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Today's life sometimes has a mad pace. Our job, housework and other things sometimes distract us from the most important part of our being - our children. Many parents do not know what their kids really do in their spare time, what interests them, what kind of people they communicating with. Especially these concerns relate to girls. Being more impressionable, accommodating and vulnerable, they can be at risk of getting mixed up with a bad company or being under the negative influence of other people, especially adults. Your task as a parent is to control your daughter's secret life and do it carefully and unobtrusively so that you will not to meet resistance from her side. To do this, it can be enough to install a special monitoring application to track your daughter's phone without her knowing.

How to Track My Daughter's Android Phone without Her Knowing

If you are a conscious parent and you are not indifferent to what your daughter is doing when you can't see, you may find our tracking application SpyMyFone to be incredibly useful. It provides an extensive access to the data stored on her phone, while you can exercise your parent control without her knowledge.

What features SpyMyFone provides:

  1. You can track your daughter's location. Find out where she goes after school; if she really where she tells she is; what are her favorite places where she hangs out with her friends.
  2. Learn more about her circle of acquaintances. Find out who her real friends are; who calls her and sends text messages; if there any suspicious persons among her acquaintances.
  3. Find out what your daughter is interested in. SpyMyFone allows tracking her correspondence on all popular social networks. You can see what videos and photos she posts and what media content her followers share with her; what she talks about with her girlfriends; if she has any new strange interests.
  4. SpyMyFone can help you to prevent bad things from happening. Knowing with whom your daughter communicates, and what they talk about, you can understand whether she is encouraged to be engaged in sexual relationship; if she is bullied at school; if she has any conflicts with peers; if she is depressed, etc. This information can help you prevent a serious tragedy before it's too late. You can fence your daughter off from suspicious acquaintances and help her to establish good relationships with people who surround her.

Tracking does not have to be aimed at revealing something bad. Imagine that you have a good daughter and you did not find anything suspicious on her phone. However, in her correspondence you can find out what she likes and what she is interested in. Maybe she wants to go to a concert of her favorite band, or she wants to get those new shoes that she posted on her Facebook page. Knowing this information, you can give your daughter a wonderful gift that will help strengthen family bonds and make you a better parent.

How to Track Your Daughter's Phone with SpyMyFone?

Step One: Sign up for SpyMyFone at Check the email you entered during registration - you will be sent login details you need for the access to your account. You will also find a link allowing you to download the SpyMyFone app. If you want to use all the powerful functions that SpyMyFone provides you should consider opting for one of the paid subscription plans.

Step Two: At the second step, you need to install our monitoring app on your daughter's phone.

Install SpyMyFone App

Don't worry, the whole process takes mere seconds thanks to our fast and easy SpyMyFone Setup Wizard. You need to enter your kid's name to identify whom you are going to monitor, her age and specify the operating system (in our case it is Android). To proceed you will need to go to Settings on the target phone, find Security tab and allow apps installation from unknown sources by enabling Unknown sources option. Next, you will need to go back to the Setup Wizard and install SpyMyFone application using a link you will see in the Wizard's window.

Step Three: Upon installing the application you need to sign in for your SpyMyFone account and select the Activate the device administration function. Please don't forget to grant the access to all the data you want to be monitored to provide a normal operating of the application. Once it is done you need to click Start Monitoring button. After this, all the traces of the app would be deleted from the phone and your daughter will never know she has any monitoring software installed on her device.

Install SpyMyFone App

Step Four: Once this step is done you may return to your own devices and install SpyMyFone control panel app. alternatively, you can gain access via desktop version found here: When you establish a connection with the monitored phone for the first time it may take a few minutes to synchronize the data. Please note that if a target phone does not have the Internet connection or it ran out of power you won't be able to receive new information. In the dashboard panel you will find a menu with all the features your subscription plan supports. From call logs to all the major social apps, now you will get access to all the data on your daughter's phone.

Part 2: How to Track My Daughter's iPhone without Her Knowing

Just how you can install SpyMyFone for phones operating on Android, you can use our app for iPhones. The process of installation is quite similar, the only difference is that in the Setup Wizard you need to choose OS and enter iCloud ID for the target phone and password. After you finish installation you will get a set of features and access to data determined by your subscription plan.

If you want to check other applications to track your daughter's iPhone you may try Find My iPhone tracking app. It shows the location of your daughter's device in real time so that you will always be aware of where she is. It also has a function of viewing the history of geo-position letting you know what places your child visits. The app will be also useful in case if she lost her phone and you want to find where it is or restrict the access to a device so that strangers can't use it or steal sensitive information about the phone's user.

To set up Find my iPhone on your daughter's device you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Open "Home" screen on the target device.
  2. Go to Settings tab and find iCloud.
  3. Select "Find My iPhone" application from the list you see in the iCloud tab.
  4. Find my iphone 1

  5. Activate the app by tabbing the slider.
  6. Sign in to your account using your Apple ID.

The process of set up will be complete. By default, your device will automatically set up additional apps such as Apple Watch and AirPods.

Find my iphone 1

Of course, Find my iPhone doesn't provide you with the same functionality as SpyMyFone. This tracking app basically allows only monitoring location. It doesn't supply you with such useful functions as access to her calls, messages, multimedia files, social network data and many others. That's why if you want to have more control over your daughter's life SpyMyFone will be a great aid.

Find my iphone 1

If you track your daughter with special applications, this does not mean that you are a bad parent. On the contrary, in times of social instability and the harmful impact of the Internet, it is more important than ever to protect children from all the bad things that can happen to them. Using monitoring applications you can rest assured that your kid is ok and safe.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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