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Do you wish to monitor how the babysitter is treating your kids during your absence or would like to keep an eye on your employees?

By using a secret spy camera, you can do it all and so much more. With the advancement in the technology, spy cameras have also evolved a lot. Now, there are tons of compact and pocket-sized secret cameras available in the market that can be linked to your smartphone. In this way, you can keep an eye on your property and be safe. To help you pick the best secret spy camera, we will make you familiar with some of the most trusted options in the market.

What is a spy camera and why do you need one?

A secret spy camera can be installed in your home, workplace, or anywhere you want. It can record the view and let you access it from your mobile (or any other device). There are plenty of smart cameras out there that can auto-alert you as well. A secret spy camera can be used in these scenarios:

  • To monitor employees and make sure they are performing in an ideal way.
  • Spy cameras are also installed in colleges, schools, and other institutes to make sure students won’t misconduct.
  • Parents also install these cameras to keep an eye on the kids, babysitter, guests, etc.
  • Sometimes, people in a relationship might like to spy on their significant other.
  • A lot of users install spy cameras as a security measure as well.
  • Journalists and reporters also use these cameras to conduct an investigation.

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The 10 best Secret Spy Camera Options

Since spy cameras are pretty small and portable, they can easily fulfill every requirement of yours. To start with, you can go with these smart options.

1. SpyStar 1080 WiFi Spy Camera

One of the best selling spy cameras in the market today, SpyStar is a USB wall charger type spy camera with a 1080P full HD video recording capability. It lets you live-stream video motions and can be accessible to many users via phone or desktop. To avoid unnecessary recordings, motion detection can be activated.

  • Multiple users can view and monitor recordings
  • Motion detection lets users get significant recordings
  • Only supports WIFI 2.4GHZ
  • An indicator light, though can be turned off, may reveal the presence of a spy camera

best secret spy camera - Spystar

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2. ITLOOK Hidden Spy Camera

A small cube-sized spy camera measuring 0.87inch, it can be installed in many places from your home’s smallest corners to your car. Its small size makes spying more discreet and concealed for your own advantage. Though small, it has a 1080 HD video and photo capability with motion detection feature. ITLOOK Hidden Spy Camera also has night vision. The result is a high definition and high quality image no matter what time of the day.

  • Small size
  • Good video and photo quality
  • Need to be mounted; hard to hide
  • Needs SD card, no reel-time viewing

best secret spy camera - itlook

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3. Tunery Mini Spy Camera

A tiny spy camera with night vision capabilities, full HD video and photo with a 140° camera angle for wide shots. With its wide-angle lens, more images and scenes can be captured and recorded with this small but mighty spy camera. Tunery mini spy camera can be mounted anywhere with its magnet and has a built-in rechargeable battery. This spy camera also has a loop recording and motion detection features.

  • Can record voice
  • Automatically adjusts to low-light
  • Battery only works for 60 minutes, needs to be plugged in
  • No reel-time viewing from smartphones

best secret spy camera - tunery mini

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4. Antaivision Fisheye Lens Light Bulb Camera

Providing a 360-degree panoramic view, this secret spy camera disguises itself as a light bulb.

  • Has a fisheye lens that provides a 360-degree high resolution view
  • Supports a two-way talking as well
  • You can view its live-streaming on Android and iOS devices
  • Up to 128 GB memory card is supported
  • Easy to install and use

Secret Spy Cameras - Antaivision Fisheye Lens Light Bulb Camera

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5. Vaculim Mini Spy Hidden Camera

From nanny monitor to car’s dashboard, Vaculim mini spy hidden camera is one of smallest spy cameras in the market today measuring 38x14mm and only weighs 18grams. Yet it is built with wide lenses and 1080P Full HD video. This discreet camera has motion sensor can files can be accessed and transferred to a PC. Features like these let users view and review footage at their own convenience.

