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You wish to know who your husband or kid or friend is talking to, then let technology come and rescue you. Call recording is a technological boon. It can help in a myriad of ways if only it happens in a stealth mode. There are a lot of spy call recording software for Android and iPhone available to help you in the endevor. In this article, you will read about some of the best available for the two platforms.

What is a spy call recorder app?

It is an app that records all the incoming and outgoing calls on a device. These apps run in the background and the targeted user remains oblivious of its presence. These apps record all the calls made on the device, by the device without him knowing it. You can later visit the dashboard of the tool used and listen to everything recorded.

These spy call recorders work silently while providing you with the required information.

#1. SpyMyFone

A powerful and useful app for spy call recording for both Android and iPhone is a boon for the parents. It helps in monitoring cell phone activities, social media apps and more. A perfect spying tool, it is second to none. You need not jailbreak to accomplish the task.


  • Provides web filtering, app blocking and geo-fencing
  • Checks browsing history and search keywords
  • Monitors phone log for any conversation or suspicious phone calls
  • Provides multi-media files from the target devices
  • Looks out for apps installed frequently, their installation time and usage
  • Create a geo fence to make sure kids are always safe
  • Wi-fi logger to monitor interest usage
  • Track calls and messages. View photos, videos and history and monitor photo gallery
  • Take screenshots.


  • Ultimate edition: $39.99
  • Premium edition: $29.99

#2. Spyzie

A highly popular app in this list is Spyzie. This app has spy call recording software for both Android and iPhone. It is laden with capabilities like record messages of the target, monitor call log, checks web browsing history, monitor IM chats and many more. You won’t have to root the device or jailbreak it. A few intricate features include capturing screenshots and video preview. These features are not available on other apps.


  • Available for both iOS and Android
  • Tracks location of the device accurately
  • Records the conversations and also take screenshots of the device in a stealth mode.
  • Records all incoming and outgoing calls with an in-depth call log
  • Track social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Line, Snapchat and more
  • Some advanced features too are available like Keylogger, geo-fencing, etc.

Price: $7.5 a month

#3. FlexiSpy

If you use FlexiSpy, you will easily get past the call logs of the target device. Some of the best features of this spy call recorder for Android phone and iPhone. It works remotely. The app is compatible with Whatsapp, WeChat and many more. It can be installed on any device such as Blackberry, Symbian, iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. It is really helpful for the parents and the employers.

10 Best Spy call recorder for Android and iPhone – Records Only the Truth


  • Easy to use interface
  • Records live calls and listen to them including the VOIP calls from Skype, LINE and more on phones.
  • Control the microphone of the target device and listen to the environment.
  • Monitors the most visited websites and the passwords


  • Premium Subscription plan: $69
  • Extreme Subscription: $199

#4. TheTruthSpy

An app that helps you in not only catching a cheating spouse, protect your children, monitor the employees but also trace it after being stolen. Make a spy call from your device. With powerful spy call recorder software, it will be auto-answered from the target phone.

10 Best Spy call recorder for Android and iPhone – Records Only the Truth


  • It records phone conversations in a hidden sound file. Picks the numbers to be recorded automatically. The app sends the recorded calls to your web account. These can be listened to later on.
  • It allows listening to the surroundings of the target phone. Make a hidden call to the device and listen to the surroundings. This feature (ambient listening) is available only on TheTruthSpy.
  • Apart from the above, it can spy on the Whatsapp messages (Android & iPhone/iPad). Read everything including profiles, status, stickers, emoticons, locations and stickers.
  • View all incoming and outgoing call and record them in a high-quality MP3 file.


  • Standard Plan: $16.99
  • Premium Plan: $19.99
  • Gold Plan: $22.99

#5. Copy9

Copy9 is a spy call recorder for iPhone and phone. It works in a stealth mode, just what you want when spying. With this app, you can read SMS, Whatsapp messages, calendar and also control contacts. GPS tracking and online activities too can be monitored.

