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What is kids chatting apps?

Gifting your kid a smartphone or iPhone is enough to make them happy and love you. But, the black world of Internet is not anybody’s dear. If you happen to see your kid texting all the time, it is important for you to check what your child is doing over phone by free phone monitoring app. There are tons of kids chatting applications that may look cute on the inside but connects kids to people that have bad ulterior motives or extort money.

5 dangerous kids chatting apps

1. Tinder

The very popular dating application, Tinder is of much harm than good. With the purpose of making people meet each other. Your kid might get in touch with people that can be predators, kidnappers and other potentially dangerous people.


  • The profile is just limited to photos and a bio that can be manipulated.
  • Suggesting people of nearby location by showing the radius of miles and kilometers.

Dangerous kids chatting apps that parents should know

2. Snapchat

Snapchat- a fun application with its amazing streak of filters is very much trendy in kids. Worse is, kids can send intimate images and set the timer of seconds. But hackers can suck out all the images sent via this platform.


  • Capturing Screenshots of snaps sent by your kid’s end.
  • Enabling location can easily communicate where your kid was active.

Dangerous kids chatting apps that parents should know

3. WhatsApp

The worldwide renowned messaging application- WhatsApp is made to communicate in very possible way. However, all the messages can be accessed by WhatsApp authorities if your kid has not enabled the end-to-end encryption feature.


  • Sending of live location.
  • Exchange of media files.

Dangerous kids chatting apps that parents should know

4. Chatous

Chatous randomly matches out strangers across the world and leverages to send disappearing messages that can’t be tracked.


  • No content moderation available.
  • Any content can be passed.

Dangerous kids chatting apps that parents should know

5. Kik

Kik is popularized for sending lewd, intimating images to people. There is not provision for profile verification. Undoubtedly, predators are quite available.


  • Difficulty in ascertaining sender and receiver.
  • The message gets deleted in 48 hours.

Dangerous kids chatting apps that parents should know

How monitoring apps help parents to protect kids?

The applications flared as fun applications can be a disguise of some serious threat that your kids shouldn’t be making use of. With the help of child phone monitoring applications, you are allowed to keep an eye on several activities surfacing in their phone. Here are is how a good monitoring app can help in protecting kids.

  1. Fetch Insights of Messages/Conversations/Chats: Parents can sneak into different kids chatting applications that are present in the kid’s phone. You can ascertain conversation your kid is having with other people.
  2. Check upon data types: Besides, seeing messages, monitor their call logs, messages, media files or the data stashed in their phone.
  3. Maintain Geofence and track location: Remotely track down the precise location of your kid’s phone and see where they are fiddling around. Also, maintain Geo-fences by setting boundaries or territories

The ultimate phone monitoring app—Spymyfone

One of the best cell phone monitoring application for parents is SpyMyFone. This impeccable application can be a great companion to parents. As it allows parents to keep firm check upon the phone. It provides a wide scope of activities to track upon. From seeing the browser history, the kids chatting applications (Kik, WhatsApp, Tinder) and check other important data types available in your kid’s phone. Moreover, you can maintain geo-fence too.

Main Features:

  • Parents can track the various messaging application easily in stealth mode.
  • Remotely monitor the browser’s history, applications etc.
  • Set keywords for your kid’s device and see if they are trying to access it over internet.
  • Parents can easily capture screenshots of the monitored device’s information from their own device
  • Keep a check on the social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other applications etc.


The below section will cover the methodology on how to use this child monitoring phone in Android phone.

Step 1: Create SpyMyFone Account

Sign up the SpyMyFone application and opt for a suitable package. Ensure to key-in the mail ID properly. As, you will be receiving the confirmation page and other future correspondences over your mail.

Dangerous kids chatting apps that parents should know

Step 2: Setup application on Kid’s phone

Carefully grab your kid’s phone and install SpyMyFone application in it. Just, proceed with setup process. Run the application, click on hiding the app icon then enter name, age and operating system (Android) etc.

Dangerous kids chatting apps that parents should know

Step 3: Monitor via control panel

Now, get back to your device or computer to remotely track the kids chatting applications. Either you can download the application or browse the dashboard from web browser.

Dangerous kids chatting apps that parents should know


In order to monitor your child’s iPhone, here is the comprehensive guide that will enlighten users to use SpyMyFone correctly.

Step 1: Sign up SpyMyFone account

Begin with, creating SpyMyFone account. It is important for you to enter a valid email address as you will be getting all the account related information, confirmations and other vital information.

Dangerous kids chatting apps that parents should know

Step 2 Setup Application

Get hold of your kid’s iPhone and download the SpyMyFone application. Make sure to select the iOS icon and provide vital information of your kid like “Name”, “Age” etc. Then, verify the iCloud username and password. Just ensure that the two-step authentication is not enabled in your kid’s phone as it can intervene the working of the application.

Dangerous kids chatting apps that parents should know

Step 3 Enable Child monitoring on iPhone

After you’re through with processing setup of the account, you can now get back to your own device. Launch SpyMyFone in your browser or application as per your convenience and track all the information, location and several other data types much effectively.

Dangerous kids chatting apps that parents should know

Final words

There are several dangerous kid chatting applications that parents should have the knowledge about. We’ve presented such applications and touched upon a free phone monitoring applications that serves to be the best child monitoring app for iPhone or Android phones.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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