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A Spy Voice Recorder is an application that allows you to secretly spy on or monitor the conversations on a target cell phone remotely. This is not prohibited; however, you may be penalized for using it in an inappropriate manner without the knowledge or consent of any person. The spy calls recorder has become one of the most interesting apps to have on our mobile. Either to record the people around us or the calls we make that we need to be recorded. The most characteristic thing is that it can be turned on without anyone noticing it.


Do you worry about whom your teenage daughter is making plans? Do you have employees that you need to monitor? Maybe your wife is acting suspicious and you cannot take it anymore. If you want to know exactly what is spoken in their calls when you are not present, with Spy Voice Recorder you can do it. There is no other way to be closer to the truth than listening directly. Receive awareness when definite numbers try to make contact with the target phone and then call the target. Without delay spy on the calls live and direct, but always in secret. Your goal may not be the smartest, but you will be.

Voice Recording Software

SpyMyFone is an advanced smartphone spy software with a large list of features and a variety of rates according to your needs and expectations. Its features and capabilities let us consider it as the best spy software. It offers basic options, such as monitoring calls, reading text messages, tracking the target smartphone's GPS navigation, tracking calendar, monitoring instant messengers, and viewing videos and photos taken with the mobile phone. The application is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems: iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Nokia Symbian, and BlackBerry. It is also well-matched with Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Google Nexus, Lenovo, and LG.

SpyMyFone is an espionage application that once installed on someone's cell phone allows you to see all your data, including texts and calls remotely on the computer without even letting it know. It allows you to have details of each incoming and outgoing call. You will be able to see the phone number of the incoming calls, the mobile phone number of the outgoing calls, at what time the call was made and the duration of the calls.

But that's not all; using it you will be able to listen to everything you have ever wanted to hear directly from the other person's mouth. Listen to his calls, after receiving an SMS to notify you that it is in progress, and find out what is happening live. You can also listen a posteriori and save the recordings of these exchanges on the mobile phone. With this system, you will stop living in doubt and discover the truth in a solid and above all indisputable way.

How to use SpyMyFone as Spy Voice Recorder

You have trust problems with someone and you would like to know the truth. If you have found the spy voice recorder that fits your need will be SpyMyFone. Indeed, thanks to this monitoring technology, you will have concrete proof of what is happening. With such a program you can discover if your child is truant or if he is in moral difficulties because of cyber harassment. You can reassure yourself by recording phone conversations made by your child, spouse or business partner.

You can record calls via SpyMyFone following the given steps:

Step 1: At first visit SpyMyFone's official website . There you will get everything details for making an account. Following suggestions create a SpyMyFone account. Though the registration is free, you have to buy a premium subscription for having more facilities.


Step 2: The whole registration process should be finished. If your target device is Android, you have to install the monitoring app on it. On the other hand, for iPhone, there is no necessity of installing. Now on the Setup Wizard page, you have to fill up a form with required information like name and age of the targeted person. Then you will have to select the active operating system on the target device. Choose "Android" for Android as for iPhone select "iOS". After that, you need to follow the setup process as instructed. Go to "Settings" then tap "Lock Screen" tab and enable installation of apps from unidentified sources separately from Play Store.

Step 3: Subsequently, you are going to download the SpyMyFone app on the Android phone and install it. Do follow all the requests offered. At last, select the option "Start" to turn on the procedure. The SpyMyFone icon will be unseen automatically.


Step 4: Now, to view the monitored data log into the Dashboard. And at this time, you are going to sign in to your account on your own phone or PC after having a fruitful installation. Data will be displayed from the target device to your Control Panel. You can view and record the phone calls made from the data extracted.

SpyMyFone could also spy more data on target mobile phone

The SpyMyFone features that available on the target device:

  • Communication Data (Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, WeChat and more)
  • Location Tracking
  • Real-time Screenshots
  • Key logger
  • Track Call Logs
  • Record surround
  • Listen to live calls and record them
  • Espionage of the web
  • Listen and record the environment
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