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Is it possible to hack Snapchat account on Android without root? Yes, you can hack a Snapchat Account on Android without root. To root an Android phone means to gain free control to the Android operating software. When you root your Android phone, you will be able to install new applications that could be limited by the developer or change the operating system of your Android phone.

In some cases, you will notice that to install hacking apps to your phone. You need to root your device. Rooting is quite a process, and you might incur some failures as you root your device. Therefore, it is better to look for Snapchat hacker for Android apps that do not require rooting.

For example, to hack Snapchat, some applications recommend that you root your device. But what if you do not want to root your device but want to hack a Snapchat account? Well, that is quite simple. In this article, we will show you how to hack a Snapchat account on Android without root using snapchat hacker for Android.

To hack snapchat account on android requires you to have a powerful Snapchat hacking tool. Unlike in the past, you will can now find a couple of Snapchat hacker for Android applications that are readily available in the market that does not need Android rooting

5 Ways to Hack snapchat account on Android Without Root

1. TheTruthSpy

How to hack a Snapchat account on Android without root

If you want to hack snapchat account on Android, you need to consider using TheTruthSpy application for Android. This application can spy on a target Snapchat messages photos, and audios exchanged by your target, Snapchat contacts of your target as well get real-time stamps of the chats. According to TheTruthSpy website, this Snapchat Hack for Android is supporting the latest version of Android-8.0.

Other Features of TheTruthSpy

  • It has built with a call recorder
  • It is a social monitoring app that tracks conversations on social media sites.
  • It has a GPS tracker feature that allows you to locate the location of a target.
  • It can spy messages on messaging app


  • It can monitor all Snapchat activities with timestamps.
  • It supports the latest Android version
  • With the GPS feature, you will be able to track your lost phone


  • It cannot take screenshots remotely compared to other Snapchat hacking apps.

2. SpyMyFone

How to hack a Snapchat account on Android without root

SpyMyFone is another powerful Snapchat hacker for Android without root. This web-based application is compatible with Android as well as iOS platforms. With this application on you will be to hack Snapchat of your target, say your kid and you will be able to see text messages exchanged. Besides, you will be able to take a screenshot of the chats. All these kinds of information are visible on the SpyMyFone dashboard. Also, this Snapchat hacker for Android can spy other social media apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Tinder, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Features of SpyMyFone for Android

  • This application can track locations and set geo fences for your target.
  • With this software, you can set alerts for specific keywords and locations.
  • SpyMyFone for Android tracks call logs, phone contacts by name and number.
  • It can also monitor apps on the phone to check if there is a bad app.
  • It can also spy on multimedia files on one’s phone.


  • It supports many social media apps.
  • You do not have to root your phone to use it.
  • The monitoring of activities is in real time.


  • It is not free

3. Fonemonitor

How to hack a Snapchat account on Android without root

Fonemonitor as the name suggests monitors your phone activities as well as tablet activities. With Fonemonitor, you can hack Snapchat account activities, such as messages, photos and audios that are sent and received by your target. Other than, the application supports spying of messages and contacts from other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to mention a few.

Other Features of FoneMonitor

  • With FoneMonitor you can track phone contacts and call logs of your target.
  • It tracks messages with time stamps on the messaging app.
  • It allows you to set cues and keywords for your target and send live alerts
  • It has a voice recorder


  • Its dashboard has a great user interface
  • It supports multiple social sites


  • To get full features, you need to pay much more

4. Mspy

Mspy is a robust monitoring app that allows its users to track messaging activities on social sites like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and others. You can also track calls and location of your target. Besides, a kicker feature of this app is that it allows you to restrict calls from specific contacts from calling your destination.

How to hack a Snapchat account on Android without root

Key Features of Mspy

  • It has a web dashboard that lets you view all the information that you are tracking.
  • It allows spying email content and its timestamps as well the dates.
  • It can monitor all online activities of the target


  • Its user interface is multilingual
  • It has a unique call restricting functionality
  • It allows you to generate reports to your panel.


  • To be able to monitor messages you have to root the device.

5. is Spyzie

How to hack a Snapchat account on Android without root

Our list will not be complete without mentioning SpyZie monitoring app. Like the apps mentioned above, Spyzie supports both Android and iOS platform with a web-based dashboard to monitor all tracking activities. It is designed to allow you spy of social sites like Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram and Tinder to mention a few. Also, this application can block apps so that your kid may not use them on their phones.

Key Features of Spyzie

  • It can detect where you target using the GPS tracker, geofencing and Wi-Fi logger
  • It can check to browse the history of your target
  • It knows when a target changes sim card


  • With this app, you can see the location of your target.
  • You will be able to know all apps that the user is using.
  • You can keep track of incoming and outgoing calls.


  • Its ultimate version is costly

How to install SpyMyFone

We have seen that SpyMyFone is one of the best snapchat hackers for Android that has brilliant features besides just hacking that you would wish to install on your Android phone. Therefore, in this section, we have made work easier for you by showing you how to Install the SpyMyFone application to your Android phone.

Just follow these baby steps and later hack Snapchat account of your target like a pro.

Step 1. First Go to SpyMyFone official website on your browser and then either click on "Sign in" or "Try Now" buttons.

How to hack a Snapchat account on Android without root

Step 2. Next, you will have to provide credentials that is your email address and a password to create an account with SpyMyFone.

How to hack a Snapchat account on Android without root

Step 3. After filling out the desired information, choose the type of your device. For this case, click on “Android” and move to the next step.

How to hack a Snapchat account on Android without root

Step 4. Here, you will have to choose a plan for using SpyMyFone. You can purchase it immediately or make payments via PayPal

How to hack a Snapchat account on Android without root

Step 5. From there, you can now ensure that you have enabled the installation of apps from unknown sources on your Android phone settings.

Step 6. After that, go ahead and download the SpyMyFone for Android and install it on your Android phone. You can opt to hide its icon on your phone.

How to hack a Snapchat account on Android without root

Step 7. Lastly, you can head to its web-based dashboard on your browser or download SpyMyFone control panel to your Android phone to begin hacking the Snapchat account.

How to hack a Snapchat account on Android without root

It is that simple. Once you have installed this application on Android phone, you can easily hack and monitor Snapchat activities of your target without them knowing.


To conclude, we see that it is possible to hack Snapchat account without having to root your device using a Snapchat hacker for Android. The five highlighted methods are useful, and you can use any of them. However, one that stands out is SpyMyFone because it gives you real-time monitoring of Snapchat activities as well as get instant alerts.

You can now get started since you have known the right tool to use.


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