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Technology is making our lives easier and depending on how we use it, making it easier to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. With today's technology, you can keep track of what your children are up to and hence be able to protect them from the many dangers technology itself can bring.

One of the most common ways our children communicate is viatext message and as such being able to track SMSs is one of the ways parents can remain informed of their children's activities. In this article, we are going to take a look at how you can do that easily.

Why Parents Want to Read Text Messages of their Children?

Before we get to how you can read someone else's text messages without having physical access to their device, let's first of all understand why doing this can be important. Being able to read SMSs on another device is important especially for parents who want to keep track of who their children are talking to. With cases such as cyber bullying and stalking risingby the day, parents need to stay informed on what their children are doing.

With the right technology and processes, you can easily keep track of what your children are talking about and prevent a potential safety risk before you child can suffer any lasting trauma from it.

How to read someone's text messages via iTunes without having their phones

Being able to read someone's SMSs without having their device requires the right program and the right process. The best program to help you do this is dr.fone for iOS. The program is primarily a data recovery program but can also be used to check in on a device's data if you are familiar with your child's iCloud or iTunes ID.

Here's how to use dr.fone to gain access to and read SMSs via iTunes

Step 1: Begin by downloading and installing the program to your computer. Launch it and from the main window select "Recover from iTunes Backup File". The program will immediately detect all the iTunes backup files on that computer, select the ones with the messages you would like to read and then click "Start Scan."

read someone's messages

Step 2: The scanning process may take a while depending onthe amount of data on that backup file. Once it is done, you will see all of the data in that backup file. Find and select the messages you want and then click "Recover" to save them to the computer so you can read them.

read someone's messages

How to read someone's text messages via iCloud without having their phones

If you would rather use their iCloud account, dr.fone makes it very easy to access the account and hence access the SMSs on the device via the iCloud account. Just follow these very simple steps to do it.

Step 1: Launch the program and select "Recover from iCloud Backup Files". You will immediately see a login window where you can enter the Apple ID and password to gain access to the account.

read someone's messages

Step 2: once signed in, select the iCloud backup file that likely contains the SMSs you want to read and then click "Download."

read someone's messages

Step 3: In the popup window that appears, select "Messages" as the type of data that you want the program to scan for. This will save time.

read someone's messages

Step 4: Once the scan is complete, all the messages will be displayed in the next window. Select the ones you want to read and then click "Recover to Computer" to save them on the computer where you can then read them.

read someone's messages

dr.fone for iOS makes it very easy for you to view SMSs without having access to the device. Considering that being able to do this could be the only viable way to protect your children from threats posed by technological advancement, this is a program you want your hands on.

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