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Launched by a Russian entrepreneur, Telegram represents a messaging application that started to enjoy increased popularity among both adults and children in various countries. People mainly use the software for communication, news and entertainment. Furthermore, because of its compatibility with Android, BlackBerry 10, mac OS and Linux, among others, users have the possibility to send and receive photos, stickers, videos and audio files. Telegram has an interface similar to WhatsApp providing basic and required features including secret chat and encryption. Consequently, those who prefer privacy eliminated other messengers and chose Telegram as their only app for communication because it keeps user data safe and away from curious eyes, which explains the popularity. Surprisingly, not even the government has access to these details, fact that confirms the high level of security provided by the software. Nevertheless, this feature stirred controversy among parents and supreme leaders. In countries like Iran, the government controls the flow of information so Telegram gives citizens more freedom than allowed causing an undesirable impact socially, culturally and politically. Furthermore, parents cannot help but worry about the consequences of this freedom on their children so they started taking into consideration monitoring their Telegram accounts in order to protect them from negative exterior factors by also using technology, more specifically Telegram spying apps.

Top 5 Telegram spying apps for parents

  • SpyMyFone is a reliable monitoring solution compatible with Android and iOS devices. The application demands any user who intends to use the service making an account within the SpyMyFone app or on the website first. SpyMyFone provides access to call history on monitored phones by displaying call logs chronologically including call duration, contact name and phone number. Moreover, it shows the type of calls meaning that a parent knows if his child answered, rejected or missed a specific call. With a quick glance, he can discover the most contacted people in the phone list, sent and received messages, analyze message history and download media attachments. SpyMyFone provides affordable pricing plans.
  • Top 5 Telegram Spying Apps for Parents

  • iKeyMonitor represents a tracking software for parental control designed for Android and Iphone. It enables users to monitor photos, videos, SMS, calls, voice messages, screenshots, GPS and more. iKeyMonitor records the keystrokes typed enabling parents to keep track of any app used by their children including email, Facebook, Skype and Twitter, among others. Moreover, they can even view screen activities as slideshow. The user can arm the software with passwords and access codes to prevent unauthorized access and can choose to pay monthly or annually for the service.
  • Top 5 Telegram Spying Apps for Parents

  • TheOneSpy represents a cell phone monitoring software that helps parents track information on their children's smartphones, being compatible with Android, Iphone and BlackBerry. Apart from having an intuitive interface, TheOneSpy provides many remote functions, such as locking the monitored device, sending text commands and taking screenshots of the child's activity on the cell phone. Furthermore, it allows the user to track the GPS and browser history as well as the current location of the device while blocking any outside access due to restriction settings.
  • Top 5 Telegram Spying Apps for Parents

  • Teensafeis a mobile tracking application specifically developed for parents who wish to ensure their children's safety and protection. It provides basic features like viewing sent, received and deleted messages, getting access to calls information, address book and GPS history as well as watching the child's Instagram. Unfortunately, parents do not have the possibility to block undesired applications or websites and this might represent a drawback. After a 7-days free trial, users have to pay approximately 15 dollars per month.
  • Top 5 Telegram Spying Apps for Parents

  • AndroidMonitor represents one of Telegram hacking apps designed only for Android phones and tablets that offers a great variety of monitoring features and maximum invisibility for the user. Parents have full access to all the phone calls including details about the people contacted, such as name and phone number, sent and received Telegram messages along with the content and the exact date of each message, incoming and outgoing emails as well as information concerning both the sender and receiver. Furthermore, they can track the child's location, view his photos, watch recorded or received videos and listen to audio files. Shortly, they are able to monitor the respective device from a distance. AndroidMonitor provides a free trial plan for every need and financial status.
  • Top 5 Telegram Spying Apps for Parents

In conclusion, advanced technology gives parents the chance to monitor their children activity with the goal to protect them from negative influences until they reach a certain age and the maturity to make a clear distinction between the good and the bad. Therefore, modern applications like SpyMyFone and AndroidMonitor represent their most faithful allies. Every person deserves the right to privacy but as a parent, when you know that someone or something may harm your child, you need to take immediate action and even though you are not an IT junkie, learn the basics in terms of espionage.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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