  • Unnoticeable spy camera
  • SD card at 16G can store more videos and photos
  • Complex installation compared to other mini spy cameras
  • Presence of lights on when recording

best secret spy camera - vaculim mini

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$32.99at Amazon

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6. Sharpcam Spy Pen Surveillance Hidden Camera

Record like a real spy with Sharpcam spy pen surveillance hidden camera. Best for office and corporate surveillance, it works like a real ballpoint pen with an ink refill included in the package. This spy camera is fitted with wide angle lens with a power of 1080P FHD lens for more footage area and sharper images. A simple one-button operation, Sharpcam is equipped with motion detection and loop recording.

  • No need for software or app to view (direct plugging)
  • Easy Bluetooth charging
  • Lights on can’t be turned off
  • Not flexible to other surveillance like home

best secret spy camera - sharpcam

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$36.99at Amazon

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7. WEMLB 180° Rotating Lens Hidden Charger Camera

Concealed like a charger, install this spy camera in homes and offices disguised as a charger. WEMLB spy camera is fitted with the latest features like motion detection, WI-FI streaming and loop recording. This camera also has a smart video motion sensor technology that alerts via app or email for any suspicious activities. Live streaming can also be viewed remotely via smartphone.

  • No need for SD card for footage storage
  • Most high-tech spy camera in the market for public use
  • Higher price compared to other spy camera
  • Data and security concerns
  • Lens have to rotated manually and only has a 90° wide angle

best secret spy camera - wemlb

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$69.99at Amazon

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8. ELValley Hidden Spy Camera

Hidden spy camera that can be viewed remotely supporting different devices by multiple users. Perfect for home and office, easily install from one place to another, it can easily be set up and transferred at your own liking. Lens has a 1080P HD video and photo with motion detection for sharper footage and alert for suspicious movements. Camera’s battery works for up to 5 hours and can record while charging.

  • Footage can be viewed by different users, using different kinds of gadgets
  • Easy set-up
  • Password management for data security
  • Only has a 6-meter range
  • Motion detection that automatically takes and sends photos can be bothersome

best secret spy camera - elvallery

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9. Mini Bluetooth Camera in Sunglasses

If you like to record someone’s activity right in front of them and that too without being detected, then this would be an ideal option.

  • Real-time HD recording
  • 5 megapixels CMOS lens
  • Plug and play feature for Mac and Windows
  • Comes with a free 8 GB memory card

Secret Spy Cameras - Mini Bluetooth Camera in Sunglasses

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$39.99at Amazon

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10. Corpit USB Chargeable Spy Camera

Corpit has developed this advanced and affordable secret spy camera that will certainly meet your basic requirements. It is also ideal for first-time users.

  • Has a 900 mAh rechargeable battery that supports a maximum of 8 hours of recording
  • Can be connected to a PC via its USB flash drive
  • Premium quality video
  • Supports up to 32 GB memory card

Secret Spy Cameras - Corpit USB Chargeable Spy Camera

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$19.99at Amazon

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Spy on any iOS or Android device with Spyzie

While these secret spy cameras can help you keep an eye on your surroundings, you would need a device monitoring app to know how your kids, spouse, employees, or anyone else is using their smartphone. Spyzie can help you meet your requirements as it can spy on all the leading Android and iOS devices remotely. Without being detected, you can track every vital detail of the device.

Secret Spy Software

  • Spyzie is extremely easy to install and use
  • You can remotely spy on any iOS or Android device using its app or dashboard
  • It runs in a stealth mode and won’t let the targeted user know that they are being tracked
  • You can obtain vital information like the device’s contacts, call logs, messages, notes, browser history, and more
  • The Android spying app comes with tons of advanced features like keylogger, call recording, geo-fencing, social media tracking, and more.

Therefore, after picking an ideal secret spy camera from this well-curated list, you can also download Spyzie. Get its premium subscription and spy on any iOS or Android device remotely. It works on all the popular smartphones manufactured by brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, and more. All of this makes Spyzie a perfect companion to a secret spy camera as well.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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