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Digitization has gained lots of importance in recent years. The use of mobile phones and the internet have turned all the fantasies into realities. Kids are the most vulnerable target to get trap into the endless freedom offered by the smartphones. Thus, parents are highly concerned about the activities of their children online. They are into a fix as they want to maintain the privacy of their children and on the other hand, they want to know what their child is doing online. Hence, spyware apps are used for tracking the activity of the phone such as location, call recording, call logs, messages, etc.

The reasons why monitoring the phone activity is necessary for parents are:

  • To protect kids from cyberbullying as it causes emotional distress as the children are afraid of sharing this with their parents.
  • To keep their kids away from online predators who are constantly in a look for children so that they can develop a friendship with kids and spoil them and their future.
  • To protect children from revealing and sharing any of the personal and sensitive information online to any other person.

Can you view deleted text messages on someone's cell phone?

Yes, it is possible to view the deleted text messages on someone’s cell phone. This can be done by using the spy software which helps to retrieve the text messages with ease. The important features for tracking the messages are:

  • You are able to read incoming and outgoing messages
  • You can even check the recipient's detail, time and date of each message included text details of messages.
  • This tracking can be done remotely without knowing the target person
  • You can even access the phone logs
  • Apart from messages, emails can also be read and tracked from the targeted device.
  • The deleted messages can also be detected by using the spy software.


SpyMyFone is the multitasking app through which you can possess comprehensive control of the target’s device that too remotely. The reasons and features why SpyMyFone is the best tool to spy on other’s mobile are:

  • Details of the call logs, contact list, can be tracked.
  • You can even track both incoming and outgoing emails.
  • All the installed apps and time spent on each app can be monitored
  • The target mobile can be monitored remotely without the target person knowledge.
  • Real-time location tracking and geo-fencing
  • Both text messages and WhatsApp messages can be tracked.
  • Tracking of all social networking activities.


  • Next generation phone surveillance software with complete features for monitoring
  • No jailbreaking is required for setup.
  • Phone log for suspicious phone calls and conversations can be monitored.
  • Multimedia files can be retrieved from the target phone.


  • The application needs to be installed on the device that has to be tracked.

Link: The URL for downloading the app is

Supported OS: The SpyMyFone app supports Android 9.6 Oreo and iOS 12

How to view deleted text messages using SpyMyFone on Android phones?

How to view deleted text messages is the first question arising in the parent's mind when they want to track their child’s activities. SpyMyFone is the ultimate application for monitoring the phone activities including the text messages.

The three simple steps to start using the SpyMyFone app for how to view deleted text messages are:

  • Download the app from the Google play store for Android device.
  • Create an account with the SpyMyfone.
  • Steps to View Someone's Deleted Text Messages?

  • Verify the target device by selecting the OS of the device. Add the details of the person whose phone needs to be tracked.
  • Steps to View Someone's Deleted Text Messages?

  • An Account will be created, and then you can enter the dashboard and select the App you want to track. Wait for few minutes for the app to collect and process all the information from the target device.
  • Steps to View Someone's Deleted Text Messages?

SpyMyFone – Best Tool

SpyMyFone is a highly recommended app for hacking messages and other activities of the target phone as it is easy to use and compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can track the messages on almost all smartphone models such as Samsung, Apple, Sony, Huawei, etc. The app is gearedtoward people who are not tech savvy. You need not be familiar and expert in programming and hacking to track the target device. It has made parents job easy which helps in monitoring the cell phone activities, social media apps, call logs, messages, and much more. It is the right tool for spying of cell phone, monitoring, as well as tracking.

The reasons why SpyMyFone is considered as the best tool for monitoring the activities of the other Android phone are listed below:

  • One of the best next-generation phone surveillance software.
  • The app has almost all the features required for complete monitoring of the Android phone
  • It offers important features such as Real-time location tracking, geo-fencing, web filtering, and blocking of suspicious apps.
  • Once you install SpyMyFone, you will not miss any important information about the target device.
  • There is no requirement of Jailbreaking the device for setup.
  • The searched keywords and web browsing history can be checked and monitored.
  • Phone logs including the suspicious calls can be monitored.
  • Multimedia files can also be retrieved and monitored.
  • You can also track the most used apps, usage time, and installation on the target device.
  • All the messages of the social networking apps and text messages can be monitored.
  • You can even capture the screenshots for future reference and security.


The increased use of smartphones has enabled youngsters including kids to spend the almost entire day on their mobile phones. Nowadays, children below 18 years of age also open their accounts on Facebook or other social networking sites by putting in fake birth dates and other information. There are cases where children are being bullied online, and they are then afraid of sharing their bad experiences with their parents. Hence, it has been now essential for parents to track the online activities of their kids to safeguard them from attackers, as it is the responsibility of the parents to provide a secure environment to their child. Thus, choosing SpyMyFone application will ensure your kid's activities online through complete monitoring.

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