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Viber is a social, mobile messaging app that allows you to connect with other Viber users globally. This is a free to use the app since you do not pay for the services but you need an internet data plan. Viber is used to send texts, make video calls, share videos and picture. It is commonly used among youngsters, and for this reason, parents may want to keep track of who their kids are associating with. This article enlightens you on hacking tools that you can use to look into Viber account of a target individual.

Part 1: How to Hack Viber with Online Tool

Hacking Viber with an online tool is an effective method of monitoring data. One such tool is the Viber Online Hack Tool. It is an easy to use monitoring tool that takes approximately between five to ten minutes to install. This tool allows you to hack the Viber password of a target account. You can then access shared videos, calls and chat logs or photos. With a few clicks, the setup process is a walkover as follows:

  1. Visit the Amazon basement site and on the wizard page displayed, key in the phone number used to register the Viber account that you intend to hack.
  2. Select the data you want to hack. It could be chat logs, photos, videos or password.
  3. Next, click "Hack Viber Account" and wait patiently as the hack tool runs.
  4. Your hacking process will be complete in a few seconds. You can monitor the data you had in mind. Bottom of Form

Besides, there is other monitoring software that you can use such as Underspy Viber hacking tool. Underspy is a user-friendly and practical monitoring app. With Underspy, you can get access to Viber calls, messages, videos, and group chats of your kids, employee or any target person.

Part 2: How to Hack Viber Online with SpyMyFone

If you intend to hack into a Viber account, you will need a monitoring app that is reliable, convenient and easy to work with. SpyMyFone is the most accurate and cost-effective app that is used to monitor online activities on a target iPhone or Android phone. With incredible ratings in Play Store, SpyMyFone has many advantages such as it is affordable due to its various pricing plan, it is easy to use as it does not necessitate rooting in the target phone. Furthermore, it allows monitoring of the time and duration of call logs, received and sent messages, and audio files and videos shared online. You can also track the location of the phone using GPS. All these can be done without the knowledge of the targeted individual.

You need to undertake a simple setup process to use the SpyMyFone monitoring app. After a successful installation, this app allows you to extract data from the target phone, and you can view from your Control Panel. The process is the same for iPhone and Android phones but with a slight difference.

control panel

Step 1: Create a SpyMyFone account

Visit SpyMyFone to create an account which is absolutely free. However, for you to use the apps services, you will have to purchase a subscription of your choice. Go to pricing plans where you can check out the modes of pricing plan available. You can procure the payment before or after registration.

Note that, it is recommended that you use an authentic email while creating the account to get access to app download links and login credentials. Moreover, there are other advanced features available which you can get access to through purchasing a premium subscription.

Step 2: Install and activate SpyMyFone on target phone.

Right away after registration, you need to install the monitoring app on the target phone via a simple setup process.

Begin by typing the name and age on the first Setup Wizard page to recognize the proprietor of the target Android or iPhone device. If the target phone is android, select "Android." Next, tap on "Settings" on the monitored phone. Subsequently, look for "Lock Screen" tab and tap on "Enable Unknown Sources" which permits installation of apps from unknown sources and not only Play Store.

If the target phone is an iPhone, select "iOS." Then on the target phone, confirm the iCloud ID and password. To learn more about the setup of iCloud visit Note that on iPhone, there is no need to install the app on the target phone.

After that, download SpyMyFone monitoring app on the target phone. Use the link on the official webpage, click "Download" and be patient as the download completes. Next, go to the "Notifications" or "Downloads" folder where you will recover the APK file.

Finally, log in to the SpyMyFone account. Accept terms and agreements and click "Start." Then, allow the permission requests so that the app can be activated. Lastly, the SpyMyFone icon will automatically obliterate as soon as the service is set in motion. The app is now ready to use in stealth.

Step 3: Start tracking by logging into Control Panel and view monitored data.

Use your phone or PC to start watching. You can access the Control Panel dashboard online by visiting SpyMyFone dashboard. Alternatively, locate it by using the Control Panel app.

It might take several minutes for data to be synced from the target phone. You can always refresh data and sync it by clicking on "Refresh" icon. Moreover, there are other supported features found on the function menu that is at the top left of the screen. However, if the target phone is off or the internet is disabled, you cannot view the monitored data.

To wind up, whether your reasons for hacking a Viber account are legit or not, knowing about hacking an account is vital. The above tools are incredible and trouble-free to use. Furthermore, a tool like SpyMyFone can be used to hack other social media accounts such as Whatsapp. It also allows you to check other installed apps on the target phone, reminders and notes saved in the phone. You can even hack Viber accounts using Guestspy and Topspy.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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