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My Free Android Spy is a freely available device tracking tool that works on all the leading Android devices. Since the tool runs in an invisible mode, you can use Free Android spy without being detected. If you are planning to use this tool, then you have come to the right place. We have come up with My Free Android spy reviews, listing its pros and cons. Additionally, we will make you familiar with a My Free Android Spy alternative as well. Read on and get to know about every crucial detail regarding Free Android Spy.

My Free Android Spy Reviews

My Free Android Spy: Review

My Free Android Spy is a popular device tracking tool that is used to spy on kids, employees, or any other individual. It is pretty easy to use and a freely available solution. To start with the My Free Android Spy reviews, let’s have a look at its prominent features:

  • The tool has an excellent location tracker and provides a real-time location of the device.
  • You can also view the entire address book of the device.
  • It can also access the photos and videos stored on the Android phone.
  • You can also know the apps installed on the device, its security status, event calendar, browser history, and a few more features.


  • It is a freely available solution
  • You can access all the vital information remotely through its web-based dashboard
  • The tool is pretty easy to use
  • It runs in an invisible mode and won’t be easily detected by the user.


  • It can’t spy on popular social media and IM apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.
  • There is no keylogger.
  • The app can’t record calls or surrounding conversations.
  • You can’t take screenshots of the device remotely.
  • It only runs on Android phones – no solution for iPhone

My Free Android Spy Alternative: SpyMyFone

If you are looking for a complete spying tool that can meet every requirement of yours, then you should try SpyMyFone. It works on both, Android and iOS devices and comes with tons of features. For instance, all the cons related to My Free Android Spy can be fulfilled here. It can spy on all the popular IM and social media apps, can record calls and surroundings, has a keylogger feature, etc. Here are some of its other features.

My Free Android Spy Alternative: SpyMyFone

  • It tracks the real-time location of the device with geo-fencing features
  • Runs in a complete stealth mode and is 100% undetectable
  • You can take device screenshots, record calls, and even the surrounding conversations.
  • Can track messages, browser history, call logs, notes, apps, and so much more.
  • Compatible with every leading iOS and Android devices (including the devices manufactured by brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, LG, and more)
  • No need to root or jailbreak the device
  • You can track the device remotely through its Control Panel app and web-based interface

How to use the My Free Android Spy alternative?

As you know SpyMyFone is the best My Free Android spy alternative. Not only is it highly effective, it is quite easy to use as well. The targeted user won’t be notified of its presence and you can track the device remotely. After knowing the My Free Android Spy reviews and its pros and cons, you should certainly give SpyMyFone a try. To use this My Free Android Spy alternative, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Set up your SpyMyFone account

First of all, you need to buy the subscription of your choice. You can start using it for as less as $7.5 instead of Free Android Spy that comes with limited features. Sign-up to create your new account by providing a working email id and setting up a strong password.

How to use the My Free Android Spy alternative

To complete this setup, you have to let the application know whether you wish to track on an iOS or an Android device. Also, you have to specify the age of the owner of the target device.

Step 2: To spy on an iPhone

The best thing about this My Free Android spy alternative is that is can spy on an iOS device as well. If you have selected “iOS” previously, then you will be presented with the following screen. From here, you can log-in to the iCloud account that is associated with the target device. In this way, you can spy on the iOS device without even accessing it once.

My Free Android Spy alternative

Step 3: To spy on an Android device

Using this alternative to Free Android Spy for Android is a little different than iOS devices. You have to physically access the device once to install its tracking app. Make sure that you are able to download apps from unknown sources by visiting its Settings > Security.

Afterward, you can just download the tracking app on the device by visiting SpyMyFone’s website and log-in with your account details. Grant the app the needed permissions and start monitoring the device.

Alternative to My Free Android Spy

Step 4: Start tracking the device

Now, you can either download the mobile monitoring app on your device or go to your web-based dashboard on any browser. From here, you can monitor on different devices. Just select the device you wish to track from its left panel. On the homepage, it would display all the vital details related to the device.

My Free Android Spy alternative 2018

Furthermore, you can simply go to its left panel to access all the other features like Social App monitoring, Call Recordings, Surrounding Recording, Geo-fencing, and more.

After learning more about My Free Android Spy reviews and the My Free Android Spy alternative, you would easily be able to track any device without much trouble. SpyMyFone is certainly a perfect alternative to Free Android Spy that will make the process of device tracking pretty seamless for you. Don’t wait anymore and give this remarkable tool a try to meet your spying needs.

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