10 Best Spy call recorder for Android and iPhone – Records Only the Truth


  • View all the call logs and see who called up, at what time and date and also the missed calls.
  • Listen to and also record all the incoming and outgoing phone calls to learn what he is up to with their conversations.
  • View all photos, videos and notes saved.
  • Controls functions on the target phone.


  • Standard Plan: $21.6 a month
  • Premium Plan: $25.9 a month
  • Gold Plan: $30.2 a month

#6. Hoverwatch

It is a spy call recorder app to protect kids and also manage the business. The app helps in tracking all the SMS and MMS messages whether received or sent by the user. You can monitor every single action performed by the target device.

10 Best Spy call recorder for Android and iPhone – Records Only the Truth


  • It is coded with a special set of the algorithm which helps in recording voice call remotely without them learning about it.
  • The process is simpler and faster than most of the apps.
  • Captures screenshots.
  • It shows the apps used most frequently for messaging or surfing the internet or chat and controls social networks.

Price: $8.33 per month.[1][id]=29372¤cy=usd

#7. mSpy

It is basically an app for the parents with a myriad of options. A spy call recorder feature of the app records all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls. A few other notable features include web monitoring, real-time location and web tracking.

10 Best Spy call recorder for Android and iPhone – Records Only the Truth


  • Shows up all the calls – incoming as well as outgoing
  • Works in a stealth mode , records every key pressed on the target device
  • Access web browsing history, supports leading web browsers of the likes of Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • No jailbreak required
  • It has no voice call recording feature


  • Basic version: $39.99
  • Business version: $499.95

#8. HelloSpy

It is one of the best spy call recorder apps. The software tool is supported by features that help in knowing what the target person is doing at a particular time.

10 Best Spy call recorder for Android and iPhone – Records Only the Truth


  • You can notice all the incoming and outgoing call log information. You will be provided the call history, the phone numbers, date, time and all the calls made or received on the phone. Click on a number and learn about all the calls and call history from/to a particular person. It provides the phone number, date, duration and the time.
  • It records voice calls too
  • It is compatible with both the platforms - iOS and Android devices

Price: $2.99 using PayPal

#9. SpyEra

SpyEra is a well-known spy call recording software for Android and iPhone. The best feature is the live call recording feature of the application. Call recording can be saved to listen whenever you are free. No jailbreak is required for this app. Apart from this; you can spy on photos and videos too.

10 Best Spy call recorder for Android and iPhone – Records Only the Truth


  • It can record voice calls in one go
  • Records VoIP calls on Facebook, Skype, LINE, Viber, Whatsapp and much more
  • SpyEra supports ambient recording feature turn the microphone on and listen to the surroundings
  • Track real-time location of the target device. No noise is made.
Price: $189 for three months

#10. Mobile-Spy

It is a parental control application with several features. With this tool, you can see the call history of the target device remotely. Unlike other spy call recorder software for Android as well as the iPhone, it has unlimited features. They can be used to access other application on the target phone. It is a great tool for parents and businesses.

10 Best Spy call recorder for Android and iPhone – Records Only the Truth


  • Checks who the user is talking to. Spies on all the contacts saved on the mobile phone.
  • Monitors which number is in use frequently. All sent and received calls.
  • Checks all the call logs without the control panel. You will receive the phone activity logs in your personal email address.

Price: $49.97 for 3 months

Why is SpyMyFone the best spy call recorders?

Of all the apps mentioned above, SpyMyFone is the best. It allows viewing call logs. You can monitor phone logs for any suspicious calls and conversations. As a parental control application, it is really wonderful in allowing you to restrict the suspicious number and protect your child.

Summing up

SpyMyFone has a myriad of features like real-time location tracking, web filtering and access to the browsing history besides hacking the social media apps. Amongst all, spy call recorder for Android and iPhone is the best and helps you stay at peace.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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