Web desktop.



  • For monitoring the network, Zabbix utilizes a mixture of SNMP and IMPI.
  • Zabbix is used for bandwidth monitoring, system usage by CPU, network safety and modifications in setup.
  • Customization is an especially good region for Zabbix.
  • Notifications can be sent via email or SMS with user-configured features.

Price: Zabbix is totally free to download.

3. Observium

Observium is a network monitoring system designed for network efficiency surveillance organizations of all sizes. The Observium platform features a huge variety of businesses that have taken up this venture and only some users use the brand, brands like Yahoo, Twitch, and Spotify.



  • This automatically locates and directs the equipment throughout the network to your console.
  • These data can then be translated into a graph for more detailed evaluation.
  • The bulk of your surveillance is from your summary section.

Price: Two variations of Observium are accessible: Community and Professional. Community is free. However, you need to pay $266 (£ 200) a year if you use Professional.

4. Icinga

Icinga is another well-known software product for network monitoring. In order to collect data from each device active on a network, Icinga uses SNMP and direct monitor. The RESTful API allows the customer to change their settings and display data on current issues. The REST API offers the reader the authority to change their settings.



  • Unique plugins are available which work for Windows and Linux.
  • This program also has its own alerting system that informs the customer of a network case via exam or SMS.
  • The biggest point of sale is that Icinga is free of charge.

Price: It is totally free.

5. Logic Monitor

From the time you begin using it, Logic Monitor is an outstanding SaaS item. This SaaS instrument finds network equipment automatically and begins to collect data from the cabinet. The Logic Monitor crew has built into the whole system easy to use. The customer can support and automate network link surveillance and warnings with over 1000 Logic Module.

logic monitor


  • You can move and show your network information in color-coded charts.
  • By watching the Comparison View Logic, you can visualize several types of equipment in one chart.
  • The primary dashboard also shows the safety and efficiency of your entire infrastructure.
  • Logic's integrated forecasting, which demonstrates your potential use requirements, is especially exciting.

Price: The Logic Monitor, a Starter, Pro, and an Enterprise have several purchasing possibilities. The Starter edition involves dashboards, alerts, and 3-month information preservation, 3-month background warning processing, and 10 customer web-service controls. All these characteristics are provided in the Enterprise edition with 2 years of data retention, 300 utilities web service controls, 2 years of continuity alarm and 24 alternate supports. To display the rates for these licenses, you must submit a citation. The free 14-day test is also available.

Best Social Media Monitor Tool for Android and iPhone

SpyMyFone is a strong website monitoring program for spying cell phones of children, relatives, employees and other people with Android, iPhone or iPad devices. SpyMyFone is one of the most common internet phone surveillance or network and application monitoring tool, that's probably the greatest to date. This is a quick and easy to regulate app, even with lots of characteristics for customers. Its advanced monitoring features will help you monitor any target device easily. It’s a powerful browse history monitor, social app like Facebook and more app monitor, app usage monitor, cell phone number and SMS monitor etc. and more.


Here are the features of this mobile monitoring app:

  • SpyMyFone offers a smooth operation for monitoring phone calls and texts of the target device. It runs in the background of the target device and allows users to view calls, read text messages and check the whole contact list.
  • With SpyMyFone, you can monitor your children, friends and even staffs all social media operations, text messages and instant chat messages.
  • All the passed emails can be viewed externally and even accessed press documents connected.
  • SpyMyFone offers an alternative for the location tracking in real-time as well. You can know the precise location of your children, workers, wife/husband by following its location monitoring and geo-fencing feature.
  • You can also monitor all offline and online activities of the target device. SpyMyFone will allow you to read the emails, monitor browsing history, access multimedia files, monitor calendar activities, notes, voice memos, change of SIM card and more.
  • It will allow you to remotely control the target device with schedule monitoring, app monitoring, app blocking, live screenshots, keylogger, instant alerts etc. and more.


  • It’s Install and configure processes are easy.
  • Keep a record of SMS, call records, courier mail in social media.
  • Get access to the monitoring device's records and other documents.
  • Hide and directly monitor the icon and simple to manage the dashboard.
  • When you need to lock your child's mobile.
  • No need to root your device.

How to Use SpyMyFone for Network Monitoring:

For An Android Device:

Step 1: Visit the official website of SpyMyFone and sign up for a new user account. You need to use a valid email address for opening that account.

sign up for spymyfone account

Step 2: For monitoring an Android device, select the Android icon and subscribe for a plan. Then you need to provide the necessary information of the target device owner.

provide target device owners info

Now customize some settings according to your needs and make sure to enable “installing apps from 'unknown sources” on the target Android device.

customize settings

Next download and install the app on the target device. Also hide the app icon after completing installation. Then log into your SpyMyFone account on the target device to activate the monitoring process.

Step 3: Select Monitoring Method

After completing all the installation and activation process, log into the dashboard panel of SpyMyFone by using your account credentials. You can do that by visiting this webpage from any web browser of your computer. You can also choose to install the SpyMyFone control panel app on your own device and start monitoring.

For An iOS Device:

Step 1: Visit the official website of SpyMyFone and sign up for a new user account. You must use a valid email address.

sign up for spymyfone account

Step 2: If you want to monitor an iPhone or iPad device, select the device from iOS icon and subscribe for a plan.

provide target device owners info

Then provide the iCloud account email address and password of that target device owner. Verify the information, if it’s correct or not. Then make sure that the two-step authentication is not enabled.

Next you need to download and install the app on the target device. Also you need to hide the app icon after completing installation. Then you have to log into your SpyMyFone account on the target device to activate the monitoring process.

Step 3: After completing all the necessary steps and process, you need to log into the dashboard panel of SpyMyFone with the help of your account credentials. You can do that by visiting this webpage from any web browser of your computer. You can also choose to install the SpyMyFone control panel app on your own device and start monitoring from that.


It is hard to choose a certain victor and to choose the finest local free home network monitoring software. Moreover, the typical drawbacks of open-source alternatives like an absence of feedback and a bad connection will not be discovered in this report. Website monitoring programs are becoming increasingly common. To reach the final judgment, we can tell that SpyMyFone jumps out of the five network and application monitoring apps on this article. Mainly because the app is very simple to command, and based on Android or iOS systems you will not discover any characteristics lacking.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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