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Relationships are very fragile things, and while they can take a lifetime to build, it can only take a small number of trailing, doubtful thoughts to break one. It can be so hard to confront your boyfriend when you think something’s wrong, especially if it’s a conversation they’re avoiding.

This isn’t good for your own well-being or peace of mind, which is why you may want to resort to spying on your boyfriend’s phone. By spying on his phone, you can see exactly what’s going on in his life, who he’s speaking too, what apps and websites he’s going on, and whether you need to make a decision.

By following one of the methods below, you don’t have to have the conversation that could blow things up unnecessarily, but instead get the information you need quickly, so you don’t have to cause a fuss or deal with lies.

How to Spy on Your Boyfriend Via Spyzie

Hands down the easiest and most effective method for spying on your boyfriend’s phone is using a spy on your boyfriend app such as Spyzie. Spyzie is the leading spy on your boyfriend app in the world right now and comes with all the features and functions you could ever need to achieve complete peace of mind.

spy on someone's cell phone

You can turn these spy on your boyfriend app features and functions on and off as you please, and you can also access them and the settings from your own device or computer remotely. This means you’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on at all times, without needing the device itself in your hand. You could be anywhere in the world!

Some of the leading features you’ll be able to benefit from with Spyzie include;

  • Real-time GPS location tracking with geo-fencing
  • See all messages, SMS texts and instant messages that go through the device
  • See all social media activity
  • See all phone calls, record them and see all contact logs
  • See all apps installed and uninstalled on the device
  • Track and monitor all photos, videos, and audio stored on the device

As you can see, there are more than enough features and functions available through Spyzie that can help you gather all the information you need to see what’s going on in your boyfriend’s life. Spyzie is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and comes with an effortless installation process that takes no longer than a few minutes.

All the guides on how to do this can be found on the official Spyzie website, and there’s a great customer support team that is there for you whenever you need them.

This spy on your boyfriend app has an invisible presence of your boyfriend’s phone and a range of remote data, this is the only spyware you’re ever going to need.

Check His Phone

If you’re unwilling to install an app on your boyfriend’s phone to spy on boyfriend’s phone and see what data and messages are being sent and received, the easier method is to check through his phone physically. This means going through the messages and history to see what’s going on.

spy someone's whatsapp

Of course, this means you’re going to need actual access to the device, which may be a problem if there’s a passcode or lock screen. While this may be okay for some of you, if your boyfriend is cheating or doing something else negative, the chances are that he won’t give you the code.

There’s also the risk that he’ll see you going through his device, which is only going to raise suspicion and break trust. However, with a good excuse to go on the phone, this may be a rather effective technique.

For example, you could ask to make a call, to browse the internet or even to play a game on his device. You could simply say that your phone has no battery, or it’s out of reach, and you’re too lazy to go and get yours.

While this method won’t give you as much detail as easily as Spyzie will, it’s still possible to find all the messages and internet history that could tell you everything you need. Nevertheless, do note that if your boyfriend is deleting messages after receiving them, you won’t be able to see what they are.

Check Browser History

If your boyfriend is using a computer or has their Apple device linked up to their iCloud/iTunes account, it may be possible to see everything they are doing through their laptop or computer.

To spy on boyfriend’s phone (iOS), you can simply open their computer and log into their iTunes account. You can see message backups, what apps are being installed and uninstalled, but you won’t be able to see emails, internet history or other forms of data.

check someone's browser history

If your boyfriend is using a browser like the Firefox browser, you’ll be able to go onto their laptop, open their Firefox browser and then see the history of their phone on this device. If they have saved passwords on their browser (whichever browser this is), you can write these down.

With the username/email and password combination, you can then access any of your boyfriend’s accounts, including social media and email, and then see who they’ve been contacting and what messages they’ve been sending.

While this is an easy and effective method, you’ll want to be careful since modern-day security may notify your boyfriend if you’re logging on from an unrecognized device and may require 2-Step authentication. This will mean you’ve been caught.

Use a Keylogger

While Spyzie has a built-in keylogger feature, there are many keylogger-dedicated applications you can download and install onto your boyfriend’s phone or their computer. These apps tracks and records every single key, letter, and number that your boyfriend presses on their keyboards.

Spy with keylogger

While looking through the text, you’ll be able to see all the websites your boyfriend has been visiting, all the messages, texts, emails and comments they’ve been writing, which all come together to ensure you know what they’ve been up too.

An appropriate keylogger can be found using a quick online search, depending on which device you want to spy on. Make sure that you’re choosing one that hides itself and makes itself invisible, so your boyfriend won’t know that it’s been installed.

As you can see, there are plenty of methods out there that can help you spy on boyfriend’s phone or computer. Spyzie is by far the most comprehensive and feature-rich application out there and is sure to give you everything you need.

Spyzie is available for all kinds of mobile device, and even comes with a free trial period, so you can download and install the app to see whether it’s the one for you!

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