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When smartphone industry only consisted of low-end phones without much functionality, then Apple Inc released a revolutionary smartphone named as iPhone. The smartphone market has changed since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. The features that made iPhone so popular were the availability of thousands of apps that could add more functionality to the device. Apple’s App Store has various apps that users can install on their device like entertainment, games, media players, photo editors, document readers, etc. With much better user interface than the existing smartphones of the era, iPhone became a legend in smartphones industry.

As the popularity of the iPhone has not diminished since 2007, it has continued to the latest iPhone X. The iPhone X is released to mark the 10th anniversary of iPhone and thus has been the best iPhone till date. The iPhone X became the first device to have OLED display and Face ID authentication mode. Apple has removed its signature home button in the iPhone X and introduced wireless charging and bezel-less design. The iPhone X has been in development for the last 5 years since 2012. With the launch price of US$999, it became the most expensive iPhone launched ever. The iPhone X shows the Apple’s commitment towards futuristic and innovative technology.

The iPhone X is available in two colors- Space gray and silver. It is IP67 water and dust resistant. The body of iPhone X is made from stainless steel for increased durability and glass casing. The sensors are all based on the top of the screen. It has a dual rear camera, both 12-megapixel resolution, and a 7-megapixel front camera which also features the face detection and HDR mode. The cameras in iPhone X have received positive reviews by the tech experts.

free mobile spy app for iphone

SpyMyFone - Free Mobile Spy App for iPhone

SpyMyFone is a monitoring and spying app that can be used to spy on someone’s phone. It is the best free mobile spy app for iPhone and is also available for the Android operating system. In this technology ruled world, spying app is necessary to keep your employees or kids in check so that they don’t misuse their iPhone. You just have to get their iCloud ID and you can start spying on them.

When we talk about the best free mobile spy app for iPhone, SpyMyFone isn’t losing to any of its competitors. SpyMyFone can record all data and activities of the target iPhone and sends it to your own device whether it is phone, laptop, or computer. It can record call logs, contacts, messages, and social networking history, Whatsapp and Skype chats, calendars, photos, videos, web history, the app used, and much more. You can even live record voice of the surroundings of the target remotely without them noticing.

SpyMyFone records the activity logs of the person and sends them to your at timely intervals through the internet. So both the target and you must be connected to the internet for you to get reports. But if the target is not connected to the internet, it records the activities and stores it on the device. When the internet connection is available, it then sends the report to you. This has made SpyMyFone the best free mobile spy app for iPhone.

Key Features about the free mobile spy app for iPhone

  • Communication Data - With SpyMyFone, you can get a detailed report of the communication data of the target iPhone remotely on your device over the internet. This includes the entire SMS, Whatsapp and Skype chats.
  • Track contacts and call logs - SpyMyFone allows you track call and contact history of the target. You can get all call records that the person has contacted with their contact name, time, duration of call etc. you can know the people that the target interacts with or contacts.
  • View browsing history - When you spy on someone with SpyMyFone you can also see their browsing history with every websites and link they visited. You can also see the full URLs, time and duration of stay on each website. You can even see the social network usage of the target through SpyMyFone. This will help you know what the target has been doing during the day on their iPhone.
  • Hack iPhone voice memos - SpyMyFone also allows you to hack target iPhone’s voice memos. It will send the voice memos stored on the target’s iPhone that you can listen to through the control panel of SpyMyFone on your device.
  • Other features - These are not the only features of SpyMyFone. It has much more functionality for spying on someone like-
    * You can see the calendars, notes, and reminders of the target.
    * It also sends you details of all apps installed on the device.
    * You can see the photos and images stored on the device.
    * A preview of videos is also available.

SpyMyFone is the best free mobile spy app for iPhone because it is more effective and has a simple user interface. This simple user interface makes it easy for you to use it and monitor the activities of the target. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to use SpyMyFone, but even a layman can use it with utmost proficiency. You just have to create a SpyMyFone account which is free of course and start monitoring the activities of the target.

iPhone free spy app

How to Spy iPhone Free

Spying on someone is never easy and it became more difficult on iPhone. This is because Apple has always focused on security and privacy of the user and has removed every possible way you can spy on someone. The iPhone doesn’t allow any third party app to interfere with it and allow hacking of the device. But with SpyMyFone you can easily and freely monitor the online activities of a person. It is most useful for companies that want to monitor their employees during work and parents who want to keep their kids in check. Follow the steps to start spying on iPhone-

  1. To use SpyMyFone, you should have a free SpyMyFone account. So first you have to get yourself a SpyMyFone account. The sign up is free for a basic feature. You will need this account to spy on someone.
  2. mobile spy app for iphone

  3. After registering, a setup wizard will start and you need to enter the target iPhone details like name of the owner and iOS installed. Click Next to move to next stage.
  4. Now you will have to enter the iCloud ID and password of the target and verify it.
  5. How to Spy iPhone Free

  6. After successful verification, signup with your account on your device and go to control panel. You will get reports of all activities of the target iPhone remotely on your device.
  7. best free mobile spy app for iphone

In this technically advanced world, spying on someone has become the need. If business owners don’t monitor the activities of their employees, they may face serious fanatical losses due to employees slacking off. Also if parents don’t watch their kids, they may get involved in something that can destroy their future. There may be many free mobile spy app for iPhone but only SpyMyFone can be called as the best. Other apps fail to deliver a service as good as SpyMyFone. With SpyMyFone you can spy on your employees at the workplace and children at school and home. This will help you keep an eye on their activities and prevent them from straying from their goals and responsibilities.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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