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Spyera Reviews

Spyera is kind of a hacking tool that can help you jack into someone else’s phone without them knowing about it. With this app you can not only hack into any smartphone and tablet, you can get any data from those targeted smartphone and tablet as well. According to the Spyera reviews from call records to live call listening; from IM message hacking to location tracking everything is possible with this hacking tool.

  • Call Listening and recording
    With Spyera app you can listen to live calls made or received on your targeted phone. It’s kind of a call interception and this app does it in an amazing way. If you are not available at the time of call, you can record it and listen to it at a later time.
  • Ambient Listening
    With this feature available with Spyera, you can not only know where your targeted phone is but also you can listen to the surroundings by making a secret call.
  • Multimedia Files
    You can hack into every single media files stored, received or sent from that targeted mobile phone.
  • Location tracker
    This spy app uses the GPS signal to pin point the location of the targeted phone and it can show you the live movements of the phone as well.
  • Keylogging
    Using this feature you can get to know the passwords used to login to different IM accounts and other social media accounts.
  • IM messages
    You can also get into any IM messenger and read the live chat. Also you will be able to access all the status, stickers, images, emoticons sent or received on a particular IM messenger.
  • Text Messages
    You can even read the text messages sent and received on your targeted smartphone or tablet.

Price: For smartphone price starts from 189$ for 3 months. For Tablet, the price goes upto 149$ for 3 months and for PC it becomes 59$ for 3 months. Or you can buy a combo pack for 1 year in just 489$.

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Spyera Reviews and the Best Spyera Alternative 2018

Spyera reviews - Pros and Cons


  • User friendly
  • Log reports are available for different activities
  • Covers several functionalities which are really useful


  • You will need to jail break to hack into any phone.
  • You will have to access the phone in order to install the app
  • The price range is really high
  • Becomes difficult to install the app on IOS devices

Spyera reviews

Website reviews of Spyera

According to the Spyera reviews posted on many app reviewing websites this app is really good at keeping track of communications made on your targeted phone but when it comes to filtering the content used on targeted phone, this app does not work really well.

User reviews of Spyera

According to lot of users the app is really helpful for the parents and they have successfully tracked their children and kept an eye on their activities with this app.

For some, this has been really remarkable app as they could see the IM chats and text messages and they were able to successfully spy on their spouse.

The only problem that has been notified by the users is that the support of this app is not really. The support team takes a lot of time to revert back and that might be a real problem.

The Best Spyera Alternative 2019

Well, as you can see, Spyera seems to be really expensive and you will have to jail break to install the app on your targeted phone. In this kind of a situation SpyMyFone can be really taken as Spyera alternative. With all the features of Spyera available in SpyMyFone, this can be a real good asset for those who need it. But apart from having all those features that Spyera has it has some more things to offer. One of them is the variety of file types that SpyMyFone offers. Next is absolutely the price and the third one is that you don’t have to jailbreak to install this app and in case of iphone you do not even have to install an app.

The Best Spyera Alternative 2018

Here are some of the features that SpyMyFone offers:

  • You can hack text messages and IM messages.
  • Files sent and received as an attachment can be hacked.
  • You can control apps that are used on your targeted phone.
  • You can get all the call logs and call recordings that you need.
  • Real time location tracking works like dream.
  • You can hack iOS devices without getting on it.

These are some of the amazing features that make SpyMyFone the best Spyera alternative. Also when it comes to hacking into IOS and Android smartphones, SpyMyFone works more efficiently and it can hack into any Android device as well. The brand of the Android phones won’t matter if you are using SpyMyFone to hack into it.

How to use the Spyera alternative - SpyMyFone

Being the best Spyera alternative this hacking tool make sure that the procedure of hacking is really simple and you will also agree with it if you follow this procedure once yourself. Before you get into the details of the procedure, remember that procedure of hacking into Android devices and iOS devices are different after a few steps so, you will need to pay attention to the details.

Step 1: Start with registering yourself on SpyMyFone. Once the registration process is completed you will get an email on your registered email id. The email will contain the download link and the user credential for tracking.

How to use the Spyera alternative

Step 2: this is a really important step. In this step you will have to notify the OS of your targeted phone and accordingly follow the process. There will be a form that you will have to fill up. Once done, go to the next step according to your requirement of OS.

Hacking Android phones

Get on to you targeted phone and in the settings allow the insulation of 3rd party apps. Once done, open the download link sent on your mobile and download it.

After completion of download, install the app. After installation is complete use the credentials sent to your email if to login.

How to use the Spyera alternative to spy android phone

Once you are done with the login, click on Start. The app will start working but before that you will have to allow the app to access the apps, media files, images and other service permissions. Once all these are done, the app will be started finally and the app icon will be deleted from the targeted phone.

Hacking iOS

In the 2nd step, if you select the OS as IOS you will need to follow these steps.

In the next step you will have a screen that will ask for a few information regarding the targeted iOS device. Here you will need to enter the iCloud login-id&password used on your targeted iphone. Once you click Verify, the app will start its work and you will be able to successfully get into your targeted IOS device.

How to use the Spyera alternative to spy iPhone

Step 3: Be it an iOS device or an Android device, once the set up procedure is done, you can come back to your monitoring app. This app is available for phone, PC or tablet and if you have internet, you will be able to get live update from your targeted phones as well. All the information will be stored in the dashboard of your account and you will be able to find other different hacked data from the left control panel.

Spyera Alternative 2018

So, as you can understand, using SpyMyFone is really easy and you can definitely use it to monitor your children spouse or office employees. The way it works on IOS and Android phones is just amazing and this hacking tool can truly be an all-round Spyera alternative hacking tool.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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