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While technology has a positive influence on the human race and its development, the same technology is pushing the social race towards its wrath. People have found innumerable opportunities to cheat in the relationships. Cheating is more apparent in our society than ever. It is painful, disgusting and above all an immoral act. But this race of cheaters has been and will live till the end of human existence. Fortunately, if the technology is offering means to cheat, it is also providing tools to catch it. Yes, there are many tools in the form of applications and know how to view deleted history in the target phone effectively

Do check them out in this article.

1. I am sure my husband is cheating on me. But there is nothing on his phone. Is it possible that he might have deleted the messages and calls?

Now, there are apps that can look into what and when your spouse is doing and these have to be installed remotely. But cheaters are smart enough to delete these proofs. For this, there are certain apps which know how to view deleted history. They help in viewing who they have chatted with, when and for how long. These apps are powerful to not only let you have all the deleted history but also check the call logs, photos and messages exchanged. These tools or spy apps as they are called include SpyMyFone, Spyzie, FleciSPY, etc,

SpyMyFone is by far the best app to help you catch the cheating spouse. With its fully functional features like controlling browsing history, checking call logs, monitoring social media apps, it is a big boon for those looking for some proof against the cheaters.

2. How to View Deleted History on an Android Phone of a Cheating Spouse (Using SpyMyFone)

If your spouse is cheating, the best method to catch him is by using a cell phone monitoring software. This app can be used to keep a tab on everything he/she does online. And the best part is this that you don’t have to touch the phone rather accomplish this remotely. So if your spouse is carrying an Android phone, here is what you need to do to use the app SpyMyFone.

By employing SpyMyFone you can have access to the deleted data as well. If your spouse is involved in a romantic conversation with someone and then deletes everything, you can recover it easily. He acted smart but the app is smarter and you smartest. The app, SpyMyFone is hidden in the target phone and does not get noticed. It works on gathering all the required data into your personal account or dashboard. It allows you to log in anytime from anywhere and view your spouse’s activities. It acts as an intelligence agent.

What should I look forward to in the spouse’s Android phone?

You should look into the following in your spouse’s phone:

  • Spy Snapchat,
  • Whatsapp messages
  • Facebook chats
  • Call logs
  • Phonebook
  • Photos
  • Email
  • Text messages with deleted ones
  • Web history

3. How to View Deleted History on Android Phone of a Cheating Spouse with spyzie?

You can use Spyzie to track an Android device of your spouse. It helps in recording information that has been deleted from the smartphone. This includes messages, photos, videos and call logs. Though there is a possibility that the deleted content was a spam message or call, you cannot dismiss it completely. It could turn out to be something of use for you.

Here is how to view deleted history (read messages) from the target phone (spouse’s phone)

  • Go to the webste
  • Create an account
  • Now enter detailed information of the Android device once you log into the account and finish the setup process
  • Once the setup is complete and you log into the Spyzie account, you will see the model number of the monitored phone including a complete list of data types towards the left side menu of the dashboard. Click “Clue” option. This will showcase the deleted content on the right side of the Control Panel.

What can you see?

The result can open a Pandora of details. This includes:

  • you can see both deleted and stored messages/call logs on the target phone.
  • you can see deleted photos and videos on the monitored phone

Whenever you wish to view the deleted items on the monitored phone, sign into the Spyzie account on on any device like Windows PCs or Mac, cell phones. Make sure they are connected to the internet.

Other Tips to Catch Cheating Spouse. (5 Tips, and add some images)

Apart from the apps above, there are other ways to catch a cheating spouse. These include the following:

A Fake Profile – you can create a fake profile. Follow it by logging in to the websites which promote cheating spouses. Beginners can create a fake Facebook account, add a few friends to make it look genuine and get going. You can then send an invite to your spouse. Check his behavior. Does he seem interested and to what extent?

Solved! Catch Cheating Spouse via Deleted History on Android Phone

A Spy Camera - While you may be out for work, your spouse may get busy in the house with someone else thus making good use of his time. Install a spy camera in your bedroom and get ready for some information recorded in the little device in your absence.

Solved! Catch Cheating Spouse via Deleted History on Android Phone

Keyloggers - Download keyloggers from the internet. Some are free and some not. The paid can be installed on the computer and your spouse may never know about the installation. The software can record the passwords, letters typed, pages visited and record video of the screen. This can be done on your phone and your partner’s phone too.

Solved! Catch Cheating Spouse via Deleted History on Android Phone

GPS - This is by far the most exciting one. You can catch the cheater red-handed. You can take a tiny GPS device which can then be installed on the underside of the partner’s car. This is the easiest way to keep a track on their movements.

These above given tips are a sure shot way of catching the cheating spouse. But unfortunately if he/she is innocent, this will hurt them badly and may even jeopardize your relationship forever.

Solved! Catch Cheating Spouse via Deleted History on Android Phone

SpyMyFone – The best app to catch the cheating husband!

SpyMyFone is a powerful app for catching the cheaters. It helps in recording call logs, monitor messages and social media apps, it works in a stealth mode and has been of great utility for those who have used it in the past.

Solved! Catch Cheating Spouse via Deleted History on Android Phone

Summing up

This article has described clearly how to view deleted history on an Android phone of your spouse. If you have got any queries for us, please feel free to ask. We will try to resolve them amicably.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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