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Is it possible to spy mobile phone remotely?

This is a buzzing question in the minds of several smartphone users, we see it done in movies by high tech federal investigation agencies, so most people might just believe it is a difficult task to carry out by a simple person, and besides that, we all don’t believe in movies do we? The truth of the matter is that remotely spying on a mobile device is not as complex and neither does it require a degree in high class tech to carry out, contrary to what the movies make some of us believe. There is several remote mobile spy software that could help a user when the pressing need arises to spy on a mobile phone. These apps and software vary with mode of function and features of what can and cannot be spied on. At the same time, there are both paid ones as well as there are free ones.

SpyMyFone - Remote Mobile Spy Software

Of the multitudes of remote mobile spy software free download that are readily available on the internet today, some are bad, other are good while some stand out. SpyMyFone is one of those standout spy programs. It is the best that one can lay hands upon. One of the reasons why SpyMyFone beats its competitors to the crown is that it does not require a Jail-break for iPhone or Rooting for Android devices to function effectively. Jail-breaking and Rooting is the act of removing certain restrictions that has been encrypted in a device by the manufacturer to give Spying apps adequate administrative permission to perform its spy ninja duties. But with SpyMyFone, you need not bother giving your iPhone to some “iPhone Jail-breakers” to remove the restrictions which could put your phone in the harm’s way of bricking it after violating warranty policy. SpyMyFone is also way easier to set up compared to any other remote mobile Spy software. Most of these other apps require a physical access to the iPhone that is to be spied on, so you have to look for a way to get the target device and then install the app on it to start spying. But with SpyMyFone, you need not worry about installing anything at all, amazing right? So how does it work, it simply taps into Apple iCloud to work its magic. SpyMyFone is no doubt the best remote mobile spy software for free download.

Remote Mobile Spy Software

Requirements for remote mobile spy

I’m sure you want to know what and what you need to successfully setup SpyMyFone to remotely spy on a device. To setup a SpyMyFone, you need the following:

  1. Have The SpyMyFone Account: First you need to get yourself a SpyMyFone account. Simply sign up and probably buy a premium account as well.
  2. Know Apple ID and Password: You need to know the Apple ID and Password of the target device to be monitored in order to be able to login to their iCloud account and give SpyMyFone unlimited access to the device information.
  3. Make Sure iPhone Cloud Backup is Activated: You need to ensure that the target phone has iCloud backup feature activated. This is an inbuilt feature on iPhones that enables users backup important info unto Apple’s cloud servers.

How to spy mobile phone remotely?

In order to spy on mobile phone remotely, you need to follow these simple step by step instructions

  1. First of all, create a SpyMyFone Account by clicking on “Try it Now” to sign up. The account is needed to access the control panel interface in charge of keeping track on spied activities.
  2. How to spy mobile phone remotely

  3. Follow the Setup Wizard screen that pops right after a successful registration. Enter all the information correctly like Name of Device Owner and the OS of the device, in this case, iOS. While doing this, ensure that iCloud Backup is active on the target device.
  4. Click on Next, and then you will be redirected to a page where you are to input Apple ID and Password of the target phone user to login to Apple’s iCloud servers. Input the info and click on“Verify” to continue.
  5. remote mobile spy software free download

  6. Immediately after the setup is complete, the control panel interface should come up after taking a few minutes to synchronize the program with the target device. So each time you login to this Control panel, the latest spied activities and information on the monitored device would be displayed.
  7. free download remote mobile spy software

Is it possible to spy on Android phone remotely?

Oh yes it is. SpyMyFone is not just iPhone Spying software, it is also very compatible with Android devices as well. SpyMyFone has the ability to spy on even high end Flagship Android devices like Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, HTC, Huawei, LG and the list goes on. Unlike on iPhone devices, you have to install SpyMyFone’s .apk application file unto the target device to be able to spy on the phone.

  1. After opening an account with SpyMyFone, on the setup wizard screen, be sure to add the name of the User of the phone to be Spied on and then select Operating System of the device as “Android”.
  2. Now get the target device, navigate to settings and click on security settings to allow installation of apps from “unknown sources”.
  3. Afterwards, download the monitoring app from SpyMyFone website and install it on the Android device.
  4. spy on Android phone remotely

  5. After a successful login, you will be prompted to give administrative permission the app, grant the permission and allow all permissions as well.
  6. After all permissions have been granted, click on “Start Monitoring” and the app will be automatically hidden on the phone. You can now login to your online account to start spying from the control panel.

The Best Remote Mobile Spy Software

SpyMyFone is not only the best remote mobile spy software because of its easy setup process and its user friendly monitoring control panel interface, It is also the best because it possesses several amazing monitoring features of all the activities that can be spied on a target device, some of these features includes:

  • Call history logs and Contact: You can access call logs and contacts from the monitored phone
  • Call recording: you can record a live call from a ongoing call
  • Messages and Calendars: Unlimited access to view text messages and calendar events
  • GPS Location: Track location of device on a Map
  • Browser History: Access to browser history and visited websites
  • Social Media Apps: Social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook can be monitored and their messages read
  • Media Files: you can also view pictures and videos of the target device
  • Keylogger: can be used to capture login details like usernames and passwords
  • Surrounding Record: Your can record sounds around the device to listen to conversations secretly

There are several reasons for anyone to want to spy on another, parents want to spy on their kid to know what they are doing, employers want to ensure employees to the right thing, spouses to be sure of the activities and where about of their partners. For whatever reason, it is best to go for a spy tool that is reliable and easy to use. SpyMyFone is just the perfect remote mobile spy software. Try it free now!

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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