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The mobile plays an important role in the gaming industry. As per the research study, more than 63% of kids ageing between two and seventeen makes use of mobile to play games. The common threats faced by the online games are as follows

  • Cyberbullying: while playing games the kid shares a chat page where a lot of conversation occurs during the game. Most of the online games make use of common server and the players communicate when they play as a team. While playing there is a possibility to use offensive words which may lead to cyber, bullying. The kids connected worldwide through this common platform of games with varied age groups. The communication between the players may end up with bullying and this affects kid’s mental health.
  • Hackers: The kids may enter their personal details while playing the online games. The hackers and the predators in the online platform may access those data without the knowledge of kids which may lead to unwanted issues.
  • Malware: Some online games are designed in such a way that when you download the gaming app an unknown malware may enter into your device ruining all the important data in it.
  • Hidden fee Games: The kids are not aware of the hidden fee online games, initially the games will be available free of cost and later on the amount will be deducted in your card.
  • Webcam and audio devices hack: When the kids make use of a webcam and audio accessories during the game, then there is a possibility for the hackers to access those devices and collapse them and in no time.

List Three dangerous online games for kids

  • Blue Whale game: It is one of the well-known online games available worldwide. It is a very dangerous game and the player will kill himself/ herself at the end. Many kids and teens lost their lives all over the world because of this game. In this game, the whale instructs the player around 50 tasks, and the player should complete it one after the other and send a picture or video file to the whale as a proof. Finally, the whale will threaten the player to commit suicide. This game is very dangerous.
  • Pass out challenge: This game is widely called as choking game. The Americans were the prime victims in this game. The kids are encouraged to choke themselves to achieve euphoric state. It is this state oxygen depression occurs in brain. This type of online games seems to be life threatening.
  • The salt and ice challenge: In this online game, the kids rub salted on their skin, and place ice cube on it for a while and enjoy the feel similar to drug addiction. After sometime, the skin turns pink like boils and starts to pain severely. This game forces the kids to feel this joy by hurting themselves.

How to block online games

Three normal ways to block online games

Method 1: Go to the play store and tap the three lines at the left corner and select 'Settings' then turn on the parental control option. Next, you have to set pin to implement this feature. Select the 'App' option to block the online games. You can add the names of the dangerous online games to block when your kids access it.

Dangers that parents do not know about online games

Method 2: In the play store tap the three lines at the left corner and click the 'Settings’ option. Choose the auto update app option and disable the app auto update feature.

Dangers that parents do not know about online games

Method 3: Select the 'Settings’ in your device and choose the 'Apps' option. Then, select the app from the expanded list and click 'notification ' feature followed by enabling the ' Block all' option.

Dangers that parents do not know about online games

Now you can block games online with simple steps without making use of any app.

Using a third party application – Spymyfone

From the above-mentioned methods, you have to block each and every app related to game whereas you can make use of this application to block many apps just by a single click. This parental control app helps the parent to protect the kids from dangerous online games in no time. Apart from block games online, you can customise various features to safeguard the kids from cyber threats. To block games online in a hastily manner then Spymyfone is the perfect choice.

Highlighted features of Spymyfone

  • View call logs on the target device any time
  • You can also read text messages remotely from your kid's gadget.
  • Surf through the contact list in your children mobile even without their knowledge.
  • Watch out the social media activities of your kids such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, WeChat, Skype etc.
  • Track and create geo fencing for your kids and protect your kids from entering into danger and prohibited zones.
  • You can set screen time and lock the gadget remotely. To be specific you can also set time for each app and block the app after the set time.
  • This parental control app has ease installation feature.

Dangers that parents do not know about online games


In this article, you have learnt how to block games online and stunning features of Spymyfone app. This app seems to be the current need for the parents to protect the kids from cyber threats. Parents should give awareness to your children regarding the internet monsters, and help them remotely to get rid of unnecessary issues. The best part of this app is the parents without the knowledge of kids do all the spying activity remotely. Make use of this app and safeguard your children from online game threats.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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