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Not many people believe it, but women do actually have a strong sex drive. It doesn't manifest in the same ways as it does for men, but it is there. In fact over 50% of women cheat in their relationships at least once. This number is far lower than the rate of cheating men, but that probably has more to do with the fact that historically speaking women stand to lose a lot more. But as gender gaps start closing in (which is great!) women also feel more empowered to cheat. It is fairly easy to catch men cheating because they tend to have a lower capacity for understanding nuances and are a lot worse when it comes to lying, and lets get real they tend to get sloppy as hell. However, women are a lot more careful in nature and thus harder to catch.

If you suspect that your girlfriend might be cheating on you, if she's suddenly dressing up a lot better, and going out with friends a lot more, then you should do something about it. Uncertainty is the worst. So you should try and catch her cheating. Read on to find out how to catch a cheating girlfriend. And as a bonus, we'll also tell you how to spy on your girlfriend's phone. Because let's face it, phones are a treasure trove. If you spy on your girlfriend's phone using a spy app, you'll pretty much know all you need to know, and that too without being caught yourself.

How to catch a cheating girlfriend with traditional methods

How to catch a cheating Girlfriend

So you've been noticing certain signs that your girlfriend might be cheating on you. Before you do anything drastic, such as using a spy app to spy on your girlfriends phone, you should try a few of the traditional means of catching a cheating girlfriend. So here's the next 5 tips and methods you could use to catch her red handed:

  1. Dropping by unannounced: Find a reason to go back home early, or visit her at her workplace, etc, and gauge her reaction. Does she try to immediately hide something? Does she seem agitated or angry?
  2. Follow: This is an oft-used method. If she has been leaving the house to go somewhere often, and you don't know where she goes, then follow her. Especially after a fight, as she might be using a fight as a means of storming out for a whole night. Chances are she'll lead you right up to her lover.
  3. Getting touchy about Space: Giving a partner some space in a relationship is healthy. However, if they have been particularly touchy about their space, then something is definitely wrong.
  4. Gadgets: Finally, if they're suddenly too involved in their gadgets, more than normal, and if they get anxious every time you casually pick up their cell phones, that's a huge red signal. In that case you should be prepared to take the next step.
  5. Spy on your Girlfriend's phone using SpyMyFone: Read on for more on this.

Spy on your girlfriend's phone with a spy app

This is a sneaky and underhanded but ultimately ideal means of catching a cheating girlfriend. If you've tried some of the methods mentioned earlier, and if you've noticed the signs, then you're ready for the next phase. Use SpyMyFone, a phone spy app, to spy on your girlfriend's phone without her knowing it. With this you can gain all the information you need, and if you realise that the suspicions were all in your head, you haven't caused any irrevocable damage either.

SpyMyFone is a great tool to use for this purpose because they are quite reasonable and absolutely non-traceable, and they can give you complete access to your girlfriend's phone!

Spy on your Girlfriend's phone

How to spy on your girlfriend's phone using SpyMyFone:

  1. GPS Tracking: Every time she storms out on you, use SpyMyFone to track her whereabouts. Where is she going so late at night? Who is she meeting? You'll have the answers to these questions soon enough.
  2. Tracking my Girlfriend phone

  3. Track her messages: If she's clever she would have deleted all possibly incriminatory messages from her phone. But the beauty of SpyMyFone is that it can show you a complete log of all messages sent, received, or deleted, so you have access to everything she wants to keep hidden. This functions across all media - WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.
  4. Tracking messages on my Girlfriend phone

  5. Multimedia Access: Find out all the pictures and videos that she's sent, received, or deleted from the phone. Even if she's been sexting with someone, you'll know.
  6. Call logs: Who is she talking to in hushed whispers? Why is her office calling her so often? You can tap her phone to view all her call details, whom she is talking to, for how long, when, everything.
  7. spy calls on my Girlfriend phone

  8. Contact details: If there's a guy on the other end of the messages and calls who keeps popping up, you can find out everything about him as well!
  9. start to spy on my girlfriends phone

  10. Block him: If you don't want to end things with your girlfriend just yet because you realise things haven't gone too far, you can take steps to ensure that she never hears from that guy again. You have the power to block him completely from the phone. So no matter how many texts he sends, or how many times he tries to contact her, she won't receive any of it, and would eventually just think he lost interest, and vice versa.

What would it cost me:

SpyMyFone is actually one of the most reasonable spy apps out there. It gives you the most number of features, while also offering you several flexible packages to choose from. You can try it for a month with only $9.9. That's almost the cheapest solution you can find.

If you want to know more about SpyMyFone you can visit the FAQ page.

You can learn more details about how to use SpyMyFone here.

Hopefully after implementing the methods we've detailed, you can now know for sure whether your girlfriend really is cheating on you or not. We hope that it's all in your head and that your relationship goes strong, but if not, it's always better to know. Do keep us posted on the comments down below with updates about your efforts of finding out the truth. I hope we've been able to help in some way.

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