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One of the biggest problems we face with spying on mobile phones is the fact that you have to have the phone in your hand and physically go through the content to find what you’re looking for. Not only does this massively increase your risk of getting caught, but it can also be impossible since you may need passwords and you’ll need to know what you’re looking for.

To help you overcome this issue, we’ll explore all the ins and outs of hacking and spying on a phone remotely, so you can get the information you need, no matter where you are in the world.

What is Cell Phone Spying?

To those of you who are unaware, cell phone spying is the term that is given to the activity of getting information off of a mobile phone. This could be call data, SMS messages, social media messages, internet history information or even download history information.

This information can be incredibly helpful to some individuals, whether you’re a boss of a company who issues out employee cell phones, a lover who is concerned their partner may be cheating on them or even a parent who simply has their child’s safety in mind. Whatever your reason, learning to spy cell phone without accessing phone could be essential.

Is It Possible to Cell Phone Spy Without Access to Target Phone?

As mentioned above, one of the biggest problems you’ll face when learning to spy cell phone without accessing phone is trying to get the information you need from the phone without actually having the phone in your hands. If you’re checking it every day, the chances are that you’ll get caught and this can cause huge problems.

However, learning to hack and obtain data on cell phone spy without access to target phone isn’t impossible with the help of spy services such as SpyMyFone.

SpyMyFone: Cell Phone Spy Without Accessing Phone

SpyMyFone is renowned for being a market-leading and game-changing remote cell phone spy app that is rapidly becoming one of the most popular spy apps in the world. The service is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and can be used on all major mobile brands including Sony, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Samsung, Google Nexus and many more.

No technical experience is needed for you to set up, install or use the application, and it can be picked up by anybody. Although the main service requires a premium membership, there are free trial versions available, so you can make sure that this is the service for you.

Cell Phone Spy Without Accessing Phone

Key Features

SpyMyFone is chock full of features and services you can use to get the information you want remotely hack a cell phone spy without access to target phone. Some of the best and most helpful features are listed below;

  • Communication Data
    Of course, when spying on a phone, you’re going to want to spy on the communications they are making with these devices. With SpyMyFone, you can effortlessly record, track and monitor all kinds of communication data including SMS messages, calls, social media messages and other instant messaging services such as Facebook, Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp and many more.
  • Location Tracking
    One of the best features that SpyMyFone has is the ability to send you real-time and live reports on a map of the precise location of the device. This typically gives you the location of the owner using GPS location technology no matter where you are in the world.
  • Real-time Screenshots
    Sometimes, some of the information or activity you see on the device you’re going to want to store for proof or return to look at a later date. For this to happen, SpyMyFone allows you to take live, real-time screenshots and to record videos of the activity of the screen without the owner of the phone realising.
  • Keylogger
    Hand in hand with recording all the interactions that take place on the phone, SpyMyFone also has a keylogger function so you can actively record and track every single keystroke that is made on the device, including all the messages, letters, numbers and buttons that are pressed.
  • Track Call Logs
    You’re not going to be online to track and record every single call that is made on the device, but you’ll still need to track the information. For this, you can use SpyMyFone’s call log tracking system which brings up and stores information on all incoming and outgoing calls including the contact number, the time and the duration.
  • Record Surround
    One of the most surprising features that SpyMyFone has is the ability to turn on the microphone of the device at any given time without alerting the owner. This will record all the audio, whether it’s environmental sounds or conversation so you can be sure on exactly what is going on.
  • Other Features
    SpyMyFone is absolutely full of features for you to explore as you please that can cell phone spy without access to target phone. Some of the other best features include the ability to track and monitor every single post and interaction that takes place on social media apps installed on the device, search through and monitor web browser browsing history or even their download history, so you know exactly what content is being used.

Requirements for Spy Cell Phone without Installing Software

There are a couple of requirements you’ll need to make sure you check off before you have the ability to spy on the phone remotely and without accessing it.

These include;

  1. Knowing the Apple iCloud email address and password that’s linked to the target device
  2. Ensuring you have signed up for a SpyMyFone Account
  3. Ensuring that the target device has iCloud syncing and backup services options enabled

How to Spy Cell Phone without Accessing Phone

Now you’re ready to start installing the SpyMyFone software remotely;

Step #1 - Registering an Account

If you haven’t done already, you’ll need to sign up for a SpyMyFone account with you can do here. Once you’ve inputted your email address, created a password and accepted the terms and conditions, you move onto Step #2.

How to Spy Cell Phone without Accessing Phone

Step #2 - Setting up SpyMyFone

Next, you’ll need to input the name of the person’s phone that you’re going to spy on, their age (simply for age-related notifications) and the operating system they are using, in this case, iOS.

Then, on the next screen, you’ll need to input the iCloud account information that is linked to the device that you’re trying to spy on. Once you’ve done this, you can move onto Step #3.

Spy Cell Phone without Accessing Phone

Step #3 - Using SpyMyFone

Now that SpyMyFone has been installed and setup, you can start using the software remotely. Simply log into you SpyMyFone account using a mobile device or desktop computer, and you’ll be taken to your control panel.

Using the menu on the left-hand side, you’ll be able to navigate all the menus and features, so you can find and access all the information that you’re looking for.

Spy Phone without Accessing Phone

Installing onto an Android Device

It’s worth noting that if you’re planning on spying on an Android device, you’re going to need to install an apk file onto the physical device by hand. However, this is because there are so many types of Android operating system and SpyMyFone is compatible with all of them.

However, after installing the app on the phone, it will remain hidden and invisible, and you’ll never need to access it again physically.

As you can see, SpyMyFone is a fully-featured, easy-to-use and professional software solution that you can effortlessly use to spy on a phone of your choice. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and start your free trial today to find out what you’re missing out on!

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