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In a world where technology keeps evolving each and every day, staying in touch with this type of innovation can be your ultimate savior or your worst nightmare. Nowadays, people have devised snoopy methods of spying on other people’s private lives in the most unexpected and unsuspecting ways. How do they do it? The answer is simple. They fix your iPhone with a remote iPhone spy app that monitors your each and every move. You might think you are safe, but you are not. The good news in the offing is that I have a solution for you. All you have to do is stay with me throughout this article as I explain how to detect spyware on iPhone, how to install iPhone spyware detection apps, as well as the various methods employed on how to remove spyware from iPhone.

Can Someone Spy on my iPhone?

If you have you ever wondered if it is possible for someone to spy on your iPhone, wonder no more because the answer is a definite YES. Anyone can easily spy on your iPhone without your knowledge. How this happens is simple. Your phone is usually installed with a remote spyware when you click on promotional adverts on your day to day browsing activities. I believe you might have come across an ad that tells you to click on it to win prizes or an ad that says that you have won money or goods in a promotion that you never participated in, in the first place. If you value your personal data, always be cautious about such ads. You might click on an ad, and the next thing you know is that your entire information has been exposed to only God knows who.

Spying can happen to anyone and everyone. We have seen cases where various countries have accused each other of spying for all the wrong reasons. Come to think of it. If a country can be spied on, what of you as a regular person? The motive behind spying can range from one person to another. For example, your insecure wife, your ex, or your business competitor might want to know what you are doing with your life. What they will do to have you at their fingertips is to install a spyware on your iPhone. All in all, people who spy on you in most cases don’t have good motives towards you. With this in mind, it is of the essence to be on the lookout if you suspect that someone might be spying on you.

How to Detect Spyware on iPhone

If you want to know how to detect spyware on iPhone, you first have to get in the mind of the spy master. If truth be told, directly pinpointing a spyware on your iPhone can be a bit challenging. Why am I saying this? First and foremost, a spyware is there to spy on you and make sure that it doesn’t get caught. So what happens? Spyware developers will do anything to make sure that the spyware they develop can't get detected easily. With this information at hand, you need more than just signs and a clear mind to know if someone is spying on you. If you suspect that someone is snooping on you, there are various red signs that you should always look out for to be sure that you are not giving out way too much information to criminals or undeserving individuals. The following are some of them.

Unexplainable Data Usage

Have you noticed a decrease in your iPhone’s overall data usage? If so, a spyware could be consuming your phone data. Spywares function by sending data to the spy. What this means is that each and every time you send a message, or talk, the spy receives the information. For the spyware to function, it will have to use your data. So keep in tabs with your data each and every time.

Phone Getting Warm

If your phone has been getting warm even when you are not using it, the chances are high that a background app could be working without your knowledge. Spywares always work in the background regardless of whether you are using your phone or not. Filter your apps by uninstalling the ones that you trust from the ones that you don’t.

Background Noises

If you hear some background sounds during your ongoing conversations, then there’s a high chance that you are being spied on. Spywares have a way of interfering with your active phone calls, and this should be your first and most imperative sign to look out for.

The Cydia App

The presence of this app means that your iPhone has been jailbroken. If you did not perform a jailbreak, then it is high time you paid more attention to your phone and data. The biggest problem with the Cydia app is that it can be difficult to find. The only way of dealing with a jailbreak is by updating your iOS system.

Encrypted Text Messages

Spying apps have been designed to remote control the spied phone via encrypted text messages or commands. In quality spying apps, these messages or commands should not be available to the spied person. However, in faulty apps, these messages and commands usually leak. If you start seeing funny text messages, it is high time you start thinking about your privacy.

Active Data Icon

In an iPhone, when you are using data, the data icon is located on your top left-hand side of your screen. If you are not using your data and you happen to see the data icon, the chances are high that you are being monitored.

Jailbroken Phones

Whether you are operating on an Android or an iPhone device, in normal circumstances, your phone should not be jailbroken not unless you bought it from someone else. A jailbroken phone is a clear sign that someone was trying to install third party apps.

Part 3: How to Remove Spyware from iPhone

When we consider the amount of information a spyware is capable of obtaining from you, it is only right that the proper measures are taken to ensure the complete removal of these apps from your iPhone. The good news is that you can remove these apps just like your regular apps. The following is a detailed process on how to remove spyware from iPhone.

Install an Anti-spyware Program

The best way of getting rid of a spyware is by installing an anti-spyware app on your iPhone. iPhone spyware detection has simplified the detection and ultimate removal of a spyware. Anti-spywares function by scanning your iPhone and deleting the spyware.

Update your iOS System

The most recommended method of getting rid of a spyware is by making sure that your iPhone operating system is up to date. Apple as a company recognizes the threats posed by spywares, and that’s why they keep updating their programs. Once you update your iPhone, any available spyware will be deleted with the old operating system. Hence, always make sure that you are operating on the latest software from Apple.

Update your iOS System

Restore your iPhone

Performing a system restore can also work to your advantage. You should keep in mind that this process will automatically erase any data present on your iPhone. Therefore, make sure that you have saved your data accordingly using iTunes.

Restore your iPhone

The world of spying is upon us, and it is the responsibility of each and every person to make sure that their information is well secured. From what we have covered, though we have Spywares, we also have remedies for them in the name of anti-spyware. It is my hope that the information covered in this topic will be of help to you. If you have any queries, concerns, or comments, please feel free to leave a comment. Your feedback is highly valuable and always welcomed.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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