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There is something not right in your boyfriend’s behavior. You don’t want to think otherwise, but there are signs of betrayal. He might be cheating but you don’t have any proof. He could be innocent, but until you have your answers, you cannot belief him and live in peace. You cannot ask him directly. This would mean the end of the world if he is innocent and you will regret later. What should you do? Spy on boyfriend?

There are so many thoughts crossing your mind. You are confused and can’t rest. This is affecting your life. A stressing mind can develop a number of physical and mental health issues like anxiety, sleeplessness, digestive issues, weight loss, hair loss and more. Such conditions are bad for your professional life as well.

Spy on Your Boyfriend`s Phone Without Touching It – Don’t Let Him Break Your Heart

With smartphones such an important part of everyone’s life, so if he is actually up to something, his phone will have proofs related to it. If you don’t have access to his phone, how will you read the conversation?

Why Spy On BoyfriendsPhone Without Touching it? The Subtle Signs of Cheating…

Romance has just faded away. You are in the honeymoon phase of your relationship, then how come everything seems ending. Your boyfriend is behaving strange. He seems disinterested in everything. You miss the way he once looked at you. You miss the plans he made for the two of you. He doesn’t reply (as quickly as he used to once) or sometimes just doesn’t.

You have invested so much emotionally. Your boyfriend has no right to break it. Before he does it, unearth the truth and throw him out of your life. You deserve peace and happiness. For this reason alone, you should spy on your boyfriends phone without touching it.

There is no smoke without fire; your instinct hasn’t taken birth for nothing. Some of the signs that have fuelled the suspicion include: He doesn’t like intimacy

Your boyfriend is avoiding getting close to you. He might justify it by saying that he doesn’t like it anymore. But you know there is something wrong.

He works late in night

Your boyfriend has started working till late in the night and doesn’t spend time with you like he used to.

No Status Update

He hasn’t updated his relationship status on his social media profiles still.

Defies your viewpoint

He is getting more argumentative and doesn’t accept your views, leave alone respecting it.

‘Don’t intrude my privacy’ is his favorite line these days

He likes to stay alone with his phone and wants you to stay afar when he is with himself. He is getting more moody than ever.

He follows more women than men on social media

If you find that he is making more friends with women, then he is making a curious case of some suspicious activity.

He goes out without you

He is going out alone more frequently. Also, he doesn’t plan any couple activity for the two of you.

Is It Possible To Spy On Your Boyfriend`s Phone Without Touching It?

Well, not really, especially if he is addicted to his phone and doesn’t like to leave it alone. Look for an opportunity when he makes the mistake. There are many apps available in the market. Not all are good enough for the purpose. This is where you need to research hard. Some apps work remotely. With them you can spy on your boyfriend’s phone without touching it. Your boyfriend will never come to know of the spying activity, and you will have all the evidence you need to know.

You need to install most of the apps on the target phone (your boyfriends phone here) and get noticed. Fortunately, there are a few which work remotely without getting noticed.

Some of the best apps for spying on your boyfriend’s text messages include TruthSpy, PhoneSpector, Highster Mobile, Auto Forward Spy, SpyMyFone, FoneMonitor, and many more.

SpyMyFone is the best app of all the above.

Follow the step-by-step guide to install the above

It is simple and can be done in just three simple steps:

  1. Go to Google Play store or Apple Play Store
  2. Enter the name of the application – SpyMyFone. Tap
  3. Download the app and install it

How to use SpyMyFone

  1. Create an account. Use a valid email address and a strong password (something you can remember easily)
  2. Verify the smartphone of your boyfriend – Android or iPhone
  3. Open dashboard.

You can now start tracking.

The best feature of SpyMyFone to help you in spying your boyfriends phone without touching it is its ability to track almost all the instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Telegram, etc. With messaging being such an important means of staying connected, your boyfriend must be using one of them for cheating on you.

Now, let’s get started.

How to Read Whatsapp Messages - Spy on Boyfriends Android Phone

If your boyfriend is having an Android phone, then follow the steps given below and get access to his Whatsapp chats

For this, you will have to touch his phone at least once. Just look for the opportunity and install the app SpyMyPhone on his phone. You will get access to his texts sent to other woman/women


  • Once the application gets installed, a Setup Wizard will pop up. On the first page, enter the device name. You know you have to enter Android here.
  • Look for a special download link in the Wizard. Click. A second section of the app is delivered. Click again.
  • After the completion of the process, move to the ‘Downloads’ folder. You have to identify the specific APK file provided to you.
  • Start the file and sign in your SpyMyFone account. Accept the options under the ‘User Agreement.’
  • Activate ‘Start.’ This will activate an administrator. Scroll the steps involved. Accept all the emerging permissions
  • This will activate the SpyMyFone application in your boyfriend’s Android on which you wish to track Whatsapp.
  • The icon of the application disappears after the installation. It will work remotely.

All the Whatsapp data will be delivered to your SpyMyFone account. View it via a control panel. Refresh the button to have the latest data of your boyfriend.

How to Read Whatsapp Messages - Spy On Boyfriends iPhone

  • If your boyfriend has an iPhone, you must follow the steps described below:
  • Create an iCloud account in your boyfriends iPhone. The username and password are correct.
  • ‘Log in’ into your SpyMyFone account on your boyfriends iPhone. After registration, a Setup Wizard will pop up and help you in setting up for future surveillance.
  • You must enter the name and age of your boyfriend. Specify the operating system – iOS.
  • Enter the account details of your boyfriend iCloud account in the next page. This will include the iCloud ID and password. Tap ‘verify.’ You must activate the synchronization and iCloud backup settings.
  • Log into your SpyMyFone account in your account. View the control panel. All the Whatsapp data will be delivered to your account. You can track their communications.

You can only spy when the smartphone is on, and the person is online.

How to Read Facebook Messages - Spy on Your Boyfriends Phone without Touching It

  • Create a SpyMyFone account
  • Create a premium account to get full access of your boyfriend’s smartphone and track Facebook messages.
  • Follow the steps in the control panel to finish the setup. When the SpyMyFone account is set up, connect your boyfriend’s mobile phone.
  • You will now have all the information on the control panel after installing SpyMyFone on the target phone.
  • Tap ‘Smart Monitoring’. You must wait till the SpyMyFone icon is no more seen on your boyfriend’s phone.
  • Enable ‘Feature Status’ slider. This will help you track Facebook text messages.

SpyMyFone will help you track call logs, messages and more. From the panel, select social media apps on your boyfriend’s phone. When you select the app, you can have all the messages sent and received through Facebook on your screen.

With SpyMyFone, you can spy on boyfriends smartphone without his password too.

Cheating Behavior You Must Notice When You Spy On Boyfriend`s Phone

Find the answers to the questions mentioned below in your boyfriend’s phone:

  • Which app is your boyfriend using frequently?
  • Who is he is chatting with often?
  • What kind of chat is he having – normal, flirtatious, romantic or…?
  • What kind of photos, videos, and multimedia is shared between the two?
  • How often do they meet?
  • Does he talk about you? Is the other woman aware of you?

What can be hacked using SpyMyFone?

You can have access to an array of things with SpyMyFone. The app helps in tracking call logs for any suspicious calls/conversations, browsing history and search keywords, most frequently installed and used applications and the usage time too.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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