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FlexiSPY is an advanced phone application and system software that was built for the sole purpose of spying and tracking smartphone activities. FlexiSPY is no doubt one of the leading names in the phone spying business having being around since 2005 with a lot of Flexispy reviews and has made a profound reputation. It is one of the best Smartphone spying software with a number of interesting features to its credit unlike of the available Flexispy alternatives. The app has a computer version and is compatible with major smartphone Operating systems as well. Flexispy however, does not work on all versions of the Operating systems, mostly works with the latest ones. It is compatible with Android 4.0 and upwards, iOS up to version 9.1, Blackberry from version 5.0 upwards and Windows 7 upwards and Mac OS X 10.9 to Sierra 10.12.

FlexiSPY Reviews and the Best FlexiSPY Alternative 2018

FlexiSPY Features and Price

Flexispy is quite easy to install, although you need to have the app installed on both the target device and the monitoring device. After installation on the target device, you should make it go into stealth mode so it will be unseen then login to the monitoring device to track its activities.


  • Autohide on Target device: The app is completely hidden and works in the background of the target device completely unnoticeable after installation
  • Keylogger: This feature is quite snoopy cos it captures every keystroke typed on the phone being targeted that is, you have access to all typed passwords, usernames and pin codes.
  • GPS Tracker: GPS technology is used in the app to track a devices location and can be viewed in real time on Google map
  • Take Screenshots: The app can remotely take screenshots of the current activity on the device.
  • Keyword Alerts: You can set up notifications to be received when the user of the target phone sends or receives messages and emails.
  • Call recording: You can record calls being made on the phone and listen to them later
  • Live Call Interception: You can tap into a live call and listen to it completely unnoticed
  • Bug Surrounding: the app can also be used to activate the microphone of the target phone and listen to the surrounding of the phone and also perform an ambient recording of the surrounding sounds.
  • Take pictures: You can also take pictures remotely with the target phones camera working in the background.


Flexispy is one of the most expensive spying software in the open market although you may not have to pay additional tax and VAT since the company is not US based. It offers three different plans and no free trial at all but it does have 10-day money back guarantee policy. Below is a break-down of the available plans

  • Flexispy Premium and Computer plans goes for $68 for a month, $99 for 3 months and $149 per annum
  • Flexispy Extreme is $199 for 3 months or $349 per annum


Flexispy reviews: Pros and Cons

Over the years, there has been several written Flexispy reviews from several tech websites like,, just to mention a few including suggestion for Flexispy alternatives. We will be looking into some of the pros and cons of this program revised by experts.


  • Installation is quite straight forward with the well-designed installation wizard
  • Works even with a change of SIM on the target device
  • Several features including call recording, stealth camera and recorder, GPS tracking etc.
  • Tracks activities on almost all instant messaging apps
  • Purchasing is done over secured and fast channels and can be bought from any country
  • Good customer support


  • It is way too expensive
  • Requires physical access to the target phone
  • Requires jail-breaking for iPhone and Rooting on Android to function
  • Takes more time to setup from purchasing to installation on both devices
  • Stealth camera takes time to capture image
  • GPS does not alert when target visits restricted area

User Reviews of Flexispy

- Amy | May 20, 2014 at 12:05 pm
Had to spend a lot of time trying to install it to the phone, not very convenient, really. However, it works ok and seems to be undetectable – my cheating boyfrined has no clue so far.

- V lee | September 1, 2014 at 7:37 am
What a great product!

- martina | October 29, 2014 at 7:19 pm
Overrated. Half the features don’t work and connection to the smartphone is once a day at best.

The Best Flexispy Alternative 2018

Flexispy is a very expensive app which is one of its major cons that has been seen in Flexispy reviews by experts and users. However, there is another less expensive app that can give Flexispy a run for its money with equally amazing and even better features is SpyMyFone. SpyMyFone is the best Fleixispy alternative that can be used to monitor both Android and iOS devices without hassles. It can be used to spy on high end flagship devices like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Lenovo, Google Nexus, Sony and many more. Some of the qualities and features that make it the best Flexispy alternative:

The Best Flexispy Alternative 2018

  • No jail breaking or rooting is required to get the app running
  • It can spy on both Android and iOS devices
  • Can spy on calls and call log even call recording
  • Spy on browser history and bookmarks
  • View media files on target phone
  • Key logger to capture login details
  • Spying social media apps
  • Live screenshots and recording
  • GPS locations and tracking

How to use the Flexispy alternative SpyMyFone

For Android Phones

  1. To start with, you need to purchase a premium version of SpyMyFone. You should create an account and choose a right plan to purchase.
  2. How to use the Flexispy alternative

  3. After the registration, a setup wizard page is brought up which requires filling accordingly all the information including name of the owner of the target phone to be monitored and the OS it runs on.
  4. On the target device, go to settings and under the “security” tab, enable “Unknown sources” and click on “ok” to complete.
  5. Now download the app to be installed on the target device to be monitored from
  6. Once download is complete, install the app on the device and launch it.
  7. How to use the Flexispy alternative to spy android phone

  8. On the home screen of the app, the login page is brought up. Sign in and then click on “Start” to activate the device administrator service. Ensure that all permissions are granted for maximum effectiveness. As soon as the process is completed, the app icon would be deleted.
  9. After completing installation on target device, you can now login to the SpyMyFone program from your computer or phone to view the target phones activities.
  10. The dashboard displays the name of the device being monitored and for the first time of viewing the control panel, it takes quite some time to load, but it gets faster after the first time.
  11. The dashboard displays tabs of the activities that could be monitored.
  12. Flexispy Alternative 2018

For iPhone

  1. Create a SpyMyFone account and subscribe for a premium services.
  2. After registration and subscription, follow the setup wizard to setup information about the target device to be monitored.
  3. Fill the name of the device owner and select the device OS as iOS and click on next.
  4. On the next page, an iCloud login page would be seen, enter the login credentials of the target device’s iCloud account.
  5. Ensure that iCloud backup and syncing is activated on the target device.
  6. You can now access control panel to be able to view the activities on the target device by syncing after a few minutes of first login.
  7. After syncing, you can now successfully track and monitor the target device’s activities.

From this article, we have been able to establish that Flexispy is quite expensive and requires jail-breaking or rooting to function as written in several Flexispy Reviews. SpyMyFone is the best Flexispy alternative that is less expensive, straightforward and requires no rooting or jail-breaking to perform excellently. SpyMyFone is also has a very user friendly and easy to understand user interface. It sure is worth a try and an app worthy of your money.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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