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His behavior and actions make you believe he is not hours anymore, but you don’t have any proof of him cheating on you. This has already ruined your paradise; things are not the same as they were once. It is definitely hard both mentally and emotionally on the person who is being cheated upon. But you have to be strong and get your hands on the proof. These might be hiding in his smartphone, most certainly in the form of text messages. But you can’t read them; he doesn’t let you have his phone.

Spy on Cheating Spouse Text Messages – You deserve to Know the Truth

So, spy on cheating spouse text messages with these apps

Why Do You Want To Spy on Spouse Text Messages?

The same technology which keeps us connected has taken us far apart. A person sitting far off is closer to us and the one sitting just next to us is far off. Fubbing as it is rightly called is an act of snubbing someone in favor of the phone. More and more people are into it these days. If your spouse is showing signs of late, then your spouse may be cheating. Some of the signs include:

#1. He doesn’t leave his phone alone

Well, initially it didn’t matter where the phone was lying, but now it does. He keeps his phone in his hands/ pocket all the time.

#2. He is taking his phone to the washroom

He is not sparing the washroom as well and is spending more time than he used too.

#3. His phone is Password protected

Someone who is in an illicit relationship will keep his cell phone and email protected with passwords and pin numbers. Even you as a spouse are not allowed to have access to it. His secretive online activity is a sign of a serious affair.

#4. Has a Secret Social Media Accounts

He said he didn’t have one, but you learnt that he has one and uses it quite frequently. Also, if he is not making you his friend on a particular social media platform, he is keeping some secret. Also, check if you know all his friends or not. Did he tell you how does he know them? If the questions are unanswered or shoddy, you must spy on cheating spouse.

#5. His Behavior

This is the first sign of cheating. He has become distant and dislikes intimacy. The frequent mood swings are a sign of dual life. He is apparently living two lives – real and virtual (online). What happens in the virtual world may have its impact on the real life.

#6. Leaves a Digital Trail

If you are lucky enough, he might forget deleting the browsing history. This might open doors to a gamut of information like internet pornography or online cheating (if he is indulging in one). This can tell you a lot about his life besides you. His monthly phone call bills too are a telltale sign and must prompt an action like spying on spouse text massages.

If you have noticed any of the above, then it’s time to spy. Hiring a detective is easy, but you will have to shell out a lot of money. After all, good detectives are pricey. Another option is Installing cameras and speakers at home but there are two risks involved. One, you might be caught and he may get alert. Second, this will help you only if the interested person is brought home. What about his life outside the home? You will never know about it.

If you are stressing over this and want to get past this problem, here are a few digital tools to make your life simpler and spy on cheating spouse.

Is It Possible To Spy On Cheating Spouse Text Messages Without Knowing?

Your own research tells you that apps need to be installed on your spouse’s phone. It is true most of the apps need to be installed on the spouse’s phone, but not all are visible and get detected. So, yes it is possible to spy on a cheating spouse text messages without knowing.

Here is a list of apps you can use: TruthSpy, PhoneSpector, Highster Mobile, Auto Forward Spy, SpyMyFone, FoneMonitor, and many more.

Of all the above, SpyMyFone is the best and can be used to spy on cheating spouse without knowing. The app is laden with some amazing features and works remotely. It helps in spying on instant messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc. Though it is not free, it's the best choice. It can help in tracking the person he/she is talking to, the time and the date. This includes videos and photos, and multimedia. You can even learn about the deleted history.

How to Spy On Cheating Spouse Text Messages Without Them Knowing

Apps are the simplest means of spying on cheating husband text messages without knowing. But you must learn about them first and define your goals clearly. Define the Purpose

What do you want to know by spying on spouse text messages? You should be clear about it. The following are the things you should look forward to in the texts.

  • An important text or email on his phone
  • Time and date they were sent
  • Deleted text messages on his mobile

How to Use SpyMyfone to Spy Cheating Spouse Text Messages

An effective method to spy on cheating spouse is SpyMyFone. The app is available for both Android as well as iPhone. The app is capable of working remotely which means you can have all the information regarding the text messages without your spouse learning about it. It can show you the message history, call logs on Whatsapp, and also the multimedia being shared. Not just that, it can reveal how many times Whatsapp application has been used over a span of time.

How to Install SpyMyFone


  • Go to the website
  • Create an account
  • Provide a valid email and password
  • Once the account is created, log out. Then move to the next step to read the text messages on Whatsapp of your spouse.
  • In this step, install SpyMyFone on your spouse’s smartphone. Don’t forget to enter the operating system of the smartphone your spouse is using. The application is available on both the operating systems – Android and iOS.
  • If the phone is Android, just activate the feature labeled “Install from unknown sources” in the security menu before you start the installation. You are required to provide your username. The Whatsapp details of the target smartphone would be delivered on the account provided.

How to Spy on Cheating Spouse Text Messages on the Android phone

  • Get your hands on the Android phone. Install SpyMyFone.
  • Once the installation process is complete, a setup wizard will pop up. On the first page of the Wizard, enter the name of the device. Then proceed to indicate the smartphone is running on
  • There is a download link in the Wizard. Tap it. When you do so, the second section of the application will be delivered. Click.
  • After the process is complete, move to the “Downloads” folder. An APK file is provided here.
  • Start the file. Sign into SpyMyFone account. Accept the options under ‘User Agreement’.
  • Activate the option ‘Start’.
  • This will activate an administrator. Scroll through the steps involved. Accept all the permissions that appear.
  • This will activate the SpyMyFone application in the Android smartphone of your spouse. After installation, the icon will disappear. It will work remotely.
  • The Whatsapp information will be delivered into your SpyMyFone account. See it through the control panel. Click ‘Refresh’ button to see the latest data and thus spy on cheating spouse text messages.

How to Spy on Cheating Spouse Text Messages without Them Knowing on iPhone

  • Create an iCloud account on your spouse’s iPhone. The username and the password should be correct.
  • ‘Log in’ into your SpyMyFone account on your spouse’s phone. After the registration process is complete, a setup Wizard will pop up. It will help you in filling in a setup.
  • Write the name and age of your spouse. Specify the operating system – iOS.
  • In a new page, enter account details of your spouse. Then tap ‘Verify’.
  • Do ensure that the iCloud backup and Synchronization are activated.
  • Log in to your SpyMyFone account on your computer. Watch the control panel. You will get all the data delivered to you.

Things to Watch Out When You Catch a Cheating Spouse

When you spy on your cheating spouse text messages, you should look for the following in them.

  • The person he is texting to frequently. Do you know him/her
  • Did he introduce that person to you as somebody else? What did he tell you?
  • Does the thing told matches what you are reading in the texts?
  • The text language – romantic, flirtatious or something else
  • Is it just a texting affair or he is up to something else
  • Do they meet and how often? This too might be revealed

What can be hacked using SpyMyFone? Encourage people to have a try. Apart from the text messages, SpyMyFone can reveal a variety of information. This includes: photos, videos, multimedia, apps installed frequently and during a particular time. Apart from this, the app can show the voice recordings, the browsing history, suspicious calls (from the log history). And media shared in the MMS. Also learn the real time location of the person with geo fencing feature. These are enough reasons for you to start using SpyMyFone.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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