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Times have changed a lot! Nowadays your kids are even smarter than you were at their age. This has led to the use of internet and mobile phones at an age which may not be the best time for them to use those apps and the vastness of the internet, especially because they haven’t got the idea of what is bad and what is not. If this is the case with your kids too, as a parent you might want to know about the Skype spy apps that might help you know what your kids are up to and whether they should be limited with the use of the Smartphone and internet.

Top 5 Internet History Tracking Apps

The top 5 Skype Spy Apps for Android

1. SpyMyFone (Skype Spy Apps for Android)

If you are looking for a skype spy app that can offer you reliable, effective result, then SpyMyFone might be the best choice for you. Along with the Skype account tracking, you can track the location of the targeted Smartphone and also monitor other social media apps as well.

Skype Spy Apps for Android - SpyMyFone


  • With SpyMyFone you can totally monitor any Android mobile that means from text messages to call logs, from mobile location to app activities; everything will be under your monitoring all the time.
  • To install the app, you won’t have to root your device


  • It's not free available

2. Highster Mobile

This is one of the best apps that can monitor Skype accounts on Android phones. The working mechanism is really simple and you get all the SMS and the call logs to your dashboard directly. The most important part is that you can use this app to track your children’s Skype accounts very easily.

Skype Spy Apps for Android - Highster Mobile


  • Reliable and comes with user friendly interface
  • Your children won’t get to know that they are being tracked


  • It does not allow you to block apps which your children must not use. You will need to do that manually on their devices.

3. iSpyoo

With iSpyoo, you can now track Android smartphones in a smarter and easier way. You will need to create an account with them which will allow you to monitor your children’s mobile activities all day long without any hassle and from wherever you want. You will be able to read all the Skype messages sent and received and you will be able to record the Skype calls as well.

Skype Spy Apps for Android - iSpyoo


  • Effective and user-friendly
  • You can use it for many purposes rather than just as a skype spy app


  • It might not work with all the versions of the Android. So, check the compatibility once before you buy and start using it.

4. Mobistealth

The name of the app says it all. You can hack into mobiles but in a stealth mode, that means your children will never know that their Skype accounts are being tracked. You will get detailed messages, call logs and the media shared by the targeted Skype account.

Skype Spy Apps for Android - Mobistealth


  • Other than just monitoring the Skype messages and calls, you can track the call logs and SMS sent or received on that particular mobile as well.
  • No chance of getting caught and easy to set up as well.


  • It does not allow you to track location of the Smartphone that you are tracking.

5. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is one of those basic tracking programs that can be more useful in tracking Skype app and other app data. The interface is really easy to navigate and your children will never know that they are being tracked

Skype Spy Apps for Android - TruthSpy


  • Along with Skype messages, you can track other IM app data as well.
  • Even though the functionalities are basic but still this is an effective program


  • The only issue noticed by the users has been their customer support, other than that, the app works really fine

Top 5 Spy Skype Apps for iPhone

1. SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is not only reliable in tracking Skype data on Android devices, but it can help you track iPhone devices as well.

Skype Spy Apps for iPhone - SpyMyFone


  • SpyMyFone can monitor all the app data on your iPhone along with the Skype data
  • Tracking iOS devices is really a lot easier than the android devices


  • You won’t be able to monitor the location of iOS devices with SpyMyFone.

2. Mobile Spy

When it comes to the iPhone spying, Mobile Spy stands apart from the rest of its competitors. It can truly track any app on the iPhone including Skype messages and calls.

Skype Spy Apps for iPhone - Mobile Spy


  • Easy for anyone to use and reliable too
  • Apart from tracking Skype calls, you can track the call logs and text messages as well.
  • With this app you can remotely control any device as well.


  • With this app you might not able to track emails on the Android devices but on the iPhone devices it works fine

3. Spyera

Spyera is another skype spy app that works nicely on the iPhone and other iOS devices. It does not matter which version of iOS is running on the targeted device, this program will surely allow you to track the phone and its Skype data.

Skype Spy Apps for iPhone - Spyera


  • Efficient in tracking call logs and text messages
  • You can get detailed information about the targeted device.


  • The program does not have any free version and the price range is bit too high compared to the other programs

4. Flexispy

Flexispy is one of those programs which are mostly used to track Skype. Apart from tracking Skype ids on iOS devices, you can also track the email logs and other IM apps efficiently.

Skype Spy Apps for iPhone - Flexispy


  • Comes with good customer support facility
  • Complete logging of data that you want to track


  • Other than the price being a bit on the higher side there hasn’t been any problems noted as of yet.

5. SpyBubble

Spybubble is one of those apps which works on the basic of the protocols to help you monitor, Skype calls, call logs and messages but still is favorite to a lot of users because of the simplicity of the use and the effectiveness as well.

Skype Spy Apps for iPhone - SpyBubble


  • It’s a total monitoring app for all the devices
  • Really effective even though pretty basic
  • You can control the targeted Android device with simple text commands


  • Compared to the other apps, it does not have any interesting feature
  • Price range is a bit high compared to the features offered

So, if you are looking for skype spy apps that can provide you a total spying experience, then you need to go for SpyMyFone. This app can be useful for both the Android and iOS devices and that is why should start using this app to track not only Skype data but also call logs, messages and many more.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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