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Being in a love relationship is one of the best feelings that a girl can enjoy. But sometimes with time relationships changes and in comes the doubt and questions about each other. Normally these things start from the insecurity and may become really worse in some cases. But if you really love your boy friend and want to be sure if your doubt is for real or not, then it is time that you start to spy on boyfriend's text messages.

You might ask why spy on the text messages? Well, short texts can reveal a lot of thing rather than a chat. A chat can be used for a elaborate planning and discussion, whereas a text message might let you know time, place and details of the meetings and depth of your boy friend’s outside relationships.

There are other benefits of spying on text messages as well. Sometimes you might get to know where he is and you might be able to surprise him with a sudden visit, which may lead to a wonderful moment.

And while you spy on boyfriend's text messages just remember that this can be even useful in problematic situations as well, say your boy friend lost his phone, then using your tracker you will be able to locate it and find it out as well.

Hacking boyfriend's text messages with SpyMyFone

Amongst all the apps available for text message hacking, SpyMyFone is not doubt the best. But you should check that yourself first. This is no doubt a multipurpose hacking tool. You can totally have control over the targeted mobile, and can hack into any app that is installed on your targeted mobile.

Spy on Boyfriend's Text Messages

  • It can spy on boyfriend's text messages irrespective of the model and brand the smartphone is.
  • You can hack IOs smartphones with this app easily.
  • Real time monitoring facility 24 X 7.
  • Any information regarding the targeted mobile will be made available to your dashboard.
  • Location tracking with GPS tracker.
  • You get to know the call details along with IM messages as well.

How to spy on Boyfriend's text messages without them knowing?

Before you get to know how you can spy on your boy friend’s text messages, you will have to know the capabilities of this app. It can not only get you the details of the SMS that your boyfriend send or receive, it can also get your any attachment that might be sent or received by the targeted mobile phone.

How you can use it:

Step 1: You will need to create a premium account on SpyMyFone. You can go to the website or download the control panel app to register yourself. Remember the email id used and the password that you choose, as you will need to use it for the hacking purpose. The benefit of using this app is that you can even operate this app from your desktop as well. So, if you do not want to involve your mobile phone in I, just use a PC.

Spy on Boyfriend's Messages

Step 2: This is the set up stage. You will need to provide with minor info about the target mobile to hack into your boyfriend’s text messages you will need to know whether it is an IOs or an Android phone.

How to Spy on Boyfriend's Text Messages on Android

Spy Boyfriend's iPhone

To track iOS device, you will need to know the mobile name, and age of your boyfriend. You will also need to know the iOS version running on that mobile.

Now you will be asked to enter the userid and password that your boyfriend uses to login to iCloud.

How to Spy on Boyfriend's Text Messages on iPhone

- Spy Boyfriend's Android Phone

If the device you want to hack is an Android one, you will have to go through a lot more elaborate and complicated process. To hack an Android mobile you will have to install the hacking app on the targeted mobile. You can follow these steps to accomplish your mission.

  1. Go to Settings > Security. Check the box that says “allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources”.
  2. Spy on Boyfriend's Text Messages on Android

  3. Visit SpyMyFone, website and download the tracking app on your targeted mobile. Now click the .Apk file to install the app.
  4. Installation will take a lot of time. Now open the app and allow access to the app. Once you have allowed the app to access the device totally, it will start the spying service and the app will be automatically deleted. The app will run in background.
  5. Spy on Boyfriend's Text Messages on Remotely

Step 3: Irrespective of the mobile device your boy friend is using, eventually after you are done with the set up phase you will have little to do actually. Your job will be to download the control panel app from SpyMyFone or login from the desktop app and go to the dashboard. The dashboard will show all the devices that are currently being tracked. On the left hand side there will be a control panel, where you will find the option to check the text message details, records and the attachment details as well.

hack Boyfriend's Text Messages

To spy boyfriend's text messages, simply click the Messages tab from the left side.

hack Boyfriend's Text Messages

So, as you can see, installing SpyMyFone is really easy and using it is more so. So, if you are in the lookout for an app that will help you to get into your boyfriend’s mobile and hack into his text messages, then start using SpyMyFone today and see how it can be of your help in clearing your doubts.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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