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If you wish to learn how to spy on boyfriend’s phone without touching it, then you have come to the right place. There might be too many spying tools available out there, but only a handful of them can yield the desired results. Don’t worry – we have got you covered. In this quick tutorial, we will teach you how to spy on boyfriend’s phone without touching it or getting detected. Let’s get it started!

Why should you spy on your boyfriend’s phone?

Lately, we have got a lot of messages from girls who wish to track their boyfriend’s phone remotely. Even when you are in a relationship with a guy, chances are that he could be cheating on you. Instead of being worried all the time, you can use a spying tool and track the activity on your boyfriend’s phone without letting him know.

In this way, you don’t have to peep into his phone or stalk his social media profiles. You would be able to know with whom he is messaging to, what he is searching on the web, whom he is calling to, and so much more remotely. Since you would also be able to track his real-time location, it will help you keep an eye on his whereabouts as well.

spy on boyfriend`s phone

We will teach you how to spy on boyfriend’s phone without touching it in the next section.

How to spy on your boyfriend’s cell phone without touching it?

SpyMyFone provides a fast and seamless way to spy on boyfriend’s phone without touching it. The spying tool is compatible with every leading version of iOS and Android device. It can track all the crucial details related to the target device remotely. This includes its call logs, contacts, messages, WhatsApp, browser history, notes, and more. The Android version can even track all the popular social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, etc.

  • The tool runs in a stealth mode and won’t be detected by the user
  • It has a web-based dashboard and Control Panel mobile app that can be used remotely
  • Tracks the real-time location of the device, its call logs, contacts, browser history, and more
  • Compatible with all the popular iOS and Android devices

Using SpyMyFone to spy on boyfriend’s phone without touching it is pretty easy. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create your SpyMyFone account

Creating a new SpyMyFone account is quite simple. Just visit its website and buy the plan of your choice. Its subscription starts from as less as $7.5 a month. You would have to enter your email id and set up a strong password while creating your account.

spy on boyfriend`s phone

The interface will also ask you to enter some information related to the target device and the user. You have to let the tool know whether the target device runs on iOS or Android.

spy on boyfriend`s phone

Step 2: To track an iPhone

If your boyfriend is using an iPhone, then you need to enter his iCloud account credentials. After providing the correct iCloud ID and password of the account that is already synced with the targeted device, you would be able to track it remotely. In this way, you can spy on boyfriend’s phone without touching it.

spy on boyfriend`s phone

Step 3: To track an Android device

Unlike iPhone, you need to access the target Android device once. Simply take a hold of the device in your boyfriend’s absence and go to its Settings > Security to enable the download of apps from sources other than Google Play.

spy on boyfriend`s phone

Now, you can visit SpyMyFone’s website to download the APK version of the tracking app. Install the app and log-in with your own account credentials. Grant the permissions to the app and start monitoring.

spy on boyfriend`s phone

You can also get rid of the app’s icon and let it run in the stealth mode.

Step 4: Start tracking

Once you have set up the iCloud account or the Android tracking app, you can monitor the device remotely. Just go to SpyMyFone’s dashboard from any other device or use its Control Panel app. Here, you can access all the vital information related to your boyfriend’s device.

spy on boyfriend`s phone

In this way, you can spy on boyfriend’s phone without touching it. To access the social media apps installed on the device, go to the Social Apps > Tinder feature. This will let you access the messages on his Tinder account. You can follow the same drill for other apps as well.

spy on boyfriend`s phone

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use SpyMyFone to spy on boyfriend’s phone without touching it. This will let you track his smartphone remotely without accessing it. Don’t worry anymore and simply use this remarkable tool to monitor any Android or iOS device remotely.

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