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We use special software solutions so as to stay in touch with each other. One of the most popular examples of such is Whatsapp. This is a very popular messaging application that is available for both Android and iOS smart devices. Through Whatsapp, we can send each other messages, voice notes, pictures, video and documents. Thanks to this, people use it to share highly sensitive information. Interestingly, we can now spy on someone's Whatsapp. Here is how to spy on someones whatsapp using some softwares.

New Way to Spy on Someone's WhatsApp

5 Softwares to Spy One Someone's Whatsapp

1. Spy WhatsApp Through SpyMyFone

This is a software solution that you can use as a spy for WhatsApp. SpyMyFone allows you to capture all incoming and outgoing messages that are sent through the Whatsapp application. You can monitor these messages remotely and view entire conversations as well.

New Way to Spy on Someone's WhatsApp - spymyfone


SpyMyFone can spy on the Whatsapp application. It can also give you information about how often this messaging app is utilized. In addition to that, it can inform you about the exact time that this messaging application was installed. There are versions of this application for iOS and also for Android. By learning how to spy on someones WhatsApp using SpyMyFone, you can discover key information content such as voice notes, audio files, video footage or documents that are sent through Whatsapp. Not only does this software reveal these elements to you, but it also assists you to retrieve them. You can utilize SpyMyFone at no cost for a short period of time through a demo account. If you want extended usage, you have to pay for a Premium or an Ultimate account. They cost $29.99 and $39.99 respectively.


  • This spy for WhatsApp application is available for Android and iOS
  • It can monitor multimedia content and any information sent through Whatsapp
  • The software can operate covertly so as to avoid detection
  • You can use it for free through a demo account


  • Many of its powerful features are behind the paywall

2. Spyzie Spying Application

This is a specialized application that can act as a spy for WhatsApp and report any content or material which is sent through Whatsapp. Spyzie can track any mobile phone. Seeing as it works in a stealthy way, the owner of the device will never realize that they are being tracked.

New Way to Spy on Someone's WhatsApp - spyzie


Spyzie can provide you with comprehensive information about how to spy on someones WhatsApp. Examples of this data include the frequency of use, the messages which are sent, images contained in the app as well as any video that was sent or received. This software can be used to track Android or iOS devices. In addition to that, it can spy on a mobile device without the need for jailbreaking or rooting the target device. Spyzie delivers the monitored information directly to an email address of your choice. This information is delivered to you on a real-time basis. Hence, you can stay aware of the activity within your target's Whatsapp account. You can learn Spyzie's features through a demo account. However, for full functionality and unlimited use, you need to get the Premium account at $29.99 or the Ultimate version at $39.99. Both prices are charged per month.


  • Spyzie can track Whatsapp on Android as well as iOS smartphones
  • The spy for WhatsApp can operate in a stealthy way so as to avoid detection by the target
  • No rooting or jailbreaking is necessary so as to use Spyzie
  • You can try out the application through a demo account


  • The demo account has very limited capability

3. GuestSpy Spy WhatsApp Online

This is a method that you can use for spy WhatsApp online. GuestSpy allows you to see the messages that are sent between your target and their contacts. In this way, you can discover a cheating spouse or even protect your children from dangerous people.

New Way to Spy on Someone's WhatsApp - guestspy


GuestSpy is based on Cloud infrastructure. Therefore, you do not have to download anything so as to use this service and discover how to spy on someones WhatsApp. It allows you to spy on any Whatsapp user anywhere in the world. This service does not require you to have any hacking skills. In addition to that, you can use it at anytime, anywhere that you desire. Seeing as this spy WhatsApp online has a proxy server, GuestSpy allows you to spy on any Whatsapp while undetected. Best of all, this service can track Whatsapp on Android and iOS devices as well. You can use GuestSpy to spy on any Whatsapp account for free over a 48-hour period. If you would like to spy on them for longer, you need to pay for an account. The Standard account charges $20.99, the Premium account charges $24.99 while the Gold account charges $28.99.


  • GuestSpy is based online so you do not have to download any software to use it
  • This spy WhatsApp online can spy on any Whatsapp account in the world
  • You can spy on Whatsapp while undetected because the service protects your identity using a proxy server
  • This spy for WhatsApp can track Whatsapp on Android and iOS


  • Its free, demo period is very short

4. Hoverwatch Whatsapp Spy

This is a highly effective spy for WhatsApp which you can use to spy on someone's Whatsapp account. Hoverwatch Whatsapp Spy can be installed on the target's phone in a stealthy way. After that, it will provide you with multiple details about their activity and how to spy on someones WhatsApp.

New Way to Spy on Someone's WhatsApp - hoverhwatch


Hoverwatch Whatsapp Spy can record and present all the messages that your target has sent or received. It can also enable you to view the audio or video material which they have sent or received in WhatsApp. An interesting capability of Hoverwatch Whatsapp Spy is that it can take pictures of your target or their surroundings. These pictures are sent to you covertly. In addition to that, this application can record any multimedia which is sent through Whatsapp. In doing so, it gives you supportive evidence of any unwarranted communication. You can use this spy for WhatsApp at a cost of $8.33 for the Standard subscription. The Family subscription costs $3.33 per month. In this one, you are required to monitor a minimum of 5 smartphones and the price is charged per device. The Business subscription charges $1.67 per month. This is per device for a minimum of 25 devices.


  • It operates covertly
  • This application can provide you with the conversations as well as any multimedia sent through Whatsapp
  • The application enables you to take pictures using the target's phone
  • It is available for all major software platforms


  • It is expensive to maintain

5. Spyrix Personal Monitor

This is a software which can be used to spy on Whatsapp conversations. The Spyrix Personal Monitor performs remote monitoring of a target's smartphone user activity. It is capable of keylogging and delivering the typed data to you in a covert way. Moreover, it is capable of spying on Whatsapp in Android as well as iOS.

New Way to Spy on Someone's WhatsApp - spyrix


The Spyrix Personal Monitor can spy on Whatsapp and inform you of how to spy on someones WhatsApp. It can inform you when the application is started up and for how long it is used. You can use this software to remotely control the Whatsapp application. Spyrix Personal Monitor is account-based. Therefore, you do not have to download any extra software or plugins so as to utilize it. It is a multi-functional software. Thus, it can take screenshots of your target's Whatsapp conversations, take pictures using their camera and also record their voice through the microphone. A new feature of Spyrix Personal Monitor is that it can let you view the target's Whatsapp application in Live Mode. Using this spying service requires payment. Its Premium subscription costs $69.99 per month.


  • You can spy on the Whatsapp conversations in Android and iOS
  • It allows for remote control of the target smartphone's facilities
  • The Spyrix Personal Monitor is account-based hence there is no need to download extra software
  • It allows for Live Mode spying on conversations


  • It does not have a free demonstration account

Millions of people around the world use Whatsapp to communicate with each other. This application is available for all major platforms. You can use the software tools indicated above so as to spy WhatsApp online. SpyMyFone is highly effective for spying on someone's Whatsapp. This software is available at

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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