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Spying on other people's text messages has been on people's minds since the invention of the smartphone. Every person has their own reason why they want to spy smartphone of another person. There may be a chance you are a parent and want to know what your kid is doing while online. Spying other phone is mainly done by people who are in a relationship and want to know what their partner is doing on a smartphone.

Is it possible to see other phone texts?

Yes, it is possible to see other pone texts without them knowing. With the recent development in technology and innovation, there are lots of applications are developed that are used to spy on other phone activities without them knowing. Such application works silently in the background and capture gestures made by target user on a mobile phone. You can use such app to see other phone texts without them knowing. These applications allow parents to keep an eye on them all the time while they are online or using a smartphone.

A mobile phone is a perfect tool for a catch cheating boyfriend/Girlfriend. Check the messages on his/her phone and of course, if something smells fishy, call that person and have her extent from the relation. Mobile monitoring applications allow you to know what other person is hiding from you without them knowing. These monitoring tools are also helpful for parents and business owners to know what their kid and employee are doing while they are online. Here, you will find best apps to see other phone texts on devices running on Android and iOS operating system.

Best 5 Apps to see other phone texts.

  1. SpyMyFone: SpyMyFone is world leading web-based phone tracking solution that enables parents and business owner or manager to protect their kid and employee from adult content, cyberbullying, predators, and other harmful threats on the internet. It equipped with wide range of features which allows us to access messages, photos, videos, real-time location, screenshots, call logs and much more of target smartphone. SpyMyFone is designed for devices running on Android and iOS operating system.


  • Real-time location: SpyMyFone allows us to track the real-time location of target smartphone.
  • Messages: with messages features, you can access all message of target user without them knowing.
  • Keylogger: Keylogger is one of the most powerful features that are currently available with only few monitoring tools. Keylogger record all the keystroke made by target user on their mobile keyboard.
  • Voice call recording: Unlike other monitoring tools, you record voice call to target smartphone remotely.

Price: SpyMyFone is available in two editions Premium edition for $29.99 per month and Ultimate edition for $39.99 per month.

Download URL:


  1. Copy9: Copy9 is a spying application usually designed to keep eye on text messages of target device running on Android and iOS operating system. This is the best app to see other phone texts It consists of a clean user interface that any layman can easily use it and set up. It does not require any special skill in the computer so, you can use it with ease.


  • GPS tracking
  • You can view call logs
  • One can easily monitor web activities
  • It will also record phone call voice and SMS.
  • You can access photos, videos and another file

Price: You can download 2 days trial version for free and premium version starts from $21.6 per month.

Download URL:



  1. MobileMonitor: MobileMonitor is one of the best spying tools which is designed for Android and iOS devices. This tool will allow you to record the call, SMS history, real-time location tracking, as well as you can track sent message to the target device.


  • Call History
  • SMS History
  • GPS tracking
  • E-mail monitoring
  • Complete access to Social media applications and much more.

Price: MobileMonitor is starting from $9.90 per month.

Download URL:



  1. Hoverwatch: Hoverwatch is the best app to see other phone texts over the internet. It can record all incoming and outgoing SMS from target smartphone. It is not limited to such service; you can also use this tool to record calls, access photos, videos and much more.


  • Remain Completely Invisible
  • Text Messages and Calls
  • Facebook and another app tracking

Prices: Premium version starts from $19.95 per month.

Download URL:



  1. Auto Forward: Auto forward is a spying tool that allows parents to monitor their kid activities while online. This tool consists of various features which makes your spying experience easier and convenient.


  • GPS Tracking
  • Record incoming and outgoing text and much more.

Price: It starts from $62 per device

Download URL:



What is most important for a SMS Tracker app?

Ease of Use: In this article, we talk about best apps to see other phone messages. These apps are very simple and easy set up; there is no need for special computer skill to use such spying apps.

Undetectable: With the advent of technology and innovation, spying tools popularity is increasing with the fast rate. Here we provide you best spying apps which work silently in the background with knowing another person.

Inexpensive: The smartphone is the best tool to catch cheating boyfriend/Girlfriend. There are various tools are available on the internet which allows you to track messages, call logs and much more. It is a very inexpensive way as compared to other techniques.

How to see other's phone texts using SpyMyFone?

Step 1: You have to create SpyMyFone account by clicking on Sign up.


Step 2: Then download SpyMyFone app for Android. There is no app required for iOS devices.


Step 3: Install SpyMyFone plug-in on Android device.

Step 4: Open the app and login with valid credentials.


Step 5: Now tap on start monitoring.

Step 6: Switch back to your device and open SpyMyFone on the browser.


Step 7: On the left side of control panel click on Messages to access all incoming and outgoing message of the target device.


Sometimes there have been times people are always in a search somehow they access your smartphone to know what you are hiding. To this with the recent development in technology make it easier. There are lots of tools are available which allows you to remotely access another phone incoming and outgoing messages.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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