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These are what make you one of those James Bond spy types with cool gadgets. A sunglass that is also a video camera, recording whatever you see, without anyone noticing, this simple concept is quite fascinating. You can walk around, go shopping or simply follow someone to record his/her suspicious movements - these spy sunglasses can make everything happen. But you do need the best ones around to record a perfect resolution video and here is a list of the top 10 spy sunglasses available.

1: POV ACG25-4CAC1

spy sunglasses

A spy glass with a code name - it doesn’t get better than this. It houses an 8-megapixel camera right at the center of the two lenses. From no way can you make out that is has a complex circuitry underneath its muscular frame. Both lenses are interchangeable, polarized and sweat and water resistant. Other eye-catching features include:

  • 35 frames per second recording.
  • 1280x720 pixels video resolution.
  • 4 GB inbuilt memory with 16 GB expandable.
  • 72-degrees wide viewability.

It is priced at around $199. However, the video may become hazy when you randomly shift your head to walk around. Also, a weight may be a bit uneasy on your nose and ears.

2: Covert Video Recording Security Camcorder Sunglasses

best spy sunglasses

If the last one topped the list for its better viewability and camouflage, this Covert recording glass comes in at 2 because of its memory capacity. 64 GB internal storage along with 1 year replacement guarantee. Other features include:

  • One button operation and auto-recording.
  • Pinhole Lens.
  • 720p recording.

This glass also boasts 72-degree viewability and looks like any standard sportswear. The camera somewhat sits awkwardly in the middle, and the small round is quite visible, thereby blowing the disguise. Covert spy optic sunglasses are available online just for $199.

3: Liquid Image Apex

top 10 spy sunglasses

Liquid Image Apex comes with the best video camera among all. Its HD Camcorder can record:

  • 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second.
  • 720p quality 60 frames per second.

Camera resolution is a massive 12 megapixels and the viewable angle is 135-degrees. The microphone come wind-guard features with high-quality recording. This sunglass also comes with Wi-Fi live streaming with sync to tablets and smartphones. Two drawbacks of Liquid Image Apex are its low memory capacity and poor camouflage. It’s perfect for skiing but you can’t wear out on the road.

Before moving on to the next 7 in the list, check out an alternative method to spying on your suspects.

4: SpyMyFone software

All these listed sunglasses have one thing in common - you have to be physically present at that very place to capture any moment. Even if you are not present, the maximum runtime is at the most 90 minutes after which your spying venture halts. However, an alternative does exist and comes in the name of SpyMyFone. This is a spying software that lets you secure your software and gadget privacy. With this, you can track phone calls, messages, locations, browsing history, etc. Its notable features include:

  • Tracking calls and messages.
  • spy sunglasses alternative

  • GPS location of your device.
  • best spy sunglasses alternative

  • Internet browsing monitoring.
  • Access media files

With this, you can remotely track and spy on anyone. You can also spy on calls placed and texts sent. A perfect software to spy on someone from anywhere.

5: Ultra Wide Angle DVR Eyewear

spy glasses

This has a massive 147-degrees viewing angle which is why it features towards the top of the list. It comes with a 90-minute battery life and is perfect for long-duration filming. The perfect product for spying, it comes with a host of features for just $160.

  • 64 GB expandable.
  • 8 GB internal storage.
  • 1080p recording.

The only con of this eye-wear is its camera placement. Although it’s well camouflaged, the center circular patch doesn’t look good at all.

6: Pivothead Durango

spy sunglasses

This spyglass also comes in the top 10 list because of its 1080p video recording capacity. Lenses are impact resistant and come in a stylish blue shade. The camera placement, however, is a big turn-off. It is upright visible and anyone can make out that you are filming their movements. Apart from this, features of spy glass include:

  • 8 megapixels camera.
  • 30 frames per second recording.
  • Covered USB port.
  • Light in weight.

Price of this eyewear goes over $200. It’s sporty and has an excellent grip.

7: Toughsty Hidden Camera Hunting Sunglasses

spy optic sunglasses

The frame is a bit bulky, and its vibrant colors draw a bit of attention. These are why these spy glass got a place in the middle of the list. Rests all are just perfect about this.

  • 1920x1080p HD recording.
  • 8 GB built-in card with 32 GB expandable.
  • 130 minutes battery runtime.
  • 2 hours charging time.

The camera placement is perfectly camouflaged with a few extra pinholes adjacent to the center one. It also has a military feel to it and comes nearly at a price of $159.

8: Wosports Video Spy Camera Sunglasses.

best spy optic sunglasses

These sunglasses feature in the top 10 list because of its budget price. A price tag of just $66, its sports features like:

  • 550 mAh battery with 1.5 hours of working time.
  • UV 400 protection.
  • 720p recording.
  • Light weight of just 65 grams.

The overall look is quite stylish. No bulky frame corners with a smooth finish. The maker claims it fits all head sizes and comes in a silicon body. But as with any budget glasses, video recording becomes a bit hazy while on the move.

9: Phazzer DVR 3.0

buy spy optic sunglasses

This spy glass loses out on others due to its low storage capacity. Just with 4 GB of internal storage, it is expandable only up to 8 GB. The microphone can capture sound from a maximum of 10-feet and camera is only of 3 megapixels. On a bright note, video recording is at 720x480 pixels at around 30 frames per second. All these will be available at less than $100.

10: Fast Action Sport Sunglasses

best spy glasses

Another budget sunglass which comes just at $39. Recording is at 1280X720p resolution but the camera is VGA. Look-wise, it’s extremely sporty with a muscular frame and a well-camouflaged camera. Audio recording quality is decent.

  • 2 modes: picture and video.
  • 4 GB memory.
  • 20 minutes recording time.

This spyglass is not great for long-distance or long-duration filming but is definitely friendly to your pockets.

11: Active-i

spy sunglasses

This sun glass features in the top 10 list just for its looks. You can see a stark resemblance to Google eyes and this is what which creates the camouflage. The trendy and sporty lines complement the overall features and have a decent recording time. It ranges in the $30 mark and sports a VGA camera. Sound capture quality is good as well.

Spying is necessary at times, just to keep record and present proof. This helps to keep people in their limits and give you control over the situation. Choose spy sunglasses when you can maintain a safe distance and record, for all other cases, there is SpyMyFone. Nobody leaves their phones behind and what better way there is to track with the help of that. The best part is, the person you are spying on has no idea that he/she is being watched. Become a sleuth with these handy gadgets.

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