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Android is an open source operating system which is developed by Google Inc based on Linux and mainly designed for touchscreen devices. Android is increasing with the fast rate as compared to other OS. There is more than seventy percent of mobile phones are working on the Android operating system. Android 8.x (Oreo) is the latest version of the mobile operating system. Android Oreo is faster, powerful and smarter with its clean user interface. This latest version of Android is 30 percent faster than its predecessor Android version 7.x (Nougat).

Pixel and Pixel XL are the top hot brand that is running on latest stock Android 8.x Oreo. Both these devices are designed and marketed by Google. There are the majority of brands prefer an Android operating system for their devices. Samsung is another brand which opts Android for their mid-range and flagship devices. Like other leading brands, the majority of people use Android mobile phone in their day to day life.

free mobile spy app for android

Spy Android for Free

Android is increasing with the fast rate as compared to another operating system; most of the people prefer Android over iOS for its simplicity and smarter interface. Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone in their hands especially teenagers. It is necessary to keep an eye on your kid activity so you would need spy software for Android phones and tablets to prevent misuse by kids. Almost all kids have a smartphone of their own and they use it for various purposes like chatting, playing games, web browsing, etc.

Even businessman need spy software for android to prevent their employees misusing them during work hours. This can lead to severe financial losses for your employees just use their phones or tablets instead of working. There is lots of free mobile spy app for Android are available on the internet. Spy software allows you monitor their activities on a smartphone such as messages, location, capture screenshot and much more.

SpyMyFone: the Best Free Mobile Spy App for Android

SpyMyFone is a website based mobile phone tracking solution and better than other mobile spy tools. It is an all-in-one, easy to use supplementary application that allows you to view the important information of your kid's mobile devices from your Android and iOS device anytime and anywhere. With SpyMyFone one can access messages, photos, videos, record surround, call logs, voice call recording and much more. All these things will only we did if your target device is running on Android and iOS operating system.

One can also use SpyMyFone to hack another smartphone including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Google Nexus, Lenovo, LG, Xiaomi, and many another smartphone. One just has to install the SpyMyFone application on target Android smartphone. In case of iPhone, there is no need to install any spy application. Unlike other spy application, you can avail SpyMyFone membership at very affordable prices.

Free Mobile Spy App for Android

  • Communication Data:
    SpyMyFone is equipped with wide range of powerful features hack social app is one of them. SpyMyFone allows us to access social media application such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, twitter etc. of target smartphone. You can access messages, photos, and videos of such social media application.
  • Location Tracking:
    With SpyMyFone, one can track target smartphone location in one click process. You just have to install SpyMyFone app on target mobile phone. GPS (Global positioning system) tracking is one of the best features only few spy tools are equipped with it.
  • Real-time Screenshots:
    This feature is really helpful when it comes to tracking kids and employees activities while they are online. Real-time screenshot allows parents and business owner to capture a screenshot of kid and employee device at any time.
  • Keylogger:
    Only few spying tools come with Keylogger feature, SpyMyFone is one of them. Keylogger record all keystrokes made by target user on target device keyboard. Once the record is done, it will send you the complete text file with all keyword made by the target user.
  • Track Call Logs:
    Sometimes there have been times; you try somehow to know what other person is hiding especially in a relationship. With track call logs feature of SpyMyFone, you can easily access the call log of target android device.
  • Record surround:
    Ambient recording is the recording of all sounds that are happening around the target device. This is done by using the device microphone to listen to the surrounding. You can use record surround feature of SpyMyFone to listen to surround your kids or employees.
  • Other features:
    SpyMyFone is not limited to such features only; it also allows us to access messages, videos, photos, voice call record etc. of target smartphone. You can visit their official website to know more about SpyMyFone and its features.

Of all the spying and monitoring software in the market, SpyMyFone remains the most popular and the most effective. SpyMyFone is mobile spy free tool and equipped with an array of features which are ease to quite effective and reliable. There is no need of special technical knowledge any layman can easily operate SpyMyFone and hack their kids and employees smartphone. One just has to simply create a free SpyMyFone premium account at reasonable prices as compared to other counterparts.

How to Spy Android Mobile Free

Step 1: Firstly, you have to click on sign up and create a free SpyMyFone account.

How to Spy Android Mobile Free

Step 2: Then, fill details about target username and target device model.

Step 3: Now, Team of SpyMyFone will send you a confirmation email to your email ID.

Step 4: Once the above process completed, download SpyMyFone apk file for target Android device. For iPhone users, there is no need to flash any software.

Spy Android Mobile Free

Step 5: Before installing the apk, you have to tap on settings – security- Unknown source and press ok to enable it.

Step 6: Once the installation process completed, tap on SpyMyFone icon to open it and fill sign in details and grant permission by pressing allow.

Step 7: Activate device administrator and Tap on "Start monitoring” and wait for the SpyMyFone app icon should disappear from the app drawer of the target phone.

Step 8: Now go back to your device and open control panel to spy on target smartphone data such as Messages, call logs, video, photos, location, record surround, Keylogger and much more.

How to Free Spy Android Mobile

There is various free mobile spy app for Android available on the internet which promises to give you best service but most of them fail to do. If you are seeking of such software then SpyMyFone is best for you. SpyMyFone is spying software which allows parents and business owner to know what their employees and kids are doing on their smartphone while they are working or in school.